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Ryder and Dice of the Skrull Kill Krew


Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game
  • This is a profile of the leader of the Skrull Kill Krew seen in the miniseries of the same name. These guys gotta have the wackiest origin ever…


  • Real Name: Unrevealed
  • Marital Status: Unrevealed
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: Skrull Kill Krew
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile
  • Height: 6’5” Weight: 210 lbs
  • Eyes: Unrevealed Hair : Large black dreadlocks

Powers and Abilities

Ryder is an intensively powerful black man. The Skrull DNA mixed with his own enables him to take any form or shape, become invisible, teleport, see heat patterns or through any Skrull disguise as well as communicate through telepathy. Ryder is also superhumanly strong and tough and quickly regenerates any bodily damage.

As a former SHIELD member he is skilled in demolitions, tracking, firearms, motor vehicles, etc. Ryder also has a knack for using words to his advantage and people, especially women, are often persuaded by him. Ryder also is a very intelligent man although with a brutal, strong attitude and a very dangerous individual in many ways. He most often uses a guns he forms out from his hands to execute opponents.


It appears Ryder used to be a member of the organization called SHIELD. He was part of some messed up mission and went underground. Then happened the most bizarre thing ; Ryder ate a hamburger and got superpowers. Some time earlier the Fantastic Four had defeated a small Skrull invasion and hypnotized them into becoming cows on a field. The American army, however, took these cows, sent them to slaughter, and the meat went to the meat industry.

Some unfortunate Americans got an alien brain eating virus, similar in some ways to the earth form disease Bovine Spongiform Enhephalitis (BSE), together with some Skrull DNA. Many people died, but in Ryder’s case the virus incorporated some of the alien DNA into him.

Skrull DNA apparently has some racial memories incorporated into the DNA and Ryder got access to these through strange visions. He also got the ability to completely control every molecule in his body which he has learned to use to its fullest extent. The virus will eventually make him completely mad and finally kill him. Now and then a virus carrier will completely loose control and go into a rage except Ryder appears to be too disciplined to let it affect him.

Ryder tracked some more humans who had gone through the same thing as him and persuaded each one, upon founding him, to join him into a club called Skrull Kill Krew. The team’s goal would then be to kill all Skrulls on Earth as they apparently were planning an invasion and were present in thousands. The mission was made much easier with their powers and their ability to see through any Skrulls disguise.

The team, with Ryder as the natural leader, consisted of Moonstomp, Riot, Catwalk and Cowboy. Ryder clashed with Captain America at one point (who was unable to defeat him) and the team continued on their mission until they happened upon Pleasant Valley with 3678 Skrull inhabitants ! They successfully destroyed them all and continued on to the world to find the lasting Skrulls.


Ryder is a very big and muscular black man with dreadlocks and a pair of shades. He wears a pair of grey leather boots, blue trousers and a dark green vest. The sleeveless T-shirt he has beneath it has a picture of an ugly Skrull on the chest with the text ’Kill Krew‘ on top of it. His hair is either kept in a ponytail which leaves two dreadlocks swinging in the wind from the top of his head and the rest lying on his back or it is completely free assuming an enormous volume, probably with manipulation via his powers.

His face is clean shaven and he always wears a pair of dark shades and a grim appearance. On his wrists he wears two metal bands. Ryder also is usually seen on a motorcycle with the rest of his gang and he looks real mean.


Ryder is a very intelligent man, an excellent speaker and manipulator through words. He has some sense of honor so he won’t kill superheroes although humans may still perish in his war against the Skrulls.

Ryder really hates Skrulls and will hunt for them until the day he perishes from the virus. He enjoys taunting Skrulls before shooting them. Most people fear him just upon seeing him and this is fully justified ; he radiates power. Ryder cares for his team, but not much, and could be considered a loner. Ryder is also a cold blooded killer and enjoys his work.

Ryder is incredibly confident and is always cool, at ease and in control of anything. He exsudes articulate, sarcastic wit and seems to take great pleasure in shocking civilians with his wanton acts of carnage and the revelation ordinary-looking people are actually plotting space aliens. His impending death seems to make him both unhinged and wanting to be remembered as that incredibly cool, suave badass.

Through sheer force of will and self-discipline he has learned how to use the full extent of his powers. He almost has to do nothing at all before women fall at his feet (maybe this is some mental power at work). Ryder also inspires the members of his team into believing into the cause and their own abilities and as such is an excellent leader. While speaking he often gives the impression of knowing much more than he is saying which basically is true.

Shortly put one could say that Ryder’s personality makes his a very dangerous man together with the rest of his abilities and powers.


“I’m the Negro from your worst nightmare, sweetheart.”

“That was real impressive, Captain, but you just made one significant error in your assessment of that gentleman’s character.”

“Sure you’re white, Moonstomp. White like Spike Lee and Bill Cosby, right ? White like Malcolm X.”

“Are you gettin’ educated yet, sucker ? (choom, choom, choom)”

“Dice, would you kindly pass me my severed arm ?”

“Get out of the way people ! We’re two seriously violent individuals !”

“Moonstomp ! Deal with the cowardly mothers in that highly ostentatious automobile.”

DC Universe History

Well, Skrulls aren’t a big part of the DC Universe and considering they are all that is important for Ryder (killing them, that is) you can’t just trough him in as is. Either change his obsession to Durlans (some sort of tie-in with the Invasion is needed here) or also insert the Skrulls into your DCHRPG campaign.


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

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Dex: 10 Str: 07 Bod: 08 Motivation: Psychopath/Seeking Justice
Int: 08 Wil: 07 Min: 06 Occupation: Skrull Killer
Inf: 07 Aur: 06 Spi: 05 Resources: N/A
Init: 025 HP: 030

Powers: Invisibility: 08, Regeneration: 05, Self-Manipulation: 09, Shape Change: 07, Stretching: 05, Telepathy: 08, Teleportation: 06, Thermal Vision: 07, Truesight: 10

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Self-Manipulation and Shape Change may be used in conjunction to mimic the superhero form of flying characters, such as the Human Torch
  • Truesight may only be used for seeing through a Skrull’s disguise form
  • Ryder often uses Self-Manipulation to create a gun arm with APs as full EV

Skills: Charisma: 07, Military Science: 05, Vehicles: 06, Weaponry: 08

Advantages: Attractive, Gift of Gab, Iron Nerves, Leadership

Connections: Skrull Kill Krew (High)

Drawbacks: Catastrophic Irrational Hatred (Skrulls), Catastrophic Physical Restriction (carries lethal brain eating alien virus)

By Peter S Piispanen

Source of Character: Skrull Kill Krew, Marvel Comics

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