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Mindworm (Spider-Man character) using his mental powers


William Turner

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

“Madness is the Mindworm !”


  • Real Name: William Turner
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: Parents (names unrevealed, both deceased)
  • Group Affiliation: None
  • Base Of Operations: Far Rockaway, Queens, NY
  • Height: 6’1” Weight: 210 lbs Age: 25+
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Purplish brown

Powers and Abilities

The Mindworm is a mutated misshapen mentalist. As such he has access to a vast number of powers, including :

  • controlling people’s minds
  • attacking them mentally
  • feeling and feeding off their emotions – possibly with lethal effects

Later on he developed telekinetic abilities as well as telepathic communication and mind reading.

He is very trained physically and has built himself a bulky and strong body. Having spent most of his life in an orphanage and the rest alone in a big house he possesses no additional skills, but solely relies on his mental abilities.


After an experimental lab was built in Far Rockaway (Queens, NYC, NY), several children were born malformed and mutated. Only one wasn’t stillborn – William Turner, who was born with a huge head with a large forehead, odd eyes and an otter-like face.

Turner had to absorb the emotions of others to survive, and years of telepathic draining accidentally killed his mother. Shaking his telepathic torpor Mr. Turner attempted to flee from his home, but was killed by a speeding car.

Mindworm using his mental powers

The kid was sent to an orphanage, where he continued to develop his powers to defend himself against hostile kids – killing at least one by mentally inducing brain death. He continued to be bullied for his altered appearance for years, and eventually came to consider himself inhuman. He also built up his physical strength and musculature to a high level to prevent further bullying.

Once a young man and a physical and mental powerhouse he left the orphanage to find his own life. The outside world terrified him, and he sought seclusion in an old abandoned building. There he hid for years while slowly absorbing the emotions of the surrounding inhabitants.

Along came a spider

When Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) visited Far Rockaway, his strong mentality triggered a feeding frenzy in Turner, who half-involuntarily had the whole neighborhood sleepwalk to his place. Spider-Man resisted the effect and defeated Turner before he could drain his mind – which also prevented the responding police from falling under his control.

Turner ended up in the hospital for months, but found new strength within himself and went for revenge against Spider-Man, more powerful than ever before. Spider-Man could have been killed if he hadn’t successfully convinced the Mindworm that he actually is a human and not a monster and that with great powers comes great responsibility. William Turner realized his mistake and in the end was a man in peace with his own life and place in the world. In the end the Mindworm was just a man looking for a normal life.


The Mindworm is very muscular, with a huge otter-like head, a high forehead and slightly malformed limbs. He apparently always wears shorts with a black leather belt, a white-yellow horizontally striped sleeveless shirt and a pair of sandals. While using his mental powers for mind controlling or telepathic communication he often sits in a lotus stance while in combat he moves just like any other combatant.


Most of his life the Mindworm saw himself as an inhuman monster. He bore great guilt for the death of his parents and tried to hide away from the rest of humanity only absorbing their emotions to survive.

During his time in the orphanage he apparently felt hunted by the other children and during his later self-imposed exile his self-image as a monster further increased. During this time he was quite bitter and cruel and didn’t feel as a part of humanity.

Since Spider-Man convinced him that he indeed was a human with human needs and feelings Turner found his place in life and the world. He had changed into a good hearted man who cared for the well-being of others and considered Spider-Man as his friend.


“All I’ve ever wanted is to live here — with all these people, all of them feeding me with their minds — their souls. Then you had to come along — and I could hear you, so loud in my mind.”

“I don’t repay kindness with pain.”

DC Universe History

Need a misfit mentalist ? Use the Mindworm on lower level heroes and make sure that he is reformable and not truly evil. He might even work together with them in the end…


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 04 Str: 05 Bod: 05 Motivation: Survival, later Responsibility of Power
Int: 04 Wil: 08 Min: 06 Occupation: Loner
Inf: 04 Aur: 03 Spi: 03 Resources: 002
Init: 012 HP: 030

Powers: Control: 10, Empathy: 08, Hypnosis: 08, Mind Blast: 08, Mind Drain: 07, Mind Probe: 08, Telekinesis: 07, Telepathy: 12

Skills: None

Advantages: Life Support (does not need to eat or drink)

Connections: None

Drawbacks: Creepy Appearance, Fatal Vulnerability (lack of using Empathy power periodically), Guilt, SIF (being alone)

By Peter S Piispanen and Sébastien Andrivet

Source of Character: Spider-Man comics

Helper(s): Sean MacDonald

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