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Welcome to writeups.org

Now for some brief explanations about the site !

Character profiles from comics, movies, games, novels, TV

That’s what we do. Super-hero films and comic books, action-adventure video games, genre movies and TV series, pulp novels… these and related media are from whence we draw our material. If you’re a fan of one or more of these, and a little bit geeky, you’re going to like this place.

Powers. Characterisation. Biographies. Style.

Writeups.org is essentially a sourcebook, or maybe an encyclopaedia. An article about a character will explain what they do, how they do it, why they do it, and what they have been doing so far. Due to our roots as role-players, we put an emphasis on researching and describing personalities, know-how and - where applicable - super-powers. And there’s a lot of illustrations.

DC Heroes RPG and DC Adventures RPG supported

Writeups.org is the main publisher of DC Heroes/Blood of Heroes material, and offers a large and growing selection of DC Adventures/Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition statistics. However, as our audience is larger than these scenes, the vast majority of entries do not assume special knowledge of those.

Fine. Where do I click ?

We suggest either the “List of Entries” button to get a sense of what we have, or the “Updates blog” button to know what we have been working on and what the latest entries are.

What are the downsides ?

The site has tens of thousands of high-resolution illustrations, so many pages are not going to load in a flash due to all this material. And the site tends to be about obscure characters. We do very detailed research, and with this methodology the profiles of characters with many appearances have to be either sketches to compare notes, or series of extensive articles that take forever to hammer out.

If you like it here…

If you like it here, we encourage you to also hit the “About this site” button at some point. In the meanwhile, as a wise man once said… Excelsior !

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