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Given the timeline and Thundra’s strategies, she seems very long-lived. She’s not immortal though, as she knew that she would eventually be unable to safely bear a child, then become old and die. Still, the passage of 20 years left no visible trace on her face and body, though...

(Before Ms. Marvel, part #3)
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As with the previous profile, the dates given in the biography assume our proposed timeline. If you are TERRIBLY CONFUSED about super-women with “Marvel” in their name, start by checking this guide to Ms. Marvels. Background Real Name: Carol Susan Jane Danvers. Marital Status:...

(Johnny Storm) (Gisted profile)
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Fantastic’s leadership, the Human Torch, Invisible Woman and the Thing continue to challenge the unknown as the greatest team of adventurers ever assembled: the Fantastic Four. Following the freak accident that granted him his powers, Johnny and his sister attempted to return to their quiet...

(Profile #2 - Year One (modern version))
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Under the influence of criminal conspiracy The 100, it would stay a ghetto for decades, until at least the 2000s. This situation was worsened by the magical influence of the 100, which had the additional effect of making Superman oddly underpowered in this neighbourhood. The 100 made Suicide...