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(Hank Henshaw)
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(The Excalibur crew’s story was an obvious analogue of the Fantastic Four’s origins, albeit with a much darker outcome. For further comparisons, see the Superman/ Fantastic Four timelines on Pure Energy Unknown to anyone at the time,...

(Jack Kirby's original version)
OMAC lives... so that man may live!
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Forest was running the core of the project. That meant building and launching the most sophisticated satellite to ever exist, named Brother Eye. The incredible technology wielded by this orbital AI was sufficient to provide an agent with both fantastic power and orbital support. In...

(Profile #2 - Year One (modern version))
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Under the influence of criminal conspiracy The 100, it would stay a ghetto for decades, until at least the 2000s. This situation was worsened by the magical influence of the 100, which had the additional effect of making Superman oddly underpowered in this neighbourhood. The 100 made Suicide...