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Super-Young Team (DC Comics Final Crisis) (Japanese)

Super-Young Team

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

“Stop ! You must be supercool to proceed ! Your life depends on it !”



Full Name: Super Young Team

Purpose: Be super-famous

Modus Operandi: Partying.

Extent of operations: Japan, with the occasional world tour.

Bases of Operations: Various Japanese nightclubs.

Major Funding: Most Excellent Superbat.

Known Enemies: Mister Mind, Brain Drain, Parastic Teutons of Assimilation.

Known allies: Mister Miracle (Shilo Norman), Sonny Sumo.

The Super-Young Team fighting Doc Dread's hecnhmen


Number of active members: 5.

Number of reserve members: 0.

Organizational structure: Informal.

Known current members: Most Excellent Superbat, Shiny Happy Aquazon, Shy Crazy Lolita Canary, Big Atomic Lantern Boy, Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash.

Known former members: None.

Membership requirements: Nominal.


Final Crisis

When the famous Sonny Sumo turned up at one of their favourite clubs, the Super Young Team tried to get his autograph, and maybe see if he wanted to join. He wasn’t interested.

When Mister Miracle (Shilo Norman) arrived to recruit Sonny’s help, the Super Young Team followed them, helping them escape Darkseid’s forces.

They remained on the run as Darkseid’s anti-life equation conquered Earth, and Mister Miracle’s motherboxxx led them to the surviving Checkmate forces led my Mister Terrific. They joined with Checkmate and the remaining free heroes to beat Darkseid and save reality.

The Super-Young Team posing during the Crisis


Accepting their government’s wishes to boost them into a worldwide brand, the Super Young Team were assigned publicist Justin Hanover, who took them on a global tour. It launched with a celebrity party aboard their opulent new satellite headquarters, which none of them were particularly enamoured with.

Most of the team were unhappy with the tour by the time they reached Las Vegas. Aquazon, unhappy with the team itself, agreed to a product endorsement campaign for Oxy-Gen – an oxygen spray with flavouring. The rest of the team learned that super-villain Doc Dread had a place in Vegas, and decided to bring him to justice.

They attacked Doc Dread’s place, beat his henchmen, then realised he wasn’t doing anything particularly villainous. They got to talking and he invited them in for drinks.

It was cut short when they saw a report that Aquazon was in danger from a brainwashed mob. Oxy-Gen was a plan by the entity known as Brain Drain to gather an army. They tracked it to a factory facility and managed to shut it down.

The Super-Young Team vs. a giant robot

Break Up and Reunion

The team’s first convention dedicated to them was arranged in Dubai. It was crashed by the P.T.A. (Parasitic Teutons of Assimilation), who used the team’s powers against them. The team won, but Aquazon’s frustrations boiled over and she quit.

Hanover decided a team split would be good for publicity, paving the way for a reunion. The rest of the team drifted apart, except for Superbat and Lolita Canary, who investigated why they were being distracted from their shut off homeland.

Uncovering proof their publicity tour was part of their government’s plan to get the team out of the way so they didn’t learn how badly their country had been damaged by the Final Crisis, Superbat gathered the team back together.

The ghost of Ultimon Alpha, who’d been haunting Superbat for a while, appeared to the team and told them to put their frivolities aside and see to their country’s welfare.

Before they could return home they learned that Rising Sun, one of their most vocal detractors, had gone on the rampage in the ruins of Midway City. Responding, they discovered he’d been taken over by Mister Mind. Beating Mister Mind, they were unable to save Rising Sun.

Turning their attention to home, they learned Japan wasn’t in much worse shape than anywhere else. The government’s paranoia had caused them to try covering it up, and things had gotten out of hand. Secretly buying up the country, Superbat put a covert end to the problems, and the team returned to being fabulous.

By Gareth Lewis

Source of Character: DC Comics

Writeup completed on the 4th of June, 2013.

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