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For instance “orog” orcs, larger and meaner than ordinary orcs, are thought to have ogre blood. There are also half-ogres of various stock who are taller and more bestial-looking than ogrillons. Ghorghor Bey  may have been the most formidable and famous of those. Thus,...

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If they indeed come from a small initial population stock, the radscorpions might still be a local threat. However, they seem to be everywhere in the part of Southern California explored during the first game. And variant species will be discovered later on. Like ordinary scorpions,...

(Cthulhu mythos)
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Marvel Universe History The history of the Deep Ones before the last few hundred years is entirely unrevealed. But they’ve probably been around for hundreds of thousands of years at least. They could be creations of the Celestials like the Eternals and Deviants. Or the Great...

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They all dress in a white and grey body stocking like garment. Their pelvic region is normally covered by a simple loin cloth and they wear sturdy white boots. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, “Ranked” Viltrumites wear a circular symbol with three vertical lines in the centre...