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Mordru the Dark Lord (rebooted version)

Mordru the Dark Lord

Post-Reboot version


  • Real Name: Unknown (Possibly Wynn)
  • Known Relatives: Mysa (Firstborn Daughter)
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile

Powers and Abilities

Mordru is one of the most powerful sorcerers ever to terrorize the galaxy. His mastery over the mana stream is enhanced by his artifacts. Should he ever need any extra power for a great battle, he can absorb the life force of any superhuman (such as Atom‘X) or mystic.


Mordru is an extremely powerful evil sorcerer who had once, over a century before the formation of the United Planets, controlled the power of the Emerald Eye of Ekron.

Using its power and other power he had amassed, he conquered scores of star systems in parts of the galaxy far from the location where the United Planets would one day come into existence, until he was brought down by his own magical followers, including the sorceress Mysa, his daughter, who buried in a tomb on the planetoid Yuen, and his magical objects on the barren planet Binder-7. The Eye itself was taken by Mysa, who failed to hold onto it.

Years later, Mordru escaped his tomb due to the actions of the Legion of Super-Rejects. He immediately set about regaining the power of which he was stripped, going to Biel to absorb power from their holy crystals, retrieving his talismans from Binder-7 and taking a “life-jewel” back from the revenge-crazed Science Police officer Joe, the Evisceratronic.

He then sought out his own descendants, finding his son and grandson on the planet Anatac, both of whom refused to join him. He killed them and absorbed their power, and then, when the Science Police came to investigate the incident, slaughtered the officers and took an official uniform and cruiser and headed for the planet Sklar, which is not a member of the United Planets, where a granddaughter of his lived.

The Sklarians, thinking him a Science Police officer and considering his making of demands on them an act of war, resisted him, leading him to mentally cause the cruiser he came in to attack the planet. When the Legion came to investigate the incident, he easily overpowered them, and told them to convey his ultimatum of total surrender to the United Planets… which he backed up with a threat of destruction, using Sklar as an example.

While awaiting their decision, he sought and found the Emerald Eye, but found it enjoying its independence. He and the Eye fought, but their battle was interrupted by Atom‘x of Xanthu, who Mordru killed and absorbed power from.

Mordru was then met by the Eye in a new form: that of its female host, Shrinking Violet, proposing marriage, a proposal he considered accepting. He created a dome in which he could contemplate the offer in privacy, but before he could initiate any ceremony that would consummate his union with the Eye, the task force assembled by the Legion of Super-Heroes and United Planets President R.J. Brande broke in, thanks to a weak point created by Violet and the Eye, who did not truly wish to join with Mordru, but simply wished to divert his attention until the heroes could formulate a plan.

The heroes separated him from Violet and the Eye, with Mysa taking them to another dimension to separate them and most of the other heroes staying behind to wear Mordru down with quick attacks and disorient him with the time-distortion powers of Kid Quantum.

When Mordru finally repelled these attacks, during which he killed Blast-Off and severely injured Radion of the Workforce, Mysa returned with the Eye, and used it to attack him and drain his power further. Mordru turned Mysa back into her proper, youthful form, draining her of much of her power, but Shrinking Violet, who had separated from the Eye, played upon its desire for independence of Mordru and convinced it to attack Mordru once more and then disappear where Mordru would never find it.

The heroes then closed ranks and blasted Mordru while Kinetix used her telekinetic powers to cut off Mordru’s oxygen. They distracted Mordru by having Chameleon disguise himself as the Emerald Eye, and he sent out a huge blast, which the heroes were shielded from, but which he, due to Sensor’s illusion powers, believed killed them all.

Believing he finally won, he allowed himself to succumb to exhaustion, during which time the hidden heroes sealed around him a sphere, inside which he would get no oxygen, ending the threat he posed to the United Planets.


Mordru is a large, muscular man with long, stark white hair. He wears a purple tunic and is adorned with various artifacts (a crown of sorts, an arm band, a ring, etc.).


Extremely egotistical and powerful, Mordru does what he wants, when he wants. His views are somewhat medieval, not yet used to “modern” technology. Mordru seeks nothing less than ultimate dominance over all, and demands complete loyalty from those he employs.


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

Tell me more about the game stats

Mordru, The Dark lord

Dex: 08 Str: 06 Bod: 08 Motivation: Power Lust
Int: 12 Wil: 15 Min: 13 Occupation: Warlord
Inf: 13 Aur: 17 Spi: 20 Resources {or Wealth}: 022/010*
Init: 033 HP: 120

*At the height of his reign, Mordru had the Resources before the slash, and after he was revived he had the Resources after the slash

Powers: Awareness: 14, Disintegration (ML): 18, Invulnerability (ML): 24, Magic Sense: 18, Power Drain (ML): 25, Power Reserve (ML): 10, Sorcery: 30

Bonuses and Limitations: Power Drain and Disintegration may only be used to absorb a person’s “life energy” – see below.

Skills: Occultist: 16

Advantages: Leadership

Drawbacks: CIF (Claustrophobia), Loss Vulnerability (Mordru falls into a catatonic state [all Powers and Attributes drop to 0] if he is encased in an airless, dark enclosure)

Equipment: VARIOUS ARTIFACTS [BODY 10, SPI 15. Bonuses and Limitations: Mordru’s Sorcery above is his base, without any artifacts. Mordru carries on him 5 artifacts each time he goes into battle. Each artifact adds +1 AP to his Sorcery, up to a maximum of 35 APs).

Absorbing life energy

Power Drain and Disintegration may only be used to absorb a person’s “life energy”. To do so, a successful Disintegration attack must be made on the target. Then, a special Power Drain attempt against an OV/RV equal to the highest AP level of a target’s powers (or super-human physical Attribute), plus 1 for each additional power (and super-human Physical Attributes) must be made.

Any RAPs are permanently subtracted from all of the character’s powers (to a minimum of 0) and super-human Physical Attributes (to a minimum of 4). The RAPs are added to Mordru’s Power Reserve for an amount of time equal to the RAPs. The Disintegration attacks continue normally ; Power Reserve powers Mordru’s Sorcery only, and must be fueled by Power Drain.

By Danielle Mendus

Source of Character: Legion of Super-Heroes (DCU)

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