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Tarantula - Marvel Comics - Spider-Man enemy - Anton Rodriguez

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Comic Books

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Marvel Universe

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DC Heroes (Blood of Heroes S.E.)

Notes :

Tarantula (Anton Rodriguez) v2.1

By Sébastien Alexandre Andrivet

Helper(s): Z, Nick Yankovec. History is from the OHOTMU.

Source of Character: Spider-Man books / Marvel Universe


Tarantula II (Rodriguez)

“You’ll never take me alive, American pig !”

“Idiota ! I am not your common anglo criminal to be trapped and insulted like a child ! I am Tarantula — and I will have revenge on you, who spoiled such a carefully considered plan !”

“Amigo… never turn your back on a tarantula.”

“Fool ! It’s not money I want - it’s you ! And you will come with me, now — or you will die where you stand ! Either way, it’ll make small difference to me, senor. In my country, life has little value - and men are tools to be used for the attainment of one goal - POWER ! You are a tool, amigo, and I sill use you as I wish — whether you accept this willingly — or under force ! And if you do not understand this now, I can make you understand !”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Tarantula II
Dex: 07 Str: 04 Bod: 05 Motivation: Mercenary
Int: 05 Wil: 05 Min: 04 Occupation: Professional criminal
Inf: 05 Aur: 04 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 006
Init: 021 HP: 035

Skills: Acrobatics*: 07, Charisma (intimidation, interrogation): 05, Martial artist (AV): 08, Martial artist (EV, RV)*: 07, Military science: 05, Vehicles (land): 05, Weaponry (firearms): 04

Advantages: Language (Spanish), Lightning Reflexes, Schtick (night fighting - Tarantula reduces penalties for fighting in darkness by one CS)

Connections: Underworld (Low)

Drawbacks: Minor Rage, MPR (Tarantula is farsighted), Secret ID

Equipment: BOOT AND GLOVES SPIKES [BODY 08, EV 04 (05 w/STR, 08 w/Martial artist), Cling: 02, Poison touch: 08, Bonus : Poison touch and EV can be Combined, Limitation : Cling doesn’t work on surfaces with a BODY above the maximal EV of the Spikes - in Tarantula II’s case, a 08]


Bestial Tarantula
Tarantula’s transformation into an horrific giant spider was gradual, and his abilities evolved. The Growth (and attendant 2 APs of STR and Skin Armour) appeared shortly before his death, as well as the Snare and Iron will.

Dex: 07 Str: 11 Bod: 06 Motivation: Psycho
Int: 04 Wil: 02 Min: 02 Occupation: Monster
Inf: 03 Aur: 02 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 000
Init: 016 HP: 015

Powers: Extra limbs (x4): 09, Growth: 02, Iron will: 08, Jumping: 02, Skin armour: 02, Snare: 10

Bonuses and Limitations: Growth is Always On and already factored in ; Skin armour only against blunt damage

Advantages: Language (Spanish), Lightning Reflexes

Drawbacks: Strange Appearance, CPI, Minor Rage


Hidalgo and Juan
During his first fight against Spider-Man, the Tarantula was helped by a pair of costumed henchmen, Hidalgo and Juan - who apparently also were exotic weaponry and martial arts specialists. Both were pretty skilled and, though they never appeared again to the best of my knowledge, some GMs may want to go for the extra-obscure and bring them back.

Hidalgo / Juan

“Then, Hidalgo must give you a reason for fear, si ? Perhaps this, tonto ? Now you will be silent, si ? And if Hidalgo’s hand is not enough to teach you manners, then perhaps his whip…”

Hidalgo / Juan

Dex: 05 Str: 03 Bod: 04 Motivation: Mercenary
Int: 04 Wil: 03 Min: 03 Occupation: Professional criminal
Inf: 03 Aur: 02 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 004
Init: 014 HP: 015

Skills: Acrobatics: 04, Martial artist*: 05, Weaponry (South American low-tech weapons)*: 05

Advantages: Language (Spanish)

Connections: Street (Low)


  • Hidalgo has a whip [BODY 06, EV 02 (04 w/STR), Stretching: 01, Limitation : Stretching has No Fine Manipulation (-2)]
  • Juan has a bola [BODY 06, EV 03, Snare: 06, Limitation : Snare is limited by the relevant Weaponry skill of the user (-1 - Snare is thus a 05 for Juan)]


Real name: Anton Miguel Rodriguez
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Hidalgo Rodriguez (brother). May have a daughter, though that seems quite dubious.
Group affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: New York City
Height: 6‘1” Weight: 185lbs
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black

Powers and Abilities

The Tarantula is brutal, ruthless and highly skilled in hand to hand combat. His style seems to be a sort of acrobatic kick boxing, with some ground work reminiscent of capoeira. He’s also a skilled marksman, but rarely uses firearms as the Tarantula. The Tarantula is both quite strong and very fast, and has proven able to repeatedly hit fast, agile opponents such as Spider-Man.

Tarantula is aggressive and prefers to put HPs behind his attacks, which occasionally makes it hard for him to soak punches when he is hit back.

As a spider creature, Tarantula started out as strong as Spider-Man but soon became bigger and stronger. As his mind became more and more bestial and his body became inhuman, he became harder to mentally control and developed new abilities, such as projecting webbing.


Anton Miguel Rodriguez was a member of a small revolutionary band that opposed the dictatorship of a small South American country called Delvadia. Rodriguez and his associates were terrorists who blew up supply trains, kidnapped politicians and held them for ransom, and then killed them if the ransom was not paid. Rodriguez was particularly bloodthirsty, however, and his fellow revolutionaries expelled him from their organization shortly after he murdered a guard without cause during a robbery.

Rodriguez then went over to the other side and joined the army of the repressive dictatorship. The government created the costumed identity of the Tarantula for Rodriguez, intending him to serve as their country’s counterpart to the United States’ Captain America. The Tarantula was sent to hunt down his former revolutionary comrades, a mission that gave him great pleasure.

But the Tarantula could still not restrain his love of violence and killing. During the interrogation of a captured revolutionary, the Tarantula murdered a guard who would not let him beat the prisoner as much as he wanted. As a result, he was forced to flee the country.

After a series of unrevealed exploits, the Tarantula arrived in New York City and began familiarizing himself with the city’s criminal underworld. He hired accomplices and afterwards hijacked a Hudson River dayliner, a boat that went on tours up the Hudson River, in order to rob the passengers and hold them for ransom. The costumed crimefighters known as Spider-Man and the Punisher disrupted the Tarantula’s plan, and the Tarantula and his accomplices escaped. Subsequently, the Punisher defeated Tarantula’s accomplices, and Spider-Man captured the Tarantula himself.

Months later. the Tarantula escaped prison with the help of his new ally, the Jackal, who sought vengeance on Spider-Man. The Tarantula attacked Spider-Man and eventually defeated him, as his opponent was considerably by the Jackal’s mind games - especially the appearance of the clone of Gwen Stacy. Escaping from the Jackal’s deathtrap, Spider-Man later defeated the Tarantula in battle only to be captured again by the Jackal. Presumably the Tarantula escaped capture on this occasion ; the Jackal died shortly afterwards.

Later, the Tarantula was hired by Lightmaster to commit various kidnappings and murders. Lightmaster also hired Kraven the Hunter to assist the Tarantula. Again, the Tarantula ran afoul of Spider-Man, who thwarted Lightmaster’s schemes.

Months later, the Tarantula and his new partner, the second Senor Suerte, tried to steal the powerful weapons called the “mad-bombs” and use them for the purpose of extortion, but were defeated by Captain America.

Somehow regaining his freedom once more, Rodriguez kept a low profile in the Miami beach area and engaged in smuggling activities He was finally hired by a representative of the Brand Corporation, a subsidiary of Roxxon Oil, to silence an informer known as “Nose” Norton. Again the Tarantula clashed with Spider-Man and failed in his assignment.

Then, however, Brand representatives offered to bestow superhuman powers similar to Spider-Man’s upon the Tarantula if he would afterwards help them to kill Spider-Man. The Tarantula agreed, went to Brand’s laboratories in Queens. New York, and there was injected with a mutagenic serum and placed within an electrolyte bath while wearing a life support harness.

Tarantula - Marvel Comics - Spider-Man enemy - Anton Rodriguez

But then the being known as Will o’the Wisp, who held Brand responsible for his own transformation into an inhuman creature began wreaking havoc on the machinery In the laboratory, causing power discharges that radically affected the ongoing mutagenic process that the Tarantula was undergoing. As a result, the Tarantula transformed into an eight-limbed being that resembled a humanoid spider, possessing superhuman strength. Spider-Man himself, who had arrived on the scene, and Will o’the Wisp both battled the transformed Tarantula, and the latter two fell into Jamaica bay.

But both the Tarantula and Will o’the Wisp survived this plunge, and the Tarantula continued to mutate. Finally, the Tarantula and Spider-Man met in battle atop a New York City building By now the Tarantula looked like an enormous spider with no trace of human appearance at all. His mind was becoming increasingly primitive and he could only speak in broken phrases Horrified at what he had become, and seeing policemen massed on the sidewalk and street below, the Tarantula committed suicide by hurling himself from the roof of the building. He was dead from police gunfire before he landed on the street below.


Tarantula is an Hispanic, muscular and wiry man with a pencil moustache. His costume is blood red with deep blue motifs (mostly gloves, boots, a head scarf covering the upper half of his head, and a spider motif on his chest). His boots have two poison-coated dagger-like spikes, and his gloves have retractable poison-coated spikes.

The last illustration depicts Hidalgo and Juan in costume.


A vicious, brutal, highly mercenary opponent. The Tarantula loves violence and killing, and excels in operations relying on those. He prefers working as a part of a band - either fighting alongside the villain who hired him, or hiring armed thugs or musclemen to support him. His plans tend to be efficient and direct.

Of course, this being the mid-70s, the Tarantula will totally overuse the three Spanish words and idioms the writer knows, constantly saying “amigo”, “adios”, “madre de dios”, “hasta la vista”, “loco” and so on.

The Tarantula is very proud, and is always, always making speeches about how deadly he is, how nimble he is, how he trained to be his country’s Captain America, etc. and generally macho stuff. And he talks a mile a minute, too. He acts like a proud patriot and obviously wants to be a greater-than-life, pulpish, Zorro-like soldier of fortune despite actually being a despicable psychopath. This desire for panache will almost always overcome his bloodthirstiness, leading him to leave most opponents alive. In fact, for somebody who’s supposed to be a psychotic killer, his bodycount is remarkably low.

As Rodriguez, his name is infamous among much of the Spanish-speaking world ; he normally wears sunglasses and use false names (usually Valdez) when out of costume.

DC Universe History

Despite his comparatively short career, the Tarantula is a classic spiderfoe. He could be recast as a dangerous adversary for the Batman and/or the KGBeast, with more politically-oriented plots.

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