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Mahkizmo (Fantastic 4 enemy) (Marvel Comics)

Mahkizmo the Nuclear Man

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game
  • See our Thundra entry for more context about Femizonia.


  • Real Name:Mahkizmo
  • Marital Status: Unrevealed
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: Men of Machus
  • Base Of Operations: Originally Machus
  • Height: 7’8” Weight: 525 lbs
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown

About Machus

Machus is a weird place. On the surface it looks, like some vaguely swords-and-sorcery (or at least swords-and-sandals) version of the Roman Empire which has just been taken over by mighty-thewed yet smart barbarians, who have made the Roman ways theirs, only with a Conanesque warlike culture. A lot of their culture seems to be about individual glory, raid for women and other riches and status symbols, and body-building.

Although the tech level seems low at first glance, they actually have advanced tech – although they don’t use it much, presumably for cultural reasons. Their primary weapons are swords (against other men) and whips (against women), but when on a raid they also carry blasters.

Mahkizmo, asides from his nuclear power, once had himself be teleported on the field of battle – and was presumably warned by either some form of telecom from the raiding party, or a surveillance (satellite ?) system.

Their arenas are flooded with invisible will-dampening rays to keep prisoners submissive, they could build fairly dangerous androids – and of course they had access to time-travel tech.

Everybody speaks English, of course.

Powers and Abilities

Mahkizmo seems to be an extraordinarily successful example of augmentation through radiation, granting massive superhuman strength and durability. He’s also a highly trained and experienced fighter, specialising in hand-to-hand combat. He seems to be slightly under Thundra’s level – though he was generally stronger and a fair bit more robust, he was not as fast and as technically proficient, and not as determined.

Still, he could fight the She-Hulk toe-to-toe for extended periods, especially if he could force her to blow HPs on RV and LDD with a nuclear punch opening the fight, before She-Hulk was ready.

Beyond the strength enhancement, the special radiation still suffuses Mahkizmo. He can release it explosively around him, bowling over even superhumanly strong opponents – or he can use it to enhance the energy released by a punch, to a degree where such a blow can demolish a large building. He only does so once or twice per combat, though – in game terms it costs HPs. The energy will eventually rebuild itself to its peak levels, but his charge at any given time is limited.

The Men of Machus use a will-sapping ray technology that makes opponents somewhat sluggish and removes their fighting spirit and resolve. This gives them a nasty edge, and Mahkizmo carries an hidden emitter (presumably in his belt buckle, for properly phallic imagery) ; with his opponents affected by the ray (which is invisible and inaudible) he can confront big-time powerhouses such as the Thing and Thundra and win crushing victories.

Opponents under the effects of the ray will fight defensively (if at all), become much less apt to endure pain and stress, lose their killer instinct, and generally become passive and disoriented. Strong minds can resist this, especially if they are aware of the effect, but will still find it difficult to carry the fight forward.

Being used to fighting opponents under the effects of the will-sapping ray has made the men of Machus complacent, though – Mahkizmo is not that used to severe challenges and opposition, making him low on HPs and some Rvs. And even before his accident, he wasn’t quite the sharpest knife in the drawer (possibly as a side effect of the radiation treatment).

Like Thundra, Mahkizmo is likely a one-of-a-kind success in enhancement, which the men of Machus cannot replicate.


Mahkizmo is the greatest champion of Machus (Earth-74101) – the equivalent of Thundra of Femizonia (see the Thundra entry for more about Femizonia and Machus). He appeared as Machus’s reality started to invade and influence Femizonia’s, a situation that triggered a mission of Thundra into the past. Thundra’s foray was theorised to put an end to the influence of the Machus XXIIIrd century over the Femizonia XXIIIrd century by altering history.

Machus scientists detected the danger and Mahkizmo launched a counter-mission, coming to the XXth century of Earth-616 in the late 1970s to intercept Thundra there. Though at that point Thundra had already accomplished the bulk of her mission, Mahkizmo sought to kidnap and enslave her – it is possible that the men of Machus hadn’t quite realised what Femizonia was trying to do in the past, or perhaps they assumed that it would never work.

Mahkizmo attacked the Baxter building – apparently a natural destination for time travellers. He ravaged large chunks of it while he yelled for Thundra to show herself, easily beating up the Fantastic Four. When Thundra engaged him, they both disappeared.

During this mission, Mahkizmo had been using his masculine wiles – a will-sapping ray to greatly but imperceptibly weaken all his opponents, and a time travel trick that would automatically take him back to Machus along with Thundra as soon as she touched him. Once on Machus, he further bathed Thundra with will-sapping radiation, eventually enslaving her.

The FF came to Machus (with Medusa temporarily replacing the Invisible Woman) but were again ambushed by Mahkizmo, who resorted to the will-sapping ray and hostage-taking to defeat them. They were made prisoners, and Medusa was taken to Mahkizmo’s quarters. As it turned out, Mahkizmo was much less durable when fully relaxed, which Medusa discovered when she was forced to give him a massage ; furthermore Medusa’s Inhuman physiology made her immune to Machus’s will-sapping fields. She knocked Mahkizmo out with a jug of wine to the head and fled. Medusa did not free the FF, but instead executed on a plan previously discussed with Thundra.

Mahkizmo flexing and threatening

Meanwhile, Thundra and the FF, who weren’t compliant enough even with the omnipresent will-sapping tech, were thrown into an arena and made to fight monsters to assuage Mahkizmo’s anger over the Medusa incident. Despite the will-sapping, the prisoners fought heroically – but it was obvious that they would eventually falter.

Thankfully, Medusa came back with armies from Thundra’s world, and that diversion enabled the FF to destroy the will-sapping ray — suddenly turning the tables on Mahkizmo and the men of Machus, who were not used to fighting opponents who had not been weakened.

Mahkizmo engaged Thundra and the Thing and readied his nuclear punch, but his opponents both had a higher Initiative and Team Attacked, Stunning him and thus preventing him from throwing his punch. Since the energy channelled into his body had nowhere to go, Mahkizmo appeared to disintegrate.

Eve… Renzi… fission ! 

Subsequent events are confusing, but can be summed up thus :

  • Femizonia and Machus inexplicably appeared to fuse into a timeline where a balance of power was supposedly achieved between genders.
  • This strange event has later been clearly stated to have been a trick by the Femizons, using unrevealed means. Their goal was likely to be free of further interference by Earth-616 time travellers, by giving them the impression that a conclusion agreeable to Earth-616 moral standards had been reached.
  • Femizonia is clearly seen later, with some changes but an unmodified balance of power between genders and free from Machus influence
  • Mahkizmo later managed to recover from disintegration, by taking over the body of a random male. The world he reintegrated on looked like a merged version of Femizonia and Machus, as in the lie orchestrated to dupe the FF.
  • The reality of this world seems very fragile – the simple fact of mentioning the word “Machus” to a man led to a rippling realisation among males that their reality was not their original one, and that they were supposed to be super-dominant in all aspects of society. Thus the “retcon veil” was soon ripped.
  • The simplest hypothesis (note the word “hypothesis”) is that Thundra’s mission to the past was a huge success, and reversed the relative weight of Femizonia and Machus. Whilst Femizonia carried on free of Machus influence, it started leaking its reality over Machus’s just like Machus’s reality had been splattering Femizonia’s.
    Thus, Mahkizmo returned to a Machus in the throes of gender equality, but that Femizonia influence was damaged with the return of Mahkizmo and the arrival of outworlders who mentioned the previous state of reality to natives. Thus, in this hypothesis it was Earth-74101 all along, just like Femizonia never stopped being Earth-715.

So far so good ?

Return of Mahkizmo

As alluded to above, the disintegrated Mahkizmo existed as a sort of molecular cloud with some degree of awareness ; the reality rewrites that were going on ’condensed‘ that cloud and allowed it to enter the body of a random male barbarian warrior, permanently possessing him and turning his body into a duplicated of Mahkizmo’s, complete with radiation enhancements, scars and training.

Seeing all around him a world of gender equality, Mahkizmo decided to put an end to this insufferable state of affairs and convinced a male scientist to help him. Though his general plan was to return to the past to fix things, Mahkizmo’s brain was obviously addled as an after-effect of his disintegration and reintegration. The plan he came up was to travel to the past (specifically the early 1990s of Earth-616) and detonate a radiation bomb that would kill all females to teach them a lesson.

Apparently the problems with this didn’t reach his weakened brain – perhaps the history books on Machus were as heavily rewritten as they were in Femizonia, and Mahkizmo thought that the late XXth century already had human parthenogenesis tech allowing it to go without sexual reproduction.

Mahkizmo jumped into the past and nearly landed on top of the She-Hulk (Jen Walters), resulting in an immediate brawl. Coincidentally, the minor Olympian god Eros was on the prowl, and mistakenly shot Mahkizmo with a magic arrow that made him fall in love with Walters. He almost immediately took her back to Machus to woo her.

She-Hulk’s actual boyfriend, Wyatt Wingfoot, enlisted his buddy the Thing to go recover She-Hulk wherever she was. Wingfoot and the Thing quickly determined that she was on Machus and D-jumped there ; soon after their arrival the power equilibrium between genders started to unravel. The Thing and She-Hulk teamed up and took Mahkizmo out, and Eros took his arrow out of Mahkizmo, breaking the love spell.

After She-Hulk explained some basics about unmodified human reproduction to Mahkizmo, the Earth-616ers left as the battle of the sexes engulfed Machus.

Mahk the naff

Under unclear circumstances, Mahkizmo was later seen on Earth-616 as part of random assemblages of villains the Fantastic Four fought at some point. He had no speaking part and what he was doing there was never explained.

Likewise, the state of the Machus timeline is undocumented, though his presence on Earth-616 might mean that the old male-dominated state was not restored in the end.


See illustrations.


Mahkizmo does the mighty barbarian warrior-king to the hilt ; though he has access to consequent scientific resources he’s essentially a swords-and-fur-loinclothes genre character. He’s a ruthless conqueror and a brute, approaching every situation through brute strength, devious cheating and proclamations of turgid willpower. Though he’s not particularly smart, he’s good at spouting bombastic and surprisingly articulate declarations of intent, as per the quotes.

Mahkizmo, like all men of Machus, is utterly obsessed with achieving the highest level of hairy-chested virility, and will loudly denounce anything that doesn’t match this over-the-top gender typecasting as effeminate, which is a broad term generally meaning “bad”. He has an extremely narrow set of standards, and will deride every single male for not meeting them – he’d thunderously call Conan a waifish weakling.

Mahkizmo was brain-addled to some extend after reintegrating, but his current state is unknown – he may have fully recovered from the ordeal. Players expecting a very dense fellow after having only read his Sensational She-Hulk appearances might be in for a surprise if that is the case.

The classic Mahkizmo can be imagined as a strange cross between an evil King Conan and a 1970s corrupt Green Beret villain in a Blaxploitation movie ; just add tons of comments about how women are weak and servile and men who are not Mahkizmo are helpless, hairless children and not Real Men™. Mahkizmo is very big on humiliation as a demonstration of power, and will go to great lengths to humiliate opponents – without getting humiliated himself.

Whereas Thundra is sympathetic to XXIst century because she’s somewhat flexible when it comes to the alien values of her world, Mahkizmo is an exemplar of the values of Machus and thus a villain.


“Where is she, whelp ? Answer me now, and maybe I’ll spare your miserable hide ! Resist me — and I’ll tear you limb from limb ! Where is the she-witch, Thundra ? Thundra — who calls herself a Femizon !”

“Silence. It’s clear you don’t yet understand the extent of my power. You think you can defeat me — that you can mock me and insult my manhood — and you’re WRONG ! Among the men of my world, I am the strongest —! I, and only I, have been chosen to wield the ultimate energy — a power the likes of which your feeble, feminine world has never seen — power which gives me my name ! Mahkizmo – THE NUCLEAR MAN !” (proceeds to obliterate a building with a punch)

“You arrogant child ! Haven’t you realized yet — you’re as helpless against me as a weaning babe ! If you were a woman, I could understand your brainless stupidity. But you’re a man – and that makes you simply a fool !”

(punching out Reed Richards) “Hairless babe, you and your kind are too frail to oppose me — as you’ve learned much too late. I am the inheritor of this world and time — I am Mahkizmo, born and bred in Machus, come to claim the woman, Thundra — and with her, my racial DESTINY !”

“Bah ! Is this the world I battled so hard to create ? A world where women stand as equals with men who should rightly be their lords and masters ? Bah I say ! And again, bah !”

DC Universe History

In the DC Universe Mahkizmo was empowered by Ares to destroy Wonder Woman and conquer the Amazons. His assault upon Wonder Woman came when she was in the company of the JLA but, surprised by how formidable and savage Mahkizmo was, they were thrashed and unable to prevent the ageless Amazon from being abducted. Superman was killed in the battle and Batman was crippled and so a replacement League had to be drafted.

Mary Marvel took the interim JLA through Mount Eternity to Olympus where they emerged in the midst of a mass rape. By threatening to crush the unconscious Kyle Raynor’s skull like an egg, Mahkizmo was able to force the JLA to surrender and took Mary Marvel to his boudoir while the others were forced to fight in the arena. Mary charmed the brutal barbarian using the grace of Selena and beauty of Aurora and was able to kick his sexist ass while his powers were reduced.

She then freed Wonder Woman and the JLA and they went to town on Ares’ and Mahkizmo’s followers imprisoning them all in Tartarus. On their way back to Earth, the JLA passed through Hades and freed Superman to rejoin the living.

There are rumors of Makhizmo being freed from the underworld by a satanic force to fight the angelic Supergirl but cannot be confirmed. He was last seen breaking out of the Slab after having been infected by the Joker virus which seems to have permanently reduced his abilities due to uncontrollable jocularity.

Alternatively, if dropping the Machus timeline, Mahkizmo would make a pretty additional member for Darkseid’s Elite, perhaps running a large number of women-only Hunger Dog slaves in a special sector of Apokolips.

Or perhaps he could be a direct descendant of Hercules, running a lost colony of Spartan warriors who decide to conquer the modern world since they see it as weak and ripe for conquest by Real Warriors™ ?


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

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Dex: 07 Str: 19 Bod: 15 Motivation: Power
Int: 04 Wil: 02 Min: 05 Occupation: Warrior-King
Inf: 05 Aur: 04 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 020
Init: 018 HP: 025

Bomb: 14, Growth: 01

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Bomb is Minor Marginal
  • Growth is Always On and Already Factored In

Charisma (Intimidation): 07, Martial artist: 08, Weaponry: 07

Credentials (His fief on Machus, High ; other fiefs on Machus, Low), Iron Nerves, Schtick (Nuclear Punch)

Men of Machus (High)

Arrogant, SIA toward Proving his manliness, Loss Vulnerability (Physical stats slowly settle down to DEX 06 STR 07 BODY 05 when he’s completely relaxed – he can power himself back up with an Automatic Action), Fatal Vulnerability (will explode if he cannot release a nuclear punch or his Bomb – for instance being Stunned after he declares he will use it – unless he can score RAPs with BODY/BODY against a 17/17 OV/RV), Misc.: Mahkizmo is likely infertile

Will-Sapping Ray [Broadcast Empath: 10, Charisma (Intimidation): 10, Debilitate (Mental): 10, Bonus: Broadcast Empath and Debilitate can be Combined and both have a 2 APs Area of Effect – but are limited to a 3 APs Diminishing Range in any case, Limitation: Broadcast Empath can only bring about a lack of fighting spirits and a sentiment that resistance is futile, Charisma is Powered]. The Will-Sapping Ray is undetectable (barring radiation sensors) and will thus usually Blindside until opponents are aware of its existence – people mentally bracing for such effects, simply by knowing that it can occur, deny Mahkizmo the Blindside Bonus.

Macho, macho man

Mahkizmo’s Wealth, Connections and Credentials assume that he’s the ’greatest man of Machus’, as during his early appearances. Given the uncertainties about the current situation of Machus, and Mahkizmo’s status, the current values of those are unknown.

Likewise he didn’t seem to have access to will-sapping technology after his disintegration and reintegration – but he had a Machus scientist working for him who could do time travel and gender bombs, so will-sapping is likely still possible.

By Sébastien Andrivet

Source of Character: Marvel Comics

Helper(s): Jobe, Frank Murdock, Peter Pisspanen, Darci ; most of the DCU History by Jay Myers

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