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The Brothers Grimm (Marvel Comics) (Spider-Woman enemies)

Brothers Grimm

Percival and Barton Grimes

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game
  • These are older technical notes, not a full profile.


  • Real Name: Percival and Barton Grimes
  • Marital Status: Both single
  • Known Relatives: Each other (brother), unnamed father and mother (both deceased)
  • Group Affiliation: Night Shift
  • Base Of Operations: L.A., California
  • Height: 5’10” Weight: 210lbs
  • Eyes: (Percy) Blue (Barton) Green Hair: (Percy) Black (Barton) Brown

Powers and Abilities

The Grimm costumes have several kind of effects on their wearer :

  • Wearer becomes more amoral
  • Wearer feels less pain than he should and start moving with great agility and confidence (although agile, the user does not become much more of a better fighter)
  • Wearer gains paranormal prestidigitation skills, and can conjure items from within the costume by thinking about them. For some reason, these items are always based on novelty items, with a secondary fairy tale theme.

When attacking, the Grimms usually throw the same object at the same time, Team-Attacking.


Ages ago, when the Elder Gods were purging their realm of evil, the demon-god Chthon hid his foul essence inside Wundagore Mountain in Transia. The trees growing thereabouts were thus infused with Chthon’s mystic essence, and it was from one such tree that a local woodworker eventually carved a pair of foot long dolls.

Doll collector Nathan Dolly acquired the figurines, informed by their creator that he could actually make them move by transferring his spirit into the figures. Unfortunately for Nathan he tried to bring both dolls to life simultaneously and was trapped within.

Shipping his body and the dolls back to the United States through the mail, he was able, with the help of his wife Priscilla as well as extensive readings in the black arts, to shift his life-force from the figurines into a pair of life size mannequins – the Brothers Grimm.

Turning to crime, he repeatedly battled Spider-Woman, who was never able to apprehend him. However, he did manage to capture her. Having Spider-Woman in his clutches, he was able to lure her sorcerer mentor Magnus into the picture. Yearning to inhabit a human body, Dolly coerced Magnus into performing the appropriate mystic ritual ; pretending to go along, the mage instead sent Dolly’s spirit into limbo and has not been heard from since.

But that was not the last of the Brothers Grimm.

Two brothers, Percival and Barton, co-owners of Grimes and Grimes Real Estate, took over the Los Angeles Theater where the rite was performed, and found the costumes with which Dolly had garbed the life-size mannequins. The suits themselves possessed magic – apparently from having been in contact with Dolly – so the brothers turned to crime, which was a hop, skip, and jump from the unspecified “questionable business ventures” in which they’d previously been engaged.

Their first documented action was terrorizing the restaurants held by a hated business rival, but they were opposed by Iron Man II, who had them arrested. Once out on bail, they were approached by the coalition of paranormal/macabre persons in the L.A. area, the Night Shift, and became steadfast members of that gang. The Brothers Grimm, however, also maintain a second career as freelance mercenaries, having worked for the likes of Crossfire or the Chameleon.


See illustrations.


The Brothers Grimm are a morbidly zany duo. Their speech is often peppered with various strange fairy tale references and their modus operandi seems to be ripped from the pages of some warped storybook. They entertain demented, moronic and nonsensical dialogue between them in most circumstances, especially combat.

The inherent greed of the Brothers seems to be the drive behind their mad schemes, manifested in the form of wacky freeform mayhem.


“My god is money. Speaking of which, do hand over all of yours ! Or would you like to go bye-bye ?”

Brother 1 : “Back home on the West Coast, we’re known as the Brothers Grimm. When we’re not making magic….”
Brother 2 : “…we tell fairy tales. Here’s one of our favorites. ‘Four an’ twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie…‘”
Brother 1 : “’Switch the birds with dynamite, and watch the people die !‘” (both throw explosive pies.)

Brother 1 : “We prefer to call them feats of prestidigitation, Spider-Man. Elegant, unexpected….”
Brother 2 : “… and oh-so-deadly !”

DC Universe History

They may be minor players, but the background and powers are pretty nice, especially for those GMs who like gratuitous creativity involving stupid non-technological gadgets  🙂  Come on, don’t be shy, have a blast with them.


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

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Brothers Grimm II

Dex: 03 Str: 02 Bod: 03 Motivation: Mercenary
Int: 04 Wil: 04 Min: 04 Occupation: Realtors
Inf: 03 Aur: 03 Spi: 03 Resources: 006
Init: 010 HP: 030

Skills: Vehicles (land): 02

Connections: Night Shift (Low), Underworld (Low)

Drawbacks: None

Equipment: BROTHER GRIMM COSTUME [/DEX/ 04 /BODY/ 05, Enhanced Initiative: 06, Fabricate: 11, Acrobatics (Athletics, Dodging): 08, Weaponry (thrown objects)*: 08, Limitation : Fabricate only to create novelty-type items (-1). Initiative of the brothers wearing the costume is 17.]

Greatest Grimm Gizmos !

The Brothers Grimm’s arsenal has included :

  • Grimm Grenades (Bomb)
  • Sneezing Powder (Chemical Attack) – or candy-coloured Easter eggs filled with CS-saturated cotton candy
  • Mexican Jumping Beans (Projectile Weapons)
  • Sticky Dough (Glue/Sensory Block)
  • Exploding or Corrosive Eggs (either Flash or Acid)
  • Seeds that sprout Strangling Vines (Plant Growth/Control)
  • Stardust AKA Glittering Death (Paralyze)
  • Inflatable Decoys (Doodad, almost perfectly simulates the Brother Grimms themselves)
  • Golden Thread (Snare)
  • Star-shaped platform (Flight)
  • Solid Cloud (Flight)
  • Pies that release murders of crows (Fog than only lasts a Phase)
  • Exploding pies (Bomb)
  • Exploding silk scarves (EV, Area of effect 1 AP)
  • Flaming roses (EV, Flame being)
  • Shock-streamer (Lightning)
  • Golden eggs (Illusion that the item is made of solid gold)

By Sébastien Andrivet and Jackson

Source of Character: Marvel Universe

Helper(s): Mister Doll illo from antaninet.net

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