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(Titan Quest)
 0   -   
She is trained as an Ancient Spartan warrior, and built from there. She’s a mistress of spears, shields, stabbing short swords, maces… as well as a good archer. And on the latter front she is certainly strong enough to string even Odysseus’ bow . Though she has...

(Profile #1 - Early) (Star Wars: The Old Republic)
 0   -   
The Great Galactic War The return of the Sith Empire was called the Great Galactic War. Their invasion of the Republic was generally a success, thanks to their military might and the vast number of Sith warriors they had trained. While the Empire couldn’t conquer the much larger...

(Michiko Musashi)
 0   -   
When the founding New Warriors were sent through time and space by The Sphinx, Hindsight Lad assembled Turbo and the reserve New Warriors to bring them back. And again, when Undertow had abducted The New Warriors, Nova called upon Turbo and...

(Vance Astrovik)
 0   -   
As seen in The New Warriors (year one), Vance Astrovik faced trial for the negligent homicide of his father. Foggy Nelson was his counselor. During his trial, Vance hoped Captain America to testify in his favor, like The Thing did. Nelson forbid it, as his fellow...

(Team profile #3 - Fading years)
 0   -   
Scarlet Spider, lonely after the Clone Saga, joined the New Warriors for a time. However, Justice was nervous. He felt that Ben Reilly, former Peter Parker with quite more experience in the super-hero’s trade, was taking over the New Warriors’...

(Transformers) (Marvel Comics G1 version)
 0   -   
Shockwave planned to take the Matrix from Optimus to make thousands of new warriors. Megatron feigned compliance until he had healed enough to attack Shockwave. The moment he had, Megatron attacked Shockwave with his full fury. Megatron battered Shockwave in the opening...

(New Warriors)
 0   -   
New Warriors’ Chauffeur After Dwayne Taylor discovered that Andrew Chord had killed his parents, he pushed him away. It left the New Warriors without a pilot, unable to go anywhere far from New York. Andrew pointed Taylor toward Sprocket. So...

(Angelica Jones) (Comic book version)
 0   -   
The New Warriors Years later, Night Thrasher hacked the Hellfire Club’s database and procured a way to reach Firestar. He blackmailed her into coming to a mysterious meeting, lest he reveal her powers and identity. Though upset by his method, she finally agreed to join...

 0   -   
Secretly, Pierce is an anti-mutant bigot. Along his ambition to take over the Hellfire Club, he wants to get rid of all mutants, starting with The Inner Circle and The X-Men. He reveals this true nature when he kidnaps Professor Xavier and Tessa (Black King’s personal...

 0   -   
Base Of Operations: Columbia University ; New York City. Height: 5’8” Weight: 130 lbs.. Eyes: Blue Hair: White Powers and Abilities Professor Wing has extensive knowledge about numerous Asian civilisations. He’s chiefly an expert about their past, being an historian...