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Iron Goldie Musou (Gunsmith Cats manga) long coat

“Iron” Goldie Musou

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game
  • Though Goldie seemed at first to be a real bad idea, she soon emerged as a surprisingly viable super-villain.
  • The History section is detailed enough to give gamemasters a sense of how Goldie plans and operates.
  • This doesn’t cover the events in Burst, if any.


  • Real Name: Unrevealed, though “Goldie” might be an Americanised diminutive for “Giuliana” (which would etymologically fit her theme)
  • Other Aliases: Early translations rendered her name as “Goldie Musou” – though I don’t have the Japanese version of the manga I would assume that “Musou” was 無双 (“peerless”) and that later translations reworked the name to convey the intent as a tough-sounding mob nickname.
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: Don Juliano (grandfather), unnamed parents (deceased), unnamed brother (deceased)
  • Group Affiliation: None
  • Base Of Operations: Originally Italy, later Chicago
  • Height: 6’ Weight: 185 lbs
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Dirty blonde, occasionally dyed red

Powers & Abilities

Goldie is tall and powerfully built, with broad shoulders. She can flatten most persons with a single punch, and has demonstrated remarkable speed, pain tolerance, precision and durability.

She’s also very well-trained in at least one martial arts style, some of her techniques looking like jiu-jitsu with a strong emphasis on atemi – and on katame techniques against knives and handguns.

There’s something akin to video game logic at work – she’s tough like an endgame boss should be.

However, her main asset is her merciless, analytical intelligence. Goldie excels at predicting what her opponents will do and how, and at having brutal counters in place before they make their move – though these generally require extensive prep work. She can run rings around most opposition without much apparent effort, and will leave everybody but exceptionally smart, capable and strong-willed antagonists in her dust.

Though her planning is subtle, the results aren’t – they call her “Iron” Goldie for a reason. She has to send a stern message about the consequences of opposing her, especially given how the macho cultures of the underworld have trouble backing down in front of a woman.

Goldie is staggeringly confident and has an obvious charisma to her – though establishing that whatever Goldie says, goes will be done through deeds, not words. Her composure is impressive – she can just stand there smirking as all hell breaks loose and bullets fly everywhere, and is essentially impossible to intimidate.

She also has an excellent sense of hearing and a strong intuition.

But the drugs like me

Iron Goldie’s *other* main asset (she has considerable assets. Yeah, those too.) is her doctorate in biochemistry, and her invention of the powerful designer drug Kerasine. She designed a number of variants around her core compound, and many of those have cinematic effects.

The most potent applications of Kerasine and its variants are that :

  • It is a complex compound, and very difficult to replicate – but at the same time it’s cheap to produce for a sufficiently skilled chemist who understands how it works.
  • Regular use of proper Kerasine doesn’t induce significant physical damage, and controlled use doesn’t seem to induce psychological damage either.
  • A small dose of Kerasine is comparable to a crack cocaine hit, whereas a regular dose is closer to the effects of heroin.
  • A large dose triggers vivid hallucinations well on par with LSD, that can incapacitate pretty much anyone or trigger hectic behaviour that only makes sense from their point of view. A paranoid bad trip is easily induced in this state.
  • A unsafely large dose of the triggers all the above. People using the “powerball” Kerasine variant will further be incredibly resilient to pain — it’s even more marked than with PCP — and will have maniacal strength – enough for an ordinary junkie to tip an ordinary sedan to its side by himself with extreme effort.
  • Another variant called beta-Kerasine is a peerless brainwashing instrument – the sort of magic mesmerism powder that the CIA spent years chasing after with MKULTRA and other projects. According to Becky Farrah’s info, Kerasine was in fact derived from CIA research – presumably through the longstanding CIA/cosa nostra alliance.

A person exposed to beta-Kerasine will be mesmerised and highly susceptible to suggestions – for hours with a small dose, or for days with a normal or large dose. This susceptibility is similar to cinematic versions of hypnotism, à la “when you hear the word ’Croatoan’ you will kill the Mayor” or “you are now secretly loyal to me and will unquestioningly obey all of my direct orders”.

However, how strong the suggestions will be depends on the psychological finesse of the indoctrinator. A coherent scenario must be proposed for the person to believe in, and to be fully effective it must match with themes that are important to the person. Goldie likes using common paranoia-related themes, such as explaining that the target is a disguised space alien or possessed by the Devil. See the quotes for an example of priming a subject.

Thoroughly brainwashed Kerasine victims will unhesitatingly maim or kill themselves if ordered to, but can also operate without seeming suspicious – and they will not be physically or mentally diminished. They just happen to have become fanatically loyal toward their indoctrinator. Thus, Goldie excels at creating double agents in her service everywhere, and have them remain undetected sleepers until she needs them.

Exposing people to Kerasine can be quite simple – for instance spraying them with an odourless, aerosol form of the drug while they are distracted – and thus *anybody* could be a Goldie agent even if they are absolutely not the drug-using type. This is a key asset of hers – nobody can tell if the person next to them won’t suddenly be revealed as a thrall of Iron Goldie.

Iron Goldie kicks Rally Vincent

Breaking Kerasine brainwashing is extremely hard. The very strong-willed Larry Vincent managed it, but she used Kerasine to brainwash herself out of her previous conditioning — and it was only possible because she used as an hypnotic trigger the strongest possible association with her quasi-pathological obsession with firearms.

Other drugs could be used to partially break the hold of Kerasine, but these were “ancient Chinese secret” sort of compounds and they needed to be backed by a good deprogramming strategy, just like Kerasine requires brainwashing skills.

Mr. Vincent broke the Kerasine conditioning relatively easily, but a/ he’s basically a Chow Yun Fat character by way of Mumbai and b/ he was being exposed to Kerasine in the air, and when his daughter talked to him she lucked out by contradicting the scenario Goldie had used to brainwash him – Larry told her dad that she loved him whereas Goldie’s conditioning rested on the notion that his daughter hated him.


Goldie usually wears a tailored supple ballistic vest under her clothes. With her superior constitution, that can make her remarkably hard to kill – Larry Vincent once put three 9mm para rounds in her solar plexus area to knock her out through her vest, but that had basically no effect.

Goldie often carries small audio bugs, to place in people’s clothing or into cars so she can follow them and spy on them even if they escape. Her usual concealed handgun is a Glock 19 – though she once used a suppressed Detonics .45 instead – and she often has a medium-sized knife with a Ka-Bar-style blade on her.

Another useful bit of equipment is a small packet of cocaine – Goldie isn’t an habitual user, but snorts it as a combat painkiller when she has been wounded and needs to maintain her focus.

Though she seldom has to shoot, Goldie’s preferred weapon is a .32 ACP Skorpion machine pistol. Though this may seem like a strange choice — Iron Goldie has the body mass and strength to fire much heavier weapons — the rounds’ hollowpoint is filled with Kerasine and sealed with wax.

They are also underloaded — making them subsonic, so the Skorpion can be silenced as needed — to facilitate the injection, as even Minnie-May Hopkins could survive a hit in the arm. The effects of the Kerasine occur within seconds.

When she doesn’t need to be discreet, Goldie will have her chauffeur break out her Ferrari F40. For a lower profile, she uses something like a BMW 730iL. Her fleet also includes a heavily-armoured Mercedes sedan, apparently with NBC security.

Il signor Dennis

Dennis Tombari is Goldie’s oldest and closest henchman, though she has apparently turned him into a Kerasine puppet. He acts as her chauffeur, but he’s also a good detective and will often gather sensitive intelligence for Goldie. In fact, he may conceivably have been an Italian policeman on the take and actually working for the cosa nostra.

Dennis can act like a bodyguard, but usually will not react to attempted violence against Goldie as he’s well-aware of what she can personally handle. He’s occasionally armed with a MP5K briefcase – an attaché case with a submachinegun hidden within, which can be fired using a secondary trigger built into the briefcase’s handle.

Goldie’s “staff” also includes about 3 enslaved pretty teenage girls kept as servants and sub sex pets. All are apparently upper class and were brainwashed into murdering their parents. Since Goldie can replace them pretty much at will they make for very convenient hostages, and Larry Vincent and crew had to repeatedly evacuate them so the mafiosa couldn’t play that card.


Goldie is from a minor cosa nostra family in Italy, and her grandfather Juliano was the don. When Goldie was 18, both her parents and her brother were killed, leaving her the sole inheritor of the famiglia.

Though her grandfather supported her, he said that she should first graduate from college, and an interim director named Francesco took charge. Meanwhile, the youth graduated summa cum laude in psychopharmacology.

Iron Goldie reviewing documents

Though the old don gauged Francesco as lacking the legitimacy to threaten his granddaughter, he was wrong. Francesco convinced the council that he could modernise the business and bring profits to greater heights. To start with he put an end to their various charitable activities, a clear break from tradition that scandalised Goldie.

The old don’s most loyal man, Dennis Tombari, discovered that Francesco had been behind the murder of Goldie’s family – but at that point Francesco had just discreetly eliminated Don Juliano, and Goldie’s lifespan wasn’t looking good.

I want a new drug

Goldie called on markers from hospitals and universities that had benefitted from her family’s largesses before Francesco changed the rules. With access to their labs and chemicals, she brewed a drug she had developed during her studies. She dosed Francesco’s wife and kid, convincing them that the others had been replaced by evil alien shapechangers.

With Francesco and his family having slaughtered each other, the famiglia fearfully fell in line and let donna Goldie take over. Impressed with how well her concoction had worked, the mafiosa started a gradual takeover of more important clans by brainwashing their key soldatos and capos.

Though her exact rise is unchronicled, she apparently became a major presence in the Milano cosa nostra.

Goldie visited the US, where the real narcotics money was. During an early trip, she discovered that a single vigilante had killed about 20 Gambucci men. She tracked down this man, Mr. Vincent, and used his guilt over all the deaths at his hand to dose him with Kerasine by gassing the room.

She didn’t make use of Mr. Vincent’s incredible marksmanship in the US right away – it is possible that she needed his talents in the old country first.

The donna later came to Chicago. Two local mobs were still Italian enough to take orders from Milano, and their directives were to collaborate and pay attention to the new drug that “Iron” Goldie brought with her.

Sex, lies and video tapes

Goldie had the Max famiglia distribute her designer drug, but the don didn’t like her – and a problem soon emerged when teenage thief Misty Brown tried to sell incriminating tapes about the Max mob.

Goldie moved in to stop Brown, but the heavy-handed approach of the American soldatos worsened the tension between her and the don as Brown escaped and contacted her friend, the super-competent bounty hunter Larry Vincent.

Goldie soon developed an interest in the beautiful and intelligent Vincent – the daughter of her best enforcer, who had talents comparable to her father’s.

The mafiosa kidnapped Misty back. However, Larry and her associate Minnie-May turned the tables on her during the swap, and escaped with Misty – though they had to abandon the tapes. This cemented Goldie’s desire to make Larry hers.

Goldie tricked some reticent Chicago syndicates into distributing Kerasine, knowing that it would quickly create addicts that would not be satisfied with anything else. She was right – within two weeks Kerasine was #1 on the market, and she was the only supplier.

The Italian Connection

Wanting to make Vincent her slave, Goldie set up a cunning trap where an addict would lure Vincent in by shooting himself, and inject her with a dose of Kerasine.

In an apparent The French Connection homage, Vincent found herself struggling against the powerful drug, but failed and was reeled in. Now that Vincent was a Kerasine puppet, Goldie decided to have her murder her old ally Detective Coleman, so that Larry would have no other refuge than Goldie’s mob.

Iron Goldie smirking

However, Larry created her own post-hypnotic suggestion for herself, using the strongest stimulus she could think of – her finger squeezing the trigger of her preferred pistol. Thus, while she was successfully indoctrinated into murdering Coleman, pulling the trigger brought her own hypnotic suggestion to the fore and allowed her to miss at the last moment and recover her free will.

Larry crashed a drug exchange in a cemetery where Goldie was getting more Kerasine distributed. The mob dealing with Goldie seized this opportunity to turn against her, but were slain in return.

With the help of drugs provided by Minnie-May, Larry could partially resist Goldie’s commands and a badly wounded mafiosa was forced to retreat. She had hired Bean Bandit as her getaway driver, which made it possible to escape all police despite the odds.

After the mess at the cemetery, Goldie had to go back to Italy – she was now on the FBI’s top-10 list. She had a Kerasine puppet fall on his sword during Larry’s trial, exonerating the bounty hunter by proving that she wasn’t responsible for shooting at Detective Coleman. The donna even released Larry from her post-hypnotic suggestions to make their next clash more challenging and arousing.

As she left the US with a captive Misty Brown, Goldie was shot cleanly through the hand at 700 yards, from the top of a high-rise and through a car door. Realising that only Vincent could have pulled such a sniper shot, the admirative Goldie let Misty go and departed.

However, the resultant Kerasine scarcity triggered gang violence in major North-Eastern American cities as prices skyrocketed.

Il ritorno della mafiosa

Several months later, a plot by one “Mister Borgnine” messed up a multi-million dollars narcotics sale. Though Larry Vincent stopped “Borgnine”, the buying mob was severely weakened.

Goldie seized this opportunity to return with cosa nostra made men and her star enforcer, Mr. Vincent. She took over the vulnerable gang, swiftly turning it into a distribution channel for her newest Kerasine variant, sold under the street name “powerball”. She also mentioned connections in Sicily rather than in Milan, though that may have been a bluff.

Iron Goldie now had her own sales force and a firmer beachhead in the US than before – and the larger Chicago mobs were still fighting among themselves. She struck the hardest blow by making one enforcer from each of the main mobs her Kerasine puppet, and having this joint force take over a supermarket and hold numerous hostages. Goldie had studied American SWAT methods, and the parking lot of the supermarket and nearby buildings were a gigantic trap with cameras and hidden explosives.

Once the hostage crisis was well underway, Goldie detonated the charges. Since the sniper teams and other cops had taken the positions she had predicted based on their training manuals, this was a carnage. She further sent her planning documents to the four mobs, proving her tremendous competence and her ability to make hardened killers from any mob her thralls.

Goldie then got herself arrested on very weak evidence, used Italian contacts to have a front company agree to pay the $3M bail, and skipped. This was entirely for Larry Vincent’s benefit – a challenge to Chicago’s best skip tracer.

Queen of Chicago

Goldie then came to impose her terms to the four warring mobs, wanting to turn them into mere Kerasine resellers. When one of the mob bosses refused, the Italian had his own right-hand man shoot him dead – the lieutenant had been secretly turned into a Kerasine puppet. Her point made, Goldie started repurposing the local mobsters.

Larry Vincent learned where and when the next big Kerasine would take place, but correctly assumed that Goldie knew that she knew – and instead raided the mob villa where Goldie had set her H.Q..

Though Ms. Vincent was briefly intercepted by her father, she and her team tricked Goldie’s harem into leaving with them, thus preventing the mafiosa from playing the hostages card at will.

The mob boss hosting Goldie reacted in anger and ordered one of his men to slit Goldie’s throat, but she revealed that the soldato was a Kerasine puppet and had him slice off his don’s ear instead. As none of the don’s men could tell whether any of their colleagues were secretly a thrall of Goldie, she took direct command of this gang.


Goldie maintained the scheduled drugs deal to have her showdown with Larry Vincent. As she had hoped, the bounty hunter brought her A game – and even hired the elite driver Bean Bandit to round out her crew. Goldie also reached her underage harem and ordered them to slice their wrists, but Bean intervened and got them to the hospital in time.

Iron Goldie driving her Ferrari F40

The Vincent crew originally had the upper hand, but Larry froze rather than shoot her father and was taken prisoner. Goldie started forcing her into submission, threatening to have Mr. Vincent shoot himself in the head if Larry resisted — but Minnie-May Hopkins used shaped charges to demolish part of the battlefield and set an enormous shipment of Kerasine on fire.

The Kerasine in the air allowed Larry to partially deprogram her father, and they collaborated in taking Iron Goldie out. However, as she was also breathing in the Kerasine smoke, Goldie could withstand immense amounts of pain and wrecked the Vincents’ guns. Larry finally shot her through the cheek and across the cranium with a .22 WMR derringer, inflicting brain damage.

Her chauffeur Dennis evacuated his mistress and a captive Vincent as Goldie was entering a shock from internal bleeding and Kerasine exposure. However Bean forced Dennis’ car off a pier while yanking Vincent away through the window. The Mercedes was later fished out without corpses within, and the two Italians were presumed dead.

Goldie and Dennis actually survived – but the mob doctor who saved her life established that the brain damage had made her amnesiac, and apparently told the faithful Dennis to avoid exposing Goldie to reminders of her past for the time being.


Goldie tends to favour long leather jackets with padded shoulders, and high leather boots. She generally goes for elegant feminine clothing, probably with an Italian designer label.

Goldie has an ample collection of female dom leather fetish gear (and sub stuff for her harem), and occasionally wears some of it while in the field, because of reasons.


Goldie is ferociously intelligent and dominating. She feels but contempt for the underworld and police, seeing them all as hidebound morons. She knows that as a woman she would have a hard time obtaining their respect through ordinary methods, and doesn’t even try.

She holds all the cards anyway, and will just act like a sarcastic smartass as other mobsters attempt to treat her as an inferior or equal. Once everything is in place she’ll just bring the hammer down, kill all loose ends and take over using the assets and slaves of her choosing.

Iron Goldie abhors incompetence, and demands high standards of skill and intelligence from anybody associating with her. If a person not meeting these standards gets killed or hurt, they had it coming. She doesn’t do the “villain who kills her own henchmen” thing, though.

Her staff is fairly competent, and she’s flexible enough to leave room for mistakes that couldn’t reasonably be prevented. Incompetent henchmen from other mobs are expendable, though – and will be coldly executed on the spot by one of Goldie’s gunmen if they do not strictly follow her orders.

On the other hand, Goldie enjoys the presence of exceptionally competent people. There’s a good odd she’ll decide not to kill them, even if they are her sworn enemies – especially if they’re attractive women.

Goldie actually looks forward to clashing all-out with competent opponents ; she’s a Moriarty pining for her own Holmes. If she finds said high-level opponent attractive, the thrill of the fight will be compounded by a powerful erotic charge.

Iron Goldie comes across as smug, supremely confident and utterly in control. Since she’s, generally speaking… utterly in control. It is difficult to threaten her – she doesn’t care about any of her staff (except perhaps for Dennis), and can “recruit” new soldatos, new lovers, new servants, etc. at will.

Miner for a heart of Goldie

Goldie isn’t fundamentally a bad person, but was shocked by the death of her family, and particularly of her grandfather. He had warned her that the true enemy were lies, secrets and manipulations around her, and to save her own life Goldie brute-forced the problem by making everybody her loyal slave.

When she discovered how easy it was for her to horribly murder Francesco and his family, something snapped within Goldie as her new absolute power corrupted her. She now could impose her will on the world, and this furballed with her kink for sexual domination to make her obsessed with control and dominating everyone in an endless affirmation of power.

She is attached to the pre-capitalist vision of the cosa nostra that was her grandfather’s – a part of society that maintains a certain sort of order, gives to the poors and widows, etc.. Donna Goldie isn’t bloodthirsty – she will have people killed when necessary (which is often), but otherwise avoids it since it’s seldom the safest, most productive way to handle things.

It is also interesting to note that her designer drugs are much less physically harmful than 90% of the crap on the hard narcotics market. Goldie builds her business for the long term and has a form of social responsibility, and killing her customers would be stupid.

Goldie likes very young women, and has a small harem of enslaved, submissive teenage girls to act as her servants and take care of her sexual needs. This leaves her romantically unsatisfied, though. What she really pines for is the innocence of her own teenage years – a simpler, purer version of herself that hasn’t been warped by the lies and corruption of the world.

Goldie fell in love with Larry Vincent, but what she was looking for may have been unclear to even herself. Vincent was beautiful and very young, and with extraordinary competence – but though Goldie talked big about breaking her, making her her willing sex slave, etc. she wanted her precisely because she couldn’t have her.

Goldie seemed to want the love of an incorruptible and unbreakable woman – one sufficiently young that Goldie could see her as “pure” – and may even have subconsciously wanted Larry to stop her and somehow restore her innocence.


“I said I would *make* you mine, remember ? I just want you to ready yourself… for slavery.”

(After cutting off the thumb of a soldato who tried to stab in anger, to his capo) “If you employ a bunch of incompetents… you better expect to get your rug dirty. I’d suggest that you train them correctly before I come back !”

“Whether it’s those girls, or all these men here, once I’ve drugged them, they’re just like whipped dogs. Mindless tools. They’re really no fun any more. But *you*’re different. You I’m going to break wild. So relax.”

(Mesmerising a Kerasine user) “This is Larry Vincent. She pretends to be a bounty hunter, but actually she’s not even human. She’s an agent of the space aliens. They’re trying to take over the Earth. The people she captures are never seen again. They’re made into slaves… slaves of the aliens. If you can give her *this* shot, she’ll turn back into an alien and die. But you can’t just walk up to her. No one can beat her space ray gun.”

(Referring to Vincent) “The new girl isn’t just a sex toy. She’s a guard dog – very useful indeed. A doberman, with 9mm fangs and V-8 legs. And she’s already in obedience school.”

“So, be a good girl and I’ll erase all your hypnotic suggestions… *if* you promise to go back to being a badass bounty hunter. I want you to be an even more dangerous, meaner hunter the next time we meet. I’m looking forward to the pleasure of reeling you in.”

“The Kerasine Two we’re bringing to market as ’powerball‘ is merely an upgrade of our previous hit product. The version I used on your men is a slightly different drug, designed specifically for brainwashing. The version of Kerasine Two that’s on the street under the ’powerball‘ brand is one thing, but beta-Kerasine Two is quite a different animal. While the ingredients are practically the same, its effectiveness as a hypnotic are in another class altogether, minus most of the psychoactive side effects. And the price is in another league altogether, I’m afraid. Use of this product requires special training. All sales will be through designated field engineers only.”

(Sarcastically) “Very well, then — I’ll leave it to you. I’m so fortunate to have this opportunity to learn about site security and perimeter defense from those older and wiser than me.”

(As a Kerasine-dosed Minnie Hopkins grabs a firearm laying on the floor)
Goldie: “This gun has been coated with a powerful sleeping drug.”
(Minnie somatically falls asleep)


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 05 Str: 04 Bod: 05 Motivation: Power/Thrill
Int: 06 Wil: 07 Min: 06 Occupation: Crime lord
Inf: 06 Aur: 05 Spi: 06 Resources {or Wealth}: 009
Init: 021 HP: 045

Charisma (Intimidation): 05, Martial Artist (incl. Techniques): 05, Medicine (Brainwashing): 06, Scientist (Draw plans): 06, Scientist (Research): 05, Weaponry (Firearms): 05

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Scientist (Draw plans) is only usable for pharmacology
  • Medicine (Brainwashing) is only usable with Kerasine

Buddy (Dennis), Expertise (Narcotics), Iron Nerves, Language (Unspecified Italian language), Lightning Reflexes, Rank (Equivalent of a Lieutenant in the cosa nostra), Stroke of Genius (Kerasine)

Street (Low), Underworld (High)

None demonstrated


  • CONCEALED BALLISTIC VEST [BODY 05, Skin armour: 01, Invulnerability: 04, Limitations : Skin armour and Invulnerability only vs. blades and bullets, Partial coverage (vest)]
  • Goldie often carries small audio bugs, to place in people’s clothing or into cars so she can follow them and spy on them even if they escape.
  • In the field she’ll also often have a walkie-talkie to coordinate her soldatos.
  • Glock 19 [BODY 02, Projectile Weapons: 04, Ammo: 15, R#2]
  • Knife [BODY 04, EV 03 (05 w/STR, 06 w/Martial Artist)]
  • Cocaine powder packet [BODY 00, Damage Capacity*: 05, Note: Damage Capacity is Linked to User’s BODY, Limitation: takes a full Phase to snort/activate]
  • Skorpion w/low-powered Kerasine rounds [BODY 03, Projectile weapons: 03, Ammo: 06, R#03, Advantage : Autofire, Misc.: targets with a Physical RV under 08 are injected with Kerasine when hit]


In game terms, the properties of Kerasine are :

  • A large dose of Kerasine is a Mind Blast: 08 which attacks MIN/MIN using Bashing Damage. A person whose MIN is reduced to zero isn’t unconscious, but is extremely confused and will begin hallucinating (+2CS penalty to the OV of the vast majority of rolls) ; half RAPs mean half the effects. A medium dose is Mind Blast: 04 and a small dose is Mind Blast: 02.
  • Specific Kerasine variants (called beta-Kerasine) can be used for Medicine (Brainwashing), and each roll takes 10 APs of time rather than 15.
  • Unskilled Characters can perform Medicine (Brainwashing) rolls on persons under the effect of beta-Kerasine if they have been properly explained the basics. Use INF/AUR as AV/EV, with a +2CS/+1CS Unskilled Use penalty.
  • A large dose from another Kerasine variant (sold as “Powerball”) will increase STR by 2 APs, BODY by 2 APs, and provide with APs of Damage Capacity (Physical) equal to the base BODY score (before the APs from Kerasine are applied). A medium dose only has half the effects, and a small dose just increases STR and BODY by one.

Dennis Tombari

Dex: 03 Str: 02 Bod: 03 Motivation: Serve Goldie
Int: 03 Wil: 03 Min: 04 Occupation: Henchman
Inf: 02 Aur: 02 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 004
Init: 008 HP: 005

Charisma (Interrogation, Persuasion): 04, Detective (Legwork): 04, Vehicles (Land): 04, Weaponry (Firearms): 04

Familiarity (Video recording equipment, Narcotics), Language (Unspecified Italian language)

Street (Low), Underworld (Low)

Dennis is a Kerasine puppet, and has a CIA toward serving Goldie


  • Glock 19 [BODY 02, Projectile Weapons: 04, Ammo: 15, R#2] or similar
  • One of Goldie’s cars
  • MP5K briefcase [BODY 04, Projectile weapons: 05, Ammo: 07, R#02, Advantage : Autofire] plus an extra clip within

By Sébastien Andrivet

Source of Character: Gunsmith Cats: Revised Edition manga by Kenichi Sonoda.

Helper(s): Darci

Writeup completed on the 23rd of April, 2014.

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