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Quotes “C’mere runt !” Random guy : “There’s blood all over the floor ! What happened ?” Cutter Creed : “Someone bled.” John Howlett Sr.: “Will you find him ?” William Logan: “I promise sir,...

(Kaleb) (AZ Universe version)
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As Superman’s actions became increasingly drastic due to Dominus’s influence, he eventually traced the simulated kryptonite back to Luthor. Superman got rid of the remaining stock of replicated kryptonite and the lab that had been developing it by throwing the top half of Lexcorp...

(Universe AZ version)
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The basic costume color is a blue micro-chainmail body stocking (the upper torso is scale mail instead of micro-chainmail) with a gold helmet, gold boots and gloves, and a gold trunk area. The most iconic part of Guardian’s appearance is his shield. his original shield was a hardened...