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Benoit Brisefer Benny Breakiron

Benoit Brisefer

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game
  • There are a lot of good, classic Franco-Belgian comics — an early work from the 1960s introduced us to Benoît, who is strong… tremendously strong !!

The world’s strongest boy !


  • Real Name: Benoît Brisefer
  • Note: “Brisefer” is a dated slang term about somebody who’s so clumsy he’ll manage to break his tools even if they’re made of solid iron.
  • Other Aliases: The World’s strongest boy
  • Name variants in different countries: Benoît Brisefer (France, Belgium), Starke Staffan (Sweden), Steven Sterk (Netherlands, Indonesia), Benito Sansón (Spain), Benet Tallaferro (Catalonia), Filemon (Finland), Benni Bärenstark (Germany), Benny Bomstaerk (Denmark), Steini Sterki (Island), Steven Strong or Tammy Tuff (Great Britain) and Benny Breakiron (USA). His French name actually means Benedict Ironbreaker.
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: Placide (Uncle)
  • Group Affiliation: None
  • Base Of Operations: France, or mobile
  • Height: 3’5” Weight: 70 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond

Powers & Abilities

Benoît has several physical superhuman abilities and can easily defeat a small army in unarmed combat. He is most likely a mutant, possibly the only one in the world.

Another noteworthy possibility is that he is the result of a secret lab experiment when he was an orphaned child, as he has no parents whatsoever. In addition to his purely physical abilities he has also been shown to be resistant towards hypnotic effects.

While Benoît is a remarkably nice, polite and helpful little boy, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, even compared to other children of his age. He’s observant, but his ability to draw conclusions isn’t the best.

With great strength comes great destruction

Benoît is a regular superman but has little control over his superhuman abilities, which potentially has devasting effects since his nervous system is still that of an uncoordinated child (having no acrobatic prowess at all).

His superhuman strength regularly breaks things, but it can be useful to display his great strength before having some Personal Interaction with criminals, which will net him a hefty Bonus. Still, he is very good at melee combat.

While great jumps can rarely go wrong (and he jumps up to properly punch grown-ups when he is fighting), he will wreak havoc on the road when he stops from a fast sprint and will devastate surroundings with his powerful super breath when trying to blow at something small (or when sneezing).

In fact, he will habitually employ all his Powers and his STR attribute at two column shifts below their respective maximum AP values. All combat is of course Bashing Combat only.

Typical small-town scene with Benoit Brisefer

While he is hard enough to create a small crater on soft surfaces after jumping (even from planes), he is presumably not bulletproof as he once was stun by a heavy suitcase hitting him over the head.

On the other hand, he can somehow easily block bullets with his hands, somehow using his strength to avoid wounds when he does so.

Benoît does occasionally Push his abilities further when needed during adventures (particularly in the story Les Douze travaux de Benoît Brisefer).

He runs and swims about as fast as a car or a motor boat, and can even temporarily spring faster if needed, and can get from Porto in Portugal by land way to the border of France in about 8 hours. He still does require sleep and nutrition as normal kids do however.

A curiousity is that he mysteriously looses all his superhuman abilities whenever he suffers from a cold (which always start with a surprise sneeze!) that lasts for at least a few hours or even days. That is also a time of relaxation for him unless he is in need of his powers just then.

He gets a cold approximately once every adventure, seemingly without reason, so one may wonder if his abilities aren’t actually connected to his biorhythm instead, the weakness at the nadir of which Benoît interprets as if he had a cold. Or maybe the cold is actually an allergic reaction.

Whatever the case, he will likely learn to fully control his great powers with age, as shown by the fact the he is less clumsy in later stories, and who knows where such a future could lead!


Benoît Brisefer’s adventures started in 1960, and the first 12 albums take place in a milieu where almost everything is stuck in an idealised version of early 1960s provincial France.

The timeline does advance a bit as more modern-looking cars and clothing slowly appear, but it’s still a quaint, out-of-time world.

Benoît Brisefer is an orphaned boy of around 10 years age living in a fine apartment all by himself in a small city (Vivejoie-la-Grande) in France. He attends school, has won honors for good behavior and sports.

However, Benoît is most unusual in that he is superhumanly strong and durable for unrevealed reasons. He may be a mutant or the result of a secret experiment, but he tries to hide his abilities and do little good deeds in the world.

He helped stop a complex robbery on the central bank (Les Taxis rouges) and then stopped the career of a rogue robot criminal (Madame Adolphine). Some time later he helped eight old band members to retrieve their respective parts of a land owner’s document that would make them all into multi-billionaires (Les douze travaux de Benoît Brisefer).

Benoit Brisefer (Benny Breakiron) throws a sandbag

He aided his uncle, an intelligence officer, to safely escort a foreign minister carrying sensitive documents (Tonton Placide). One time he even got to show off and use his abilities in public in the employ of a traveling circus that would have gone bankrupt without his show (Le Cirque Bodoni).

After quitting the circus a Madam Demonia and her henchmen tried to recruit Benoît for her criminal activities, but as he refused this they tried to get him to get a cold to easier recruit him. This only resulted in the entire city getting a cold except for Benoît, at first at least.

Once sick and captured Madam Demonia convinced Benoît that her uncle who had a jungle disease could only get better if she had an artifact from a museum, and so Benoît stole it.

Madam Demonia then used the artifact for a voodoo ritual against the rich and powerful and then took payment from them to “cure” them of the ills.

Benoît, however, met Demonia’s “uncle” who informed him of the ills of the artifact and so Benoît tracked it down, destroyed it and stopped down Demonia’s business for good (Le Fétiche).

The later adventures of Benoît are still being chronicled to this day.


Benoît is a small, blond boy that always wears black shorts, a white shirt, a red jacket, a blue scarf and a black beret.


Benoît tries to help strangers in need and correct any minor wrong that he encounters. Naturally, at such a young age he’s also very innocent.

While he always tries to be completely honest he is not beyond breaking and entering to investigate a situation concerning something he deems interesting.

He hates firearms and gets very angry if subject to injustice.

Most of his morals seem to come from school teachers or common sayings.

He always warns the villains of his great strength when they confront him and, never believing him, they are also the only ones who get to experience his secret abilities firsthand.

Benoît is also very courteous, likes animals and plants and studies hard. Being a small boy the authorities never take his amazing stories or information for real, partly because he is a very incoherent orator when stressed out.

He spends his free time playing around or trying to find people to play with.

Benoit Brisefer (Benny Breakiron) leaping

His great strength is a reason for why other kids are averse to playing with him. So despite being a kind boy, he’s often very lonely.

He is wise enough not to show his great abilities to most people, as he realizes that it will cause problems, but he will talk about his abilities in stories that others take as pure fabricated stories. Or then he gets a cold just as he tells the story or they are interrupted by something before he could get to the proving point.

After having wreaked destruction he considers trying to get a cold so that nothing worse can happen, but that’s not really a comfortable solution either.

Benoît is happy most of the time, has a curious mind that needs satisfaction and lives his life well despite having no parents, although a lady named Madam Minou does take care of his house and serves him his breakfast.

He is very confident in himself and finds social interests with those much older than himself. He gets along well with his uncle Placide who is a huge and muscular intelligence officer that lives on the countryside, the circus director Bodoni, the taxi driver Mr. Dussiflard, the inventor Serge Vladlavodka, Mrs. Adolphine and even the chief of police who has encountered Benoît multiple times as he has presented yet another incoherent case of criminal activities going on and needing to be stopped.


“This would not be the right time to get a cold !”

“Because as you know I am very strong, but I lose all my power when I get a cold and this wouldn’t be the right moment for that, right ?”

“I must warn you, don’t get any closer, because I’m very strong !”

“Oh, what have I now done ?”

“Nobody ever believes me… this is so unfair !”

DC Universe History

Well, I imagine that Benoît will grow up to join the intelligence community through his uncle. He could well grow into becoming the greatest agent that France has ever had!


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

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Benoît Brisefer

Dex: 05 Str: 13 Bod: 06 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 03 Wil: 01 Min: 02 Occupation: School boy
Inf: 02 Aur: 01 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 001
Init: 012 HP: 020

Iron Will: 04, Jumping: 06, Running: 07, Shrinking: 01, Superbreath: 07, Swimming: 06, Tunneling: 10

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Shrinking is Always On (at least until he grows up into a teen) and is Already Calculated into his Stats (-1)
  • Climbing is Contingent Upon STR (-1)
  • Jumping has Catfall Bonus (+1)

Benoît can somehow Block incoming projectiles and Charges using his STR as a Dice Action.

Acrobatics (Climbing): 06, Weaponry (Throwing)*: 05

Lightning Reflexes

Jules Dussiflard, the Taxi Driver (Low)

Age (Very Young), Innocent, Loss Vulnerability (DEX, STR, BODY become 02, 01 and 01 APs and all Powers are at zero; loss while having a cold), Non-Controllable (STR and all Powers up to two column shifts from their respective top AP values), Misc. Drawback (he will get a cold at the critical moment of an adventure), Socially Inept (when very agitated or stressed out only)

By Dr. Peter S Piispanen

Source of Character: Benoît Brisefer-comics, mainly the volumes Les Taxis rouges, Madame Adolphine, Les Douze travaux de Benoît Brisefer, Tonton Placide, Le Cirque Bodoni and Le Fétiche, by Peyo, but also information from up to volume 12.

Helper(s): Sébastien Andrivet, Roger Cormes

Writeup completed on the 27th of October, 2013.

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