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(Hank Henshaw)
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(The Excalibur crew’s story was an obvious analogue of the Fantastic Four’s origins, albeit with a much darker outcome. For further comparisons, see the Superman/ Fantastic Four timelines on Pure Energy Unknown to anyone at the time,...

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Invading 1974 Mahkizmo attacked the Baxter building – apparently a natural destination for time travellers. He ravaged large chunks of it while he yelled for Thundra to show herself, easily beating up the Fantastic Four. When Thundra engaged him, they both disappeared. During this...

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Cyberface is a capable engineer even without his powers (Gadgetry, Scientist). He is able to build fantastic gadgets (Genius), and it is quite possible that he has rebuilt himself into his current powered form (SL:Gadgetry). His masterpiece is probably the Overlord armor (Scholar). He used...

(Gisted profile)
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In the meantime, his old enemy Reed Richards had risen to prominence as the leader of the Fantastic Four. So when Victor set his sights on obtaining the mystical treasure of Blackbeard the pirate, he knew just whom he wanted to use as his pawns in that venture. Since that time, many of...