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Eliminator - Marvel Comics - Fantastic Four enemy - New Salem

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Comic Books

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Marvel Universe

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DC Heroes (Blood of Heroes S.E.)

Notes :

Eliminator v2

By Sébastien Alexandre Andrivet

Source of Character: Fantastic Four v1 #184

Writeups.org & Amazon.com recommend Fantastic Four Visionaries - George Pérez vol. 1



“Target One - Eliminated !”

“I am called - the Eliminator ! And for daring to interfere with my work… you must be destroyed !”

“The time for mindless battling is past ! Now I must strike in earnest !”

“I offered to make your destruction a painless one… but one way or the other, you will be destroyed !”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Eliminator from New Salem
Dex: 07 Str: 15 Bod: 14 Motivation: Programmed
Int: 04 Wil: 03 Min: 06 Occupation: Agent of New Salem
Inf: 05 Aur: 02 Spi: 06 Resources {or Wealth}: N.A.
Init: 016 HP: 025

Powers: Air control: 08, Attraction/Repulsion: 12, Bomb: 24, Disintegration: 12, Flame project: 11, Growth: 01, Joined: 06, Mental blast: 09, Shockwave: 10, Telescopic vision: 04

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Growth and Density Increase are both Always On and Already Factored In
  • Air Control is limited to creating a vacuum
  • Attraction/Repulsion is Attraction Only and has a Range of but 09 APs
  • Bomb is an irrevocable self-destruct sequence, which takes about a minute to rev up. During that time the Eliminator must remain immobile and Joined
  • Disintegration has a Range of but 03, and is only available six full Phases after an Automatic Action as been spent to start charging it up
  • Flame Project has a Range of but 02 APs
  • Mental blast can be Combined with Attraction/Repulsion

Skills: Accuracy (Flame Project): 08

Advantages: Iron Nerves

Connections: N.A.

Drawbacks: Strange Appearance, MPR (One non-prehensile hand)


Group Affiliation: Creation of the Witches of New Salem
Base Of Operations: New Salem
Height: 7’4” Weight: 850 lbs.
Eyes: Unrevealed Hair: None

Powers and Abilities

The nature of Eliminators is unrevealed, but my guess would be that they are sapient golems clad in techno-magical armour and armament.

An Eliminator is a very powerful hand-to-hand combatant - it could hold up to the Thing in terms of speed, strength and durability, though this entry assumes that it would have lost a knock-down, drag-out fight against the ever-bashful Benjamin Jacob Grimm.

Eliminator - Marvel Comics - Fantastic Four enemy - New Salem

The Eliminator whom the FF encountered also demonstrated numerous weapons systems, which it used intelligently :

  • A long-range tractor beam, which it can be used for ground-to-air fire when coupled with its optical magnification equipment. The force of this tractor beam is such it will likely shear most vehicles to bits.
  • Incendiary jets built into its finger, shooting a stream of devastating flame
  • Vacuum vents built into the boots, which will suck in the air around him and create a temporary vacuum. This could extinguish the flame of the Human Torch, but the normal use is to anchor the Eliminator to the floor via suction as he prepares to detonate - so opponents cannot displace it
  • One “hand” of the Eliminator was a hammer, which he also used to perform a shockwave attack to knock the Fantastic Four prone.
  • The Eliminator can emit an “Omni-Beam” from its brow - a disintegrator beam. It seemed to be short-ranged and to take some time to rev up.
  • The Eliminator concludes its business by self-destroying in an enormous explosion. It’s not an explosive charge - objects all across the radius become red, glowing and smoking, and the air becomes orange and crackling with Kirby dots as the effect builds up toward detonation.

Eliminators are delivered in some sort of giant metallic egg - one was found empty and half-melted by the FF. What happens in that egg is a mystery.


(See writeups.org’s entry for Nicholas Scratch for much more context, particularly about New Salem.)

Eliminators are agents employed by the witches of New Salem for specific security missions. They seem to be sapient constructs, and possess a broad range of initiative and a clear ability for deductive reasoning. Given their great power, one imagines that they might be created as a collective ritual undertaken by the population of the town, perhaps focused through the Satan-Staff. Building their armour and equipment is presumably not a trivial task either.

The Eliminator encountered by the Fantastic Four stated that “an eliminator never fails”, which implies there are other such creatures - or at least that this one had predecessors, since Eliminators are programmed to self-destruct once their mission is done.

One such Eliminator was sent outside of New Salem when the mayor, Nicholas Scratch, convinced his constituents of the existence of a grave security breach. He successfully argued that his mother Agatha Harkness had been leaking information about the town to outsiders. Accordingly, Harkness was kidnapped to be tried, and an Eliminator was sent to erase all traces of her, including people who may have learned of New Salem’s existence through her.

Eliminator - Marvel Comics - Fantastic Four enemy - New Salem

In practice, this was essentially an assassination mission against the Fantastic Four, who were Harkness’s closest associates and had the power to threaten Scratch’s plans. The Eliminator sniped the Human Torch from the sky, and dumped the unconscious Johnny Storm in the Whisper Hill property formerly occupied by Harkness - where he intended to ambush and eliminate the FF.

When they came, he tore the Fantasti-Car from the sky, but the three adventurers reacted more quickly than anticipated and recovered the Torch a short time before the Eliminator came to confront them.

The powerful Eliminator seemed to win the fight and kill the FF, but it was a ruse - Reed Richards had apparently deduced that the Eliminator would detonate once it thought it had won, to blow Whisper Hill and Harkness’s associates to atoms in one blast. Once the Eliminator triggered its irrevocable self-destruct sequence, the FF revealed that they were unhurt and proceeded to run like hell, surviving the detonation by being far away and protected by a force field.

Intended to eliminate any possibility of outsiders finding New Salem, the plan completely backfired. The FF analysed the metal from the “egg” that had delivered the Eliminator and thus found out New Salem’s general location.


See illustrations.


Eliminators are methodical, efficient combat machines that know just how powerful they are. The tactics employed by the documented specimen was to round up all opposition in the place it was sent to destroy, beat up and kill everyone from ambush then blow up, annihilating any and all evidence with no chance for survival.

As can be seen in the quotes Eliminators talk as big a fight as they actually deliver. The documented one also insisted that Eliminators never fail and are too powerful to be stopped.

Writeup completed on the 17th of May, 2011.

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