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The following timeline attempts to meet the following objectives : insert the FF in the DCU this insertion allows Superman to be returned to the Golden Age break that silly ten-year timeline, and keep a few date of publication as actual dates for events as long as it is not annoying ...

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Holds an equivalent status in the Marvel Universe to Superman’s status in the DCU. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Thus, Superman is re-established as the first superhero, with the FF being the first of the Silver Age , and also direct...

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Context This is an unfinished timeline I developed for my combined Marvel-DC campaign. Since my players are mostly “beer and pretzels” types who don’t really care about such trivia, I never got around to finishing it. Besides the “amalgam”  aspect, the main...

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Introduction The key ideas behind this campaign timeline are : Idea #1 Everyone inhabits the same universe, regardless of who publishes the mainstream continuity versions of them. Characters are constantly interacting in far more natural and logical ways than their artificial segregation...

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Chronal resiliency In chronophysics (q.v.), the tendency of a timeline to revert to the same general flow of events even though time travellers are tampering with it. The traditional example is “if you murder Hitler, then some other person simply takes his place and little really changes...