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Brigade team (Image | Wildstorm comics)


Alternate version for the Marvel Universe

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

This version of Brigade was created when I needed a superhuman group for the Covert Operations department of Roxxon Oil in the Marvel Universe (since both the Grapplers and the Serpent Squad are no longer active).

Not having time to invent something, I pilfered one minor, ill-developed group from Image and reused the basic names, looks and powers of Brigade, as one friend of mine had nearly all issues without really wanting to (hi, Fred).

Feel free to use it if you need a quick group of opponents or uneasy allies. The actual Image characters have separate writeups.

The group is made up of Battlestone, Coldsnap, Thermal, Lethal (not pictured) and Seahawk.

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