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Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan in Alias)

Michael Vaughn

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


  • Real Name: Andre Micheaux
  • Other Aliases: Shotgun, Boy Scout, Mr. Ludlow
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Known Relatives: William Vaughn (father, deceased), Lauren Reed (wife, deceased), Sydney Bristow (wife), Jack Bristow (father-in-law, deceased), Irina Derevko (Laura Bristow, mother-in-law, deceased), Nadia Santos (sister-in-law, deceased), Isabelle (daughter), Jack (son)
  • Group Affiliation: APO, CIA
  • Base Of Operations: California
  • Height: 6’0” Weight: 180 lbs
  • Eyes: Green Hair: Brown

Powers and Abilities

Vaughn is an experienced CIA agent, with extensive tactical, undercover, and analytic knowledge. As well as expertise in intelligence gathering, he has had extensive combat experience, including leading teams into hostile situations, and is skilled in the use of most modern firearms.

He is also a good ice skater and hockey player, and has worked for a while as a French teacher.


Born Andre Micheaux, his father was a follower of Rambaldi, who got involved in decryption work for the organisation Prophet Five. They gave portions of the code to a number of different individuals, but when the work was nearly completed, Vaughn’s father realised that Prophet Five were killing the others.

Managing to warn fellow target Luc Goursaud, they both fled with their work and their families, changing their names, although Michael was too young to remember this. Bill Vaughn joined the CIA, but was killed by KGB agent Irina Derevko, while Michael was still young.

When he was old enough, Michael joined the CIA himself, where he developed a strong friendship with fellow agent Eric Weiss. After a few years he was contacted by Renée Rienne, a terrorist who was on the CIA’s most wanted list. She was also the daughter of Luc Goursaud, and filled Vaughn in on their fathers’ histories. They formed an alliance to discover information about Prophet Five.

His investigations into Prophet Five led him to be part of the Agency’s investigation of SD-6 and the Alliance of Twelve, and when SD-6 agent Sydney Bristow came to the CIA to offer herself as a double agent within the organisation, Vaughn managed to get himself assigned as her handler, despite being too junior for the role. He oversaw her counter missions, and they began to grow close during their time together.

When Sydney began to have suspicions that her father had been a KGB spy, Vaughn’s investigations revealed that the agent they believed him to be had murdered a number of CIA agents, including Bill Vaughn. Taking it to the CIA, they were told the truth, that it had been Sydney’s mother, who was believed dead, who had been the spy.

Vaughn and Sydney struggled to keep their feelings for each other in check, unable to be seen together for fear of SD-6 finding out about it, but when they finally took down the Alliance, they were finally able to advance their relationship. Their happiness was short-lived, however, as Sydney was soon apparently killed by a mole working for Arvin Sloane.

Devastated by this, Michael left the CIA, eventually becoming a French teacher. He also met and married NSC liaison, Lauren Reed. He was recalled by the CIA a couple of years later, when Sydney was discovered alive, and he was sent to Hong Kong to determine if it was really Sydney. Distraught at not remembering the time since her apparent death, she was angered when she learned that he was now married, and their relationship became strained.

Michael returned to the CIA, returning to work with Sydney, with Lauren operating as NSC liaison to the operation. The relationships grew strained as Vaughn realised that he still loved Sydney. Eventually he decided to leave Lauren, but he had to halt his departure when it was discovered that she was a spy for the Covenant. He stayed with her, getting what information he could, but eventually she learned that he knew, and went to ground.

Vaughn soon learned that Lauren was involved with Julian Sark, her partner as head of the Covenant’s US operations, and he managed to escape them after they interrogated him for information. Becoming obsessed with Lauren, he accepted Jack Bristow’s offer of the use of one of his cache’s for disposing of her body. He tracked her down, and took her captive, but before he could kill her, he was stabbed in the back by Katya Derevko, Sydney’s aunt, who was also working for the Covenant.

Waking in hospital, he learned that Sydney had gone after Lauren, not knowing that Katya was an enemy, although she did realise this in time. He raced to catch up with them, and arrived just as Lauren had the upper hand in the fight. He shot and killed her.

Following this he burned down the house they’d shared, and apparently left the CIA again. In actuality, he’d been recruited to APO, a black ops division of the CIA, where he again worked with Sydney and many of the personnel from his previous posting, under Arvin Sloane’s command. Vaughn and Sydney resumed their relationship.

When visiting his dying, comatose, uncle, he comes into possession of a journal in his father’s handwriting, with entries three years after his supposed death. His investigation put him in contact with someone who claimed that his father was still alive, and that they could provide his location. Confiding in Sydney, Vaughn stole the object of an APO mission for his mystery contact, going AWOL from APO.

He took part in a mission they had organised to steal an artefact from a CIA convoy, but when he realised they’d lied about his father being alive, turned on them, bringing both objects back to APO.

He was part of the mission that entered Sovogda when it had been infected by Rambaldi technology, and on the way he proposed to Sydney. She accepted, and soon after they went for a vacation to Santa Barbara. During the ride there he began to tell her the truth about his father and Prophet Five, but their car was run off the road before he could finish.

He woke to find himself held by Prophet Five, who wanted information his father had taken from them. He managed to escape, but when he made contact with Sydney, he learned that the CIA considered him a possible traitor, and wanted him in custody. She misdirected the CIA and met up with him, as they followed leads. While searching, Sydney found out that she was pregnant. They eventually got in touch with an acquaintance of his father, but when Vaughn went to talk to him while Sydney waited in the car, Prophet Five agents arrived, shooting the pair.

Sydney got Vaughn to a hospital before he died, but he was still in critical condition. Knowing Prophet Five wouldn’t stop coming after him, Jack arranged to fake his death, and had Vaughn sent to a secret location in Bhutan, where he could have the time to recover.

He was still there when he received the news of his daughters birth, and it was a little over a month later when Sydney appeared to arrive, telling him that he had a chip in him they believed would complete the one they dug out of Renee’s dead body. They found the chip in him, but he soon worked out that it wasn’t Sydney who had come to him.

He played along, and travelled with her to find his father’s hidden files on Prophet Five. He confronted her, learning that she was really Anna Espinosa, and they fought. She got the better of him, but when she went to shoot him, she was killed by the real Sydney, who had just caught up with them. They had a brief reunion, before Sydney had to pretend to be Anna, to infiltrate Prophet Five. Rescuing Sydney after Prophet Five considers Anna expendable, Vaughn finally gets to return home and meet his daughter, Isabelle.

When Sloane takes over Prophet Five, and blows up the APO offices, Vaughn joins Sydney and Jack as they track Sloane to Rambaldi’s tomb, in Mongolia. Sloane is apparently killed in the incident, and Vaughn and Sydney are forced to leave the mortally wounded Jack, to follow Sark, who fled with a precious Rambaldi artefact.

They tracked him to Hong Kong, where he rendezvoused with Irina, who was planning to initiate global war. While Sydney confronted her mother, Vaughn went after Sark who prepares to launch nuclear missiles on the, now defenceless, Washington D.C. and London. After a brief fight, Sark, not really interested in mass destruction, offers Vaughn the deactivation codes in exchange for being allowed to leave. Vaughn agrees, and the launches are averted.

Vaughn and Sydney leave active CIA service shortly after, getting married, moving to a remote beachfront home, where they have another child, Jack. They’re occasionally drawn back into action, but are otherwise happy living a quiet life.


When working, Vaughn is serious, stiff and can get highly-strung and emotional. Outside of work he tends to be more relaxed, especially around Sydney. He has trouble suppressing his feelings, even if they sometimes get in the way of work, and his relationship as Sydney’s handler was sometimes complicated by the mutual attraction they shared.


Weiss: “Was a little overkill, though. C’mon… burning your house down ?”
Vaughn: “It wasn’t a happy home.”
Weiss: “Yeah, but still… fire.”
Vaughn: “Yeah, well, you kill your wife after learning she’s a vicious, homicidal double agent, and see how rational you are.”


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

Tell me more about the game stats

Michael Vaughn

Dex: 05 Str: 03 Bod: 03 Motivation: Upholding The Good
Int: 05 Wil: 05 Min: 05 Occupation: CIA Operative
Inf: 05 Aur: 04 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 017 HP: 025

Acrobatics (Climbing, Dodging)*: 04, Artist (Actor): 05, Detective: 04, Gadgetry: 02, Martial Artist: 05, Medicine (First Aid): 04, Military Science: 05, Thief: 04, Vehicles (Air, Land): 04, Weaponry (Firearms): 05

Expertise (Ice Skating, Parachuting, Teaching), Language (French, German, Italian, Nepali, Russian, Spanish)

APO (High), Intelligence Community (Low), Sydney Bristow (High), Eric Weiss (High)

Dependants (his children)


As an agent of the CIA, Vaughn has access to their resources when on missions. Sometimes his job requires that he kill those who present a threat to his country, and the CIA provide a measure of protection from legal repercussions (and loss of HP awards), so he has the ’Licence to Kill‘ Advantage (found in the literary James Bond write-up on WORG).

CIA contacts also allow him the Omni-Connection Advantage, along with a Low-level Connection to the CIA. He also has access to more resources than on his own, having effectively 10 APs of wealth, provided he can justify it as necessary for his mission.

He has a level of authority provided by his position, along with the associated responsibilities, and so has Medium-level Government Credentials.

If he goes rogue, he could expect the CIA to bring their resources to bear on trying to bring him in, giving him the Enemy Drawback.

Previous Stats

Prior to Season 4 his Dex was 4 APs, and he only had 20 HPs. During the first season he had the Secret Identity Drawback, as he had to keep his job secret from sometimes girlfriend, Alice. He only has his current Dependants Drawback from the middle of season 5, but during Season 3 he had the (0pt) Drawback for Lauren.

By Gareth Lewis

Source of Character: Alias TV series, Character played by Michael Vartan

Helper(s): Wikipedia, abc.go.com/primetime/alias/profiles/cia_vaughn.html (defunct), KalEl el Vigilante

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