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Supremium Man (Supreme enemy) (Image Comics Moore)

Supremium Man

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


  • Real Name: Unrevealed alternate universe teenager & Billy Friday
  • Other Aliases: Meteor Master, Supremium Man I
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: Ex-worker at Dazzling Comics, temporary partner of Darius Dax
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile
  • Height: 6’0” Weight: 190 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: White, later Red/white

Powers and Abilities

The Supremium Man employs powerful Supremium meteorites for a variety of effects. He was originally a teenaged scientist from another dimension and after he fused with Billy Friday, he was also a somewhat competent writer. He is a scholar of the Supremium element as well as a collector.

The Supremium Man is good at comic book tough guy dialogue.


During the 1930s Supreme had his first encounter with a white-haired teenager from an alternate universe that was collecting Supremium meteors. Supremium is an astounding element that has the ability to bend time and reality, and the teenager sought to control these dangerous abilities himself.

Later, in 1964, when Supreme again encountered him, the teenager had become a grown man, now calling himself the Supremium Man. This Supremium Man also met Darius Dax, who himself at the very end became the second Supremium Man, in the body of Magno, an old foe of the Allies. Since Supremium allowed the Supremium Man to travel through time and space in search of further meteorites, he surfaced in different time eras and not necessarily in chronological order.

His time travel created loops in time where certain events affected each other into creating said events. Not only did these time travels eventually lead to the creation of Supreme, Suprema and Radar, through the careless actions of Darius Dax, but it also made Darius Dax temporarily into the second Supremium Man, and eradicated all fragments of Supremium from existence from most time eras.

In modern times, Billy Friday used to be the editor of Omni-Man for Dazzle Comics. During a visit to Supreme’s flying fortress he was exposed to Supremium and soon his limbs started fragmenting and he thus grew fast in size. The only way of stopping him before he would have crushed the Hell of Mirrors, Supreme’s prison for his most powerful foes, was to turn him into light and send him to Amalynth, the world of light.

In his absence he still faxed the office every day with his latest writing. While in Amalynth, his genetics stabilized, however, he had an argument with Szazs, the Sprite Supreme, and was banished to the nineteenth dimension. From there he was rescued by Emerpus, the reverse Supreme, which landed Billy in the Backwards Zone.

Soon, Emerpus got sick of his presence and returned him to Earth, but in the wrong century. Billy ended up in 2496 AD, staying with Zayla Zarn, aka Future Girl of the Legion of Infinity. During this period, every fax to the office was a little more unbalanced.

When the Legion of Infinity was summoned to the modern times by Supreme to combat the threat of a recently resurfaced Darius Dax, Billy joined in and arrived at Supreme’s flying headquarters. There he was briefly exposed to Supremium that Dax was handling, and his growth mutation started again. The assembled heroes, in order to avoid him destroying the fortress, promptly banished him into the Hell of Mirrors.

Eventually the mutation receded again and Billy met up with the other criminal inmates. The criminals couldn’t stand him and so they asked Supreme to take him away; Billy was released and became an inmate at the Miskatonic Asylum. His laptop communicator was left behind, which later allowed the Mirror villains to escape using the powers of the Televillain.

When Billy was finally released from the asylum, he returned to his work at Dazzle Comics, at the very same moment as Supremium Man was attacking the locals. When Billy touched the Supremium Man – who sensed that Billy had been previously altered by Supremium – trying to bond with him as he’d done with other differently moral folks, he fused with the alien and became the new Supremium Man.

The fused being realized that he must be a supervillain and so used his Supremium collection to travel through time to earlier times where Supremium still existed, thus closing a loop in time. While his personality was Billy’s when he left, it was the alien’s when he arrived.

His first trip went to 1930, where he, together with Darius Dax, found the last missing piece to his collection, white Supremium. Hacking off a piece of the meteor and slotting it to his costume his hair turned completely white. Using the new-found meteor fragment on the arriving young Supreme, all of his fragments activated forcibly and produces a violet light that restored Billy’s memory.

Billy promptly left to wreak vengeance on Supreme for all that had occurred, and traveled through time to exit from a portal in Darius Dax’s lab in modern times. He attacked Supreme at Dazzle Comics, encountered a visiting Billy Friday and fused with him again, thus burning out the White Supremium fragment.

Then he left for the 1930s to get his missing White Supremium fragment and so completed the time loop. He has not been seen since.


The Supremium Man wears an odd costume of, apparently, alien origins. In earlier time eras his costume had seven slots for meteorites, while later it had only six slots; this might be an effect of reality rewriting itself when Supremium is being used.

In fact, reality and everybody’s memories seem to have adjusted to the fused Supremium Man having always been a fused entity. See the illos for a clearer view.


The Supremium Man was obsessed with collecting Supremium. He was well-versed in the minerals powers and readily used them to further his goals for getting further meteorites.

Billy Friday he was an overbearing comic book writer. He loved pretentious popular cultural references and absurd storylines, and few people could stomach his odd personality.

The fused personality showed fragments from both their personalities, and at times one personality would dominate the other, without them experiencing too much of a conflict of interest or sense of there being something too wrong with their personality.

He is clear-headed enough to realize that he can’t mess with the timeline too much as he could risk destroying himself and his origin in the process if he did so. The result is a raving, unstable personality type that wants revenge on Supreme for having ruined his life and mental health and to complete his collection of Supremium.

If things don’t go his way, he will readily jump into another time era to try out something else in pursuit of his quest.


“But then, that’s hardly important when my white jewel seems to have burned out when we merged ! My collection is ruined ! W-wait a minute ! What collection ? Whose voice was that in my head ? Of course, I’m raving ! This is your fault ! You’ve deliberately tried to destroy my mind ! Well, it hasn’t worked ! My personality is completely stable ! In fact, both of them are ! Don’t ’Billy‘ me ! Who’s Billy ? I’m the Supremium Man ! I’m a super-villain ! I must be ! Why else would they put me in Miskatonic Asylum ? Get away from me ! Don’t you understand ? My collection is flawed ! I no longer have any White Supremium ! I have to find some ! My name isn’t Billy, and if there’s no Supremium here, I must go to a place where there is ! In fact, thanks to my Amber Supremium and its time-warping yellow radiance, I can go there right now !” (disappears to another era)

DC Universe History

The Supremium Man is an apparent homage to Silver Age Superman’s enemy Kryptonite Man, but with a twist; His powers are rather varied and unique and Billy Friday is a homage to Jimmy Olsen.

Thus, use either the Silver Age DC Universe in its entirety or Moore’s Supreme Universe, possibly as a parallel world, with its small differences and twists of these classic characters.


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

Tell me more about the game stats

Supremium Man

Dex: 04 Str: 04 Bod: 04 Motivation: Power Lust
Int: 07 Wil: 06 Min: 04 Occupation: Scientist, Collector
Inf: 04 Aur: 03 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 05
Init: 015 HP: 035

Artist (Writer): 05, Scientist: 06

Scholar (Supremium)

Darius Dax (Low), Dazzle Comics (Low)

Distinct Appearance (odd garments, pointy ears), SIA (Collecting Supremium), Serious Psychological Instability, Unluck

COSTUME [BODY 02, Detect (Supremium): 20, Flight: 06, Notes: Costume contains a chestpiece with filled slots for Supremium meteorite fragments. The Supremium Man can freely use the powers and abilities of these meteorites by touching the meteor of interest. See below for all the powers and abilities of the fragments.]

All the Supremium in the world !

There are eight different types of Supremium, or is that seven? These are Emerald, Ruby, Onyx, Topaz, Sapphire, Amber and White meteorites. Together they can temporarily fuse to produce Ultraviolet Supremium. The Supremium Man has, at times, a full collection of all the basic meteorite types, only sometimes lacking White Supremium.

These are, in descending order, given from the costume’s top slot:

  • White Supremium – the most powerful Supremium of them all. White Supremium is what granted Supreme, Suprema and Radar their superpowers (Bestow 40 or so with most Bonuses and R#5, failure indicating that the meteor has burned out). In its current state its radiation can kill Supreme as per a standard Fatal and Loss Vulnerability.
    White Supremium also tries to bond with other types of Supremium, which resulted in the Supremium Man and a previously Supremium-affected Billy Friday fusing into one individual before it burned out that white fragment. Thus using White Supremium is very dangerous as it seems to have a will of its own; it will also activate all the other Supremium fragments in the costume, producing Violet/Ultraviolet Supremium light. Violet Supremium, which retains the R# in relation to the White Supremium Fragment, affects the mind severely and cures amnesia among other things.
  • Emerald (Green) – promotes growth in organic life (at least Plant Growth: 12)
  • Ruby (Red) – transmutes matter (at least Transmutation: 15 w/Bonus useable against organic targets (+2) and Transform: 21 w/ Bonuses Humanoids Allowed (+1), Can assume Imagined Animals and objects (+2) and the Limitation only useable against others (-1))
  • Onyx (Black) – erases time (game effect unknown, but at least a few APs of Time Stop are likely)
  • Topaz (Light Blue) – unknown effects
  • Sapphire (Purple) – affects probabilities (at least Probability Manipulation: 15 and Super Breath: 08 w/the Indirect Bonus (the target breaks or gets knocked off balance with no visible cause) (+3)
  • Amber Supremium – alters time (Time Travel: 40)]

By Dr. Peter S Piispanen

Source of Character: Supreme comics (Awesome Comics)

Writeup completed on the 5th of December, 2010.

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