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Ned Slade (Grant Morrison's The Filth)

Officer Ned Slade

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game
  • This writeup includes S P O I L E R S about Grant Morrison’s The Filth.


  • Real Name: “Ned Slade”
  • Other Aliases: “Gregory John Feely”
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: The Hand department of the Filth
  • Base Of Operations: Extra-dimensionally Mobile
  • Height: 6’0” Weight: 165lbs Age: Inapplicable
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Bald (Blue toupee)

Powers and Abilities

Ned Slade is a veteran law-enforcement officer, in fact, possibly the best man on the force, and thus is superbly skilled in weaponry, detective work, driving etc.

Also, being an extra-dimensional traveler, he has seen and experienced things far beyond the imagination of a normal man. Although effective, he requires total rest after a stressful mission, which is done by acquiring a temporary para-personality and residing in a suburb of an earthen city.

Ned Slade writing and taking drugs

In the end, he acquired superhuman abilities from being the host of I-Life. As such, he could heal physical and mental damage and had, to some degree, serial immortality. The I-Life also protected his mind against manipulation and brain-washing.

The Filth organisation

“The Hand strikes
The Hand caresses
The Hand invokes
The Hand signals
The Hand gives and takes
We are the Hand that wipes the arse of the World
We enforce Status: Q
Prepare for inoculation
Stay close to the sick bag
This is the Filth”

The Hand organization is an extra-dimensional law-enforcement force that has been around since 1952 and which makes sure society continues along its prescribed path, the Status: Q, by eliminating aberrations, whether they’re technological, spiritual, or even sexual.

The Hand has jurisdiction over all other Earthly agencies. It has been referred to as a super-cleansing organization. The headquarters is located in a place called the Crack. The organization has access to bizarre, yet advanced, equipment and vehicles.

In order to properly be able to carry out their work, all humans on Earth are conditioned from birth to disregard the activities of the Hand. The organization will always have all the available officers it needs for its function.

Ned Slade dual-wielding guns

Officer Ned Slade is part of the Hand department. There are also four other departments: the Fist, the Frequency, the Finger and the Horns. All of the departments are collectively called the Filth, and its members are sometimes referred to as cleaners.

Other prominent officers, that Slade often worked, with were officers Miami Nil of the Finger, Cameron Spector of the Frequency, Jenesis Jones of the Finger, Comrade 9 of the Fist and Moog Mercury of the Frequency department. The commanding officer of the Hand is Mother Dirt and the Frequency boss is the weird person named LaPen. The Horns department is led by Man Green and Man Yellow, while the Finger commanding officer is Mandrill.

The paraperson of Greg Feely

The identity of Greg Feely was how Slade used to relax. The house in the suburb was his place and where he could unwind and be kind. The house was where he could come to get away from the horror of his work. Where he simply could forget his work, because that was exactly what he did, forget everything about his real self.

The identity of Greg Feely is an artificial para-personality that covers him, making him completely forget his real self, until the para-personality is removed. The para-personality itself originates from a colorful, slimy liquid once swallowed, and is usually subtracted by use of a removal device.

Ned Slade as a police officer

However, last time Greg Feely was restored into Ned, a para-personality crash occurred, making Feely the dominant personality with snippets of Ned’s memories, skills and personality overlaying it. The result was a permanent dual identity, and officer Slade actually feels more at home in his Feely personality, thinking Slade an artificial creation.

In game terms, whenever his SPI activates, Slade will suffer from memory loss and be unable to complete his assignments properly. He will also forget the basic principles of his work and ask lots of questions repeatedly, much to the dismay of his colleagues. While in this state, he will attempt to return to his life as Greg Feely as soon as any assignment is completed, successfully or not.


For Ned Slade’s unique and odd uniform in prime colors, see the illos. The Hand officers, who are normally shaved bald, wear a wig as part of their uniform; in Slade’s case this is a blue toupee that protects him against electro-magnetic attacks.

As Greg Feely he is an unattractive middle-aged man with combed-over hair and wears a brown suit, a white shirt, a black tie and a pair of sneakers. Both Ned and Greg are often seen with a half-disgusted facial expression.


Ned Slade is a top-notch agent. He is effective and daring, yet the horror of his work takes a toll on him. Surely, he is one of the top men of the organization, but requires complete rest to recover, which he does by temporarily removing his whole identity and memories.

He seems to have been fond of fellow officer Miami Nil. At least since the para-personality crash he deems it important not to use excessive violence to complete his missions. His experience, skills and strong will make him superbly effective.

Ned Slade with a shaved head and his scorpion pistol

Greg Feely is a perverted, yet very quite, old man. He spends a lot of his time watching television and he is quite addicted to porn movies. He also enjoys reading she-male magazines. Greg himself does not see himself as a pervert, but merely a man with different tastes.

His sole motivation in existence is taking care of his dear cat, Tony. Feely just wants to be left alone and to live a peaceful life. Greg Feely is an exceptionally well-constructed off-duty safe persona.

Nothing remains of his original personality, from before he became Ned and then Greg. He had, together with other anti-persons, sought to destroy the foundation stone of the world. The truth about all Filth agents is this: they were all originally someone else until they were recruited into the organization and acquired a completely new personality and set of memories in the form of Ned Slade, Miami Nil, Cameron Spector, Jenesis Jones, Moog Mercury and so on. They are all infinitely replaceable and there will also be all the agents that are needed.

The integrated, dual personalities do not mix well. The result is a character with conflicting motives, conflicting desires and no complete sense of self. After being branded an anti-person, Slade was very dangerous, being the veteran officer that he was. His motivation changed into making everyone see the truth and the horror. Once that was accomplished, seeing all the pain that he caused, he regretted his actions.

Eventually, he returned to a peaceful life as plain old Greg Feely, while still retaining all memories, skills, and, not the least, the confidence of Slade. In his life as the new Greg Feely he rights small wrongs in the world using his new-found abilities. The organization continuously tries to recruit him back into agent work, but an amused Greg declines, prefering Hand work as a free-lance agent.


“My lovely cat’s gone. The police dug up my back garden. I’ve lost my job. The neighbors think I’m a pedophile… I’ve got nothing to lose now, do I ?”

(Visiting the Crack during amnesia) “Are we on another planet ? Just tell me; I can take it. Am I in the future ? Or in Virtual Reality ? Am I in a state ward wanking in front of relatives ?”

“Enough. I’d like to be excused from duty on the grounds of psychiatric ill-health ! Please.”

Nil: “Everybody needs you to be normal… can’t you just act it ?”
Slade: “Act ? Act ? What’s my fucking motivation ?”

“I’ve never heard such fucking rubbish !”

“I didn’t mean it that way. I was trying to be assertive. I was just trying to act big. I’m so sorry.”

“The word ’disturbing‘ has acquired a new definition today.”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

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Officer Slade

Dex: 06 Str: 04 Bod: 05 Motivation: Seeking Justice / Unwanted Power
Int: 07 Wil: 08 Min: 06 Occupation: ex-Special Agent, Palm Liaison
Inf: 07 Aur: 04 Spi: 07 Resources {or Wealth}: N/A
Init: 022 HP: 045

Damage Transference: 05, Invulnerability: 06, Iron Will: 06

Bonuses and Limitations:
Those Powers only appear at the very end, after the new Hand order had been reinstated and Slade / Feely becomes the host of the I-Life.

Detective: 06, Martial Arts: 06, Vehicles (Air): 05, Weaponry: 07

Area Knowledge (The Crack), Credentials (The Hand, Medium), Credentials (Earth Law-Enforcements Agencies, High), Iron Nerves, Scholar (The Filth Operations & dimensional geography)

The Hand department of the Filth (High)

Dependent (Tony the Cat), SIA (Tony the Cat), also see below for other temporal changes.


  • HAND UNIFORM [BODY 02, Electro-Magnetic Shield: 04, probably also Sealed Systems: 15]
  • Slade also had access to several standard devices available to the organization, such as the Dumbtruck vehicle for transportation. Slade also later used a confiscated handgun from another dimension (from the Paperverse, to be exact)
  • Atom-Avenger’s Thermovolver [BODY 04, Projectile weapon: 12, Note: This amazing weapon looks like a Colt with a scorpion’s tail pointing forward under the handle. It actually fires a miniature nuclear weapon at the target. The ammo rating appears to be unlimited, but is probably only very high]

The paraperson of Greg Feely

Directly after the para-personality crash, Ned Slade was subject to the following: no Area Knowledge, Iron Nerves or Scholar Advantages. He also suffered from the following Drawbacks – SIA (Tony the Cat), Serious Psychological Instability (Memory loss of Ned Slade’s memories due to para-personality crash) and Uncertainty. His Motivation changed to Unwanted Power, and later stabilized on Seeking Justice / Unwanted Power.

He later returned to normal status (his basic stats as given above), although he now had powers, a new Motivation and the SIA Drawback. Although he, by then, formally had left the organization, he probably retained all Connections.

By Dr. Peter S Piispanen

Source of Character: The Filth by Grant Morrison (DC Vertigo)

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