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Antithesis (pre-Crisis Teen Titans foe)


Teen Titans foe

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


  • Marital Status: N.A. or unrevealed
  • Known Relatives: N.A. or unrevealed
  • Base Of Operations: Limbo
  • Group Affiliation: None
  • Height:  ? Weight:  ?
  • Eyes: Red Hair: None

Powers and Abilities

A powerful mentalist and JLA-level opponent.


The only thing that is known about the Antithesis past is that he was a strange entity somehow imprisoned in the Justice League computer mainframe in an untold case of the JLA.

Accidentally released by Brom Stikk, the Antithesis used his powers first to turn Stikk into Mister Twister (a minor villain who lost against the Teen Titans), then to send the Justice League members on a super-crime wave before being defeated by the heroes’ junior sidekicks, the newly-formed Teen Titans.

As he was thrown back into Limbo, he swore vengeance, particularly on Robin, who masterminded the counterattack.

Sometime later, Antithesis pulled Stikk into Limbo as well, and transformed him into the Gargoyle, a villain with great physical power. So far, all their attempts on revenge have failed and they are still trapped in Limbo.


See illustration.


The Antithesis is not a fighter but an intelligent supervisor of the evil he causes. It tends to talk too much in combat, proclaiming his omnipotence before he has achieved it.


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

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Dex: 01 Str: 00 Bod: 16 Motivation: Psycho
Int: 15 Wil: 18 Min: 18 Occupation: Malevolent entity
Inf: 16 Aur: 12 Spi: 20 Resources {or Wealth}: 000
Init: 032 HP: 035

Powers: Hypnotism: 20, Mind probe: 10, Phobia: 12, Telepathy: 15, Spiritual drain: 15

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Spiritual drain has Range (+1)
  • Hypnotized targets have all their actions resolved with a +2 CS to the OV/RV if they are deeply opposed to the acts forced on them (-1)

Skills: None

Advantages: None

Connections: None

Drawbacks: Strange Appearance

Compiled by Sébastien Andrivet (using the Titans Sourcebook and Titans @ simplenet)

Source of Character: Teen Titans comics (DCU)

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