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(Mutants & Masterminds RPGs)
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She and Namorita might even have been raised together, with Jessica keeping her identity secret even from her older sister Namorita to avoid being entangled into New Warriors business. Sharing The links to follow us and/or subscribe to our monthly newsletter are at the bottom of...

(Ystina / Justina)
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Coming from an age of glorious myth and humanity at its best, this young woman is both pure of heart and a perfect warrior. As a result, she will likely meet similar mystical requirements under most circumstances (such as, say, wielding the Marvel version of Thor’s Mjolnir). She also...

(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #5 - Take California)
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Background Real Name: Alessandra-Maria Hassan Other Aliases: The Chosen One, the Human Radscorpion, “Hurricane”, plus “Champ”, “the chica with the fistas”, “sister prizefighter”, “Miss Tough-as-Nails” and other spontaneous fan...

(Skurge (profile #1 - pre-Simonson (1964 to 1977)))
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History Skurge is the son of a goddess of Skarnheim (the same species as the gods in the city of Asgard) and a storm giant. Reportedly ostracised by giants for his size, he took his revenge by becoming a great warrior and giant-slayer. His merciless killings earned him the name of...

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His particular lineage is that of the Ruby Dragons. These are known for their affinity for fire. They are often seen as hot brash warriors. It is true that their passion and red fire often give them a certain affinity with life energy and the sun. The affinity with the red rubies...

(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #3 - Safe in Vault City)
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The new revolver has a 6″ barrel with a huge steel weight underneath, to facilitate weapon control even when chain-shooting its powerful round. The old laser sight (which is more like a thin-beam red flashlight, really) was installed within, the trigger pull was greatly reduced, and the...

(Profile #1 - Year One)
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As the New Warriors were ramping up, Midnight’s Fire came back. He attracted Taylor’s attention by killing cops. At first Night Thrasher was scared to fight him, but he finally joined The New Warriors to stop him. Midnight’s Fire and Night...

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Exile She went to the Nordenwald Forest to seek answers about the past of her people. The area held many old ruins, though it was highly dangerous. However, Alda couldn’t make much progress. Her only education was as a warrior-mage, and she had little idea of what to look for...

(Jolene Hassan profile #2 - Roamer of the wasteland)
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They are a militant order dedicated to maintaining technology, but have adopted numerous medieval-monks-sounding trappings. These include being ruled by a Council of Elders and having various ranks such as Initiate, Scribe (technical and/or academic specialist), Knight (warrior) or Paladin...

(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #1 - Arroyo)
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She thus thrives as a post-apocalyptic warrior, enforcer and mercenary. She deals fairly with her clients and keep them happy. Then they let her rake in cash, alcohol, food, sexual favours, ammunition, information, clean water, a shower and sleeping in a clean bed, etc. without any further...