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Battle Angel Alita | Gally

Battle Angel Alita aka Gally

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game
  • This profile uses the North American names presented by Viz Comics in their translations. And it effectively follows her to the end of Angel of Redemption. I might get to the Tuned and Imaginos bodies later on, along with various other minor changes.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: None
  • Base Of Operations: The Scrapyard (Scrap Iron City)
  • Height: Variable Weight: Variable Age: Unknown (over 200)
  • Eyes: Violet Hair: Black

Powers and Abilities

Alita is a cyborg, and most of her physical abilities are dictated by whatever body she is attached to at the time. However, she possesses a near master skill level in the cyborg martial art known as the ’Panzer Kunst‘, making her extremely lethal in whatever cyborg body she is wearing.


Alita’s world is that of a desolate future Earth where all known civilization has become restricted to the near lawless city-state known as The Scrapyard, and floating utopia known as Tiphares, the Mid-Air-City. Tiphares hovers above The Scrapyard, and dumps all it’s waste on top of it in a gigantic junkyard built up for untold years.

It was here that Alita’s life effectively began when cyberphysician Doctor Daisuke Ido, while searching for parts, came across her head, with her brain in hibernation. After taking her to his lab, Daisuke awoke her, to only find that she had totally lost her memory. Undaunted, Daisuke decided to raise her as a foster daughter and named her Alita, after his recently deceased cat.

Slowly, as spare parts became available, Daisuke began building Alita a new body part by part. After she got a pair of legs, Alita followed Daisuke during his nightly runs, concerned that there was a connection between him and a brutal killer stalking young women. She found Daisuke armed with a jet assisted pikehammer, lying in wait for an unsuspecting woman.

Fearing that Daisuke was the killer, Alita attempted to stop Daisuke, only to be attacked by the woman, a hideous mutant who was the killer, and whom Daisuke was hunting in order to collect her bounty. In an attempt to save Daisuke, Alita then almost instinctively displayed incredible acrobatic and martial skill, smashing the mutant woman’s head with one powerful kick. Daisuke recognized her style as the Panzer Kunst, a powerful martial art developed for cyborgs.

Seeking to discover more about herself, Alita registered herself as a Hunter Warrior, the closest thing The Scrapyard has for law enforcement. Daisuke first objected, but soon accepted her decision knowing that her life was her own. However, Alita nearly got herself killed when she attempted to take on the extremely vicious killer Makaku.

Rescuing her just in time, Daisuke reluctantly attached her to a military grade body that he salvaged from a long abandoned spacecraft several years earlier. Daisuke referred to the body as a ’Berserker‘, appalled by the concept of turning a human being into a hideously powerful war engine. Yet, Daisuke realized that it would fit Alita’s skill and abilities in the best way, and attached her to it.

Sometime after killing Makaku in battle, Alita became infatuated with a boy named Hugo. Hugo had a dream of reaching Tiphares, following the dream of his deceased older brother. He was convinced that he could go if he collected ten million chips (the currency of the scrapyard). But unknown to Alita, Hugo was involved in the high grade crime of spinal column theft. It wasn’t long before rival hunter Zapan found out about Hugo’s actives. Zapan was humiliated by Alita some time earlier, and sought revenge. He reported Hugo’s crimes, and placed him on the bounty list.

Alita attempted to hide out with Hugo, but he was fatally wounded by another hunter, a hunter that years earlier killed Hugo’s brother for the crime of building an aircraft. Alita was able to kill the other hunter, and just barely save Hugo’s head and bring it to Daisuke to be attached to a spare body.

However, when he overheard Daisuke state that it was impossible to buy one’s way to Tiphares, and that he knew this for a fact since he was a former citizen of Tiphares. After confronting his underworld contract, Hugo attempted to climb his way to Tiphares up a supply tube, but was killed in the process.

After a period of angst and wondering, Alita fell in with the high-speed cyborg bloodsport of Motorball. A distraught Daisuke attempted to lead Alita away from it, but was rejected. He then sided with the champion Jashugan in an attempt to shame Alita back home.

Her story continues for another six collections, and I really don’t want to give anymore away. The Viz collections start with Battle Angel Alita, then go on with Tears of an Angel, Killing Angel, Angel of Victory, Angel of Redemption, Angel of Death, Angel of Chaos, Fallen Angel, and ends with Angel’s Ascension.


Throughout the series, Alita goes through a complex mental and emotional growth. She effectively starts as a naive young girl, and at the end of the series is a mentally strong and sure adult woman. However, throughout most of her life, Alita is a caring and hopeful woman who attempts to see the good in people and is capable of much empathy.

In combat, she is strong, sure, and quick in thought and action, one of the few times where things become clear for her. She dearly loves Ido as will protect him like any loving child would their parents. In the earlier parts of the series, she would even forget that she was a cyborg during times she was occupied with other thoughts, often leading to awkward physical moments.


“I need a sense of purpose- being a bounty hunter lets me search for myself in battle !”


Alita appears to be a beautiful short young woman with a slim build and a distinctive neck-length layered hairstyle. As a hunter, she wore a black bodysuit and a tan trenchcoat. At other times, she wore a variety of common everyday items of clothing. At times, she has two distinctive tan marks that she places under her eyes. She also has a pair of small round lips, often called ’Octopus Lips’ by others.

DC Universe History

The time between the 20th and 30th centuries has always been up in the air. It’s one possibility, and there’s always the world of Hex, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to adventure in that mess.


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 00 Str: 00 Bod: 01 Motivation: Seeking Meaning
Int: 05 Wil: 10 Min: 09 Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Motorball Player
Inf: 07 Aur: 04 Spi: 06 Wealth: Varies
Init: 016* HP: 075

*See body writeups for adjusted Init scores.

Skills: Acrobatics: 10, Artist (Musician): 05, Charisma: 07, Detective: 05, Martial Artist: 11, Military Science: 08, Thief: 07, Vehicles (Land Vehicles): 05, Weaponry: 10

Note: Alita must be attached to a body with at least one functioning appendage in order to use any physical skills (GM’s discretion).

Advantages: Area Knowledge: Country [Scrapyard], Attractive, Confidant [Dr. Daisuke Ido], Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Popularity, Sharp Eye

Drawbacks: SIA (Fighting), CIF (Evil Eye Butterflies), Catastrophic Physical Restriction (No natural body, requires life support), Serious Rage, Traumatic Flashbacks

Note: Cyborgs are very, very common in Alita’s word, hence no appearance drawbacks. However, if she were to be transported to a setting where this was not the case, she would gain Distinct Appearance.


  • STANDARD BODY [/DEX/ 11 /STR/ 06 /BODY/ 09, Init: 27]
  • BERSERKER BODY [/DEX/ 13 /STR/ 13 /BODY/ 13, Flame Project: 14, Lightning: 08, Magnetic Control: 07, Self Manipulation: 10, Superspeed: 11, Systemic Antidote: 08, Sealed Systems: 09, Init: 40, Bonuses & Limitations:
    • Flame Project is Lethal
    • Magnetic Control only affects personal field
    • Self Manipulation is normally locked out]
  • MOTORBALL BODY [/DEX/ 11 /STR/ 08 /BODY/ 11, Running: 08, Init: 27 ]

Note: All bodies must be installed and removed by surgery. Also, all bodies provide basic life support for Alita’s brain.

Other equipment: Damascus Blade [BODY 14, EV 07. Advantages: Blade becomes a BLADE when used with Motorball Body]

By “Lord” Rev. Dr. Paul Soth

Source of Character: Battle Angel Alita / Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro

Helper(s): Sean MacDonald.

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