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Wildstar (Savage Dragon ally) (Image Comics) bloodied


(Micky Gabriel)

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


  • Real Name: Michael ’Micky‘ Gabriel
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: Brandon Gabriel (father)
  • Group Affiliation: None
  • Base Of Operations: Chicago
  • Height: 5’11’‘ Weight: Variable Age: Around 20
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Black

Powers and Abilities

This Wildstar write-up represents his young, inexperienced self. In the 30 coming years he will gain tremendous amounts of experience and will be much more powerful than in the current form.

Wildstar has superhuman strength, durability and endurance as provided by his symbiote star. By focusing his will he can release energy through his arms in the form of a powerful force blast or even detonation; this, however, leaves him exhausted and often in need of recuperation.

He has some mediocre skills in science, and knows basic combat skills, that will greatly develop over the years.


Wildstar has lived most his life in a ravaged future, a future left after a third world war. The Great War had started as the two biggest corporate powers vied for control. An alien race called the Ky‘oans had a friendly relationship with the U.S. ever since they crash-landed in New Mexico in 1947.

These Ky‘oans were looking for something ’special‘ on Earth. The U.S. Government gave them carte blanche to go about their search and, in exchange for the Government ’looking the other way‘, the aliens shared technology only dreamt of.

Another alien race called the Ra‘zplaar later came to Earth looking for that same secret ’special‘ something. Their future counterparts had used a stolen time machine to send a beacon back to Earth… to 1993… to alert their historic armada to Earth’s location, so that they could control Earth in a weaker time. The Ra‘zplaar made a deal with the U.S.’s biggest competitor to supply them with the same level of technology that the U.S. had received from the Ky‘oans.

It soon got out of hand as each side kept upping the technology ante. The Great War started because of jealousy or greed. The event that started the destruction of the future is referred to as Sky Zero.

Eventually, Wildstar, deeply fatigued, found a time machine in his distant future, approximately 30 years in the future, just as he was being hunted down by opponent pursuers, who worked for the Ra‘zplaar. He activated the machine, with the hope of finding the Ra‘zplaar beacon and to deactivate it before the historic armada arrived to conquer the Earth, and made it back to the current time. Unfortunately, the pursuing enemies were transported along Wildstar.

However, the time machine does not really travel in time; rather, it switches place in time with a copy of itself in another time, together with anyone’s who operates it in those time frames. The area around the time-travel shift is completely devastated as per a nuclear detonation.

Soon after traveling back to the past, having fled from his opponents, Wildstar met his earlier, younger, and non-powered self, Micky, at Sky-Tech headquarters where he appeared. This resulted in a time loop where he would soon die, transfer his symbiote and the powers to his younger self, who would then go on and do exactly the same things Wildstar had done, including traveling back in time again and again (Wildstar #1).

Wildstar (Micky Gabriel) kicks a man in armor

Just before traveling back in time during one such loop, a goddess, named Skylark, appeared and informed him about the existence of a time loop. Thus Wildstar was able to try to break the loop of actions. Micky left Wildstar to recuperate before continuing with his mission, not believing anything of Wildstar’s story.

Upon returning to Sky-Tech, Micky was almost killed by the pursuers, who wanted the beacon to go off as planned and generate their future world, and who immediately recognized him, and were communicating with the base leader, Micky’s father, and a military general, General Roark. Roark had moved the information about the beacon that everyone was looking for to a top-secret research compound, named New Blue.

Before things got out of hand a recuperated Wildstar arrived at the military base and took on the pursuers. Wildstar stopped the pursuers, took Micky and left to find the New Blue compound (Wildstar #2).

Wildstar was uncertain of whether it was better to leave his past self, Micky, or not, and so brought him along to protect him. They were confronted by the military on their way. To complicate things, the Savage Dragon showed up, along with one of the pursuers, Jumpstart, who had been left behind by the others due to being trustworthy. And indeed, Jumpstart, appearing to have a crush on Wildstar, claimed to have been trying to protect him for many years.

In the chaos that ensued everybody was fighting everybody. Suddenly, Micky was severely hurt, having spinal damage, and Wildstar jumped in to carry him away to safety, being aided by Jumpstart. Micky was supposed to obtain the symbiote star of Wildstar later, but now history had changed and Wildstar had the only choice of giving him his own symbiote or he’d die (in the past and future).

Wildstar had remembered from his own past as Micky that he had seen Wildstar die, which is how he had expected to die. Now, Wildstar instead opted to give his own symbiote star to the dying Micky, thus changing history, saving himself and giving himself a chance for a completely new, less dark, life.

Ripping off his symbiote star, Wildstar died, and the star climbed onto the chest of Micky, thus healing him. The future Wildstar’s body disintegrated. Micky, now with the symbiote star, and Jumpstart left to stop the beacon from activating and thus prevent a horrible future.

Soon they were ambushed by one of the pursuers, and Micky turned for the first time into Wildstar (Wildstar #3).

Wildstar (Micky Gabriel) punches a villain

The new Wildstar and Jumpstart then had to combat all the pursuers, and eventually they crashed into the New Blue compound. Inside an experimental monster joined the fray. One of the pursuers, Hotwire, meanwhile, hacked the computer network and found useful information. Around the same time the beacon at this base disintegrated.

As Wildstar was about to loose to the pursuers the goddess Skylark appeared again, and teleported away Wildstar and Jumpstart (and Hotwire as would later be shown) from the compound, and the rest of the pursuers to different locations on the planet where they could do no harm.

Skylark informed them that it was all her fault. She was, herself, from the far future ahead from Wildstar’s future time. The special something that the aliens would be looking for was her presence. To distract mankind they had orchestrated the start of the third world war.

To fix the coming catastrophe Skylark arranged for everyone to be sent back in time to prevent the disaster. There hadn’t even been a time machine; everyone had been transported by her power alone.

One of the pursuers, namely Hotwire, had been working with skylark all along to prevent the war, and so had used the retrieved information to warn the Ky‘oans of the imminent invasion by the Ra‘zplaar, which would somehow give Earth time to prepare and hopefully evade the war completely. Skylark was exiled to Earth by her superiors for having broken some rules of interference.

The final outcome was unclear; all of this sounds more complex than it really was (Wildstar #4).

Searching for his purpose in life, Wildstar moved to Savage Dragon’s Chicago, where many super powered beings reside. He temporarily joined a group of freaks living in the underground along Skylark and Jumpstart, and then continued their travels (Savage Dragon #29).


Wildstar is an athletic male wearing a costume in black and white, covering his full body, with a red star (the Symbiote Star) stuck to his chest. His hair is black with a white streak in the middle. Being in combat often, as well as sweating blood, he is also often somewhat bloody, which makes for a grimmer appearance.


The young Wildstar is a decent kid and searches for his purpose in life. Without his powers he would be a pretty mediocre man, but has come to the realization that he needs to grow in character due to having powers. As such he has befriended two other seekers and metahumans, Skylark and Hotwire.

Wildstar is something of a worry wart and seeks to avoid trouble whenever possible. Due to the time travel paradoxes Wildstar sometimes does get odd and disturbing visions of a dystopic future that could come to pass.

The veteran Wildstar believed that a good soldier never lets his emotions make decisions for him. Having a survival and soldier mentality he was not above killing greater threats, although he would still risk his life to protect the innocent.


(Waking up next to an experimental monster) “Holy spit ! What am I sitting next to ?”

(Having panicked, and beaten the first freak he encountered in the Chicago underground, now being surrounded by hordes more) “Oh, crap. I guess I blew it. I don’t suppose you folks would like to crown me as your new leader and worship us as some kind of gods — please ?”

“This isn’t really our fight — but I can’t just sit back and let these guys get shot !”


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 08 Str: 11 Bod: 09 Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 05 Wil: 04 Min: 04 Occupation: Wanderer, Future rebel
Inf: 03 Aur: 04 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: N/A
Init: 020 HP: 025

Adrenaline Surge: 10, Energy Blast: 12, Invulnerability: 07, Jumping: 10, Regeneration: 03

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Energy Blast is Fatiguing (-1) and has Serious power burnout (-2)
  • Adrenaline Surge is only usable with STR, Energy Blast, and later Bomb once he gets the power

Acrobatics: 04, Martial Artist: 03, Scientist: 04, Vehicles (land): 03

Familiarity (Physics), Insta-change, Life Support (possibly No need to drink or eat), Lightning Reflexes, Pet (K’l Vann Symbiote Star)

Skylark & Hotwire (High), US Army (Low)

Uncertainty, Loss Vulnerability (All powers are lost, Physical Attributes decreased and he returns to his civilian identity if the Symbiote Star on his chest is ever removed; removal is also likely to kill him), Misc. Wildstar is actually sweating blood (0 pts), Secret Identity

K’l Vann Symbiote Star [DEX 01 STR 00 BODY 07 INT 01 WIL 01 MIN 03 INF 00 AUR 00 SPI 03, Cling: 13, Empathy: 06, Shrinking: 04, Notes: The Star has a complex metabolism being responsible for powering up Wildstar ; Shrinking is Always On and Already Calculated into stats.]

The power of symbiosis

The source of all of Wildstar’s powers is the red, star shaped symbiote located on his chest. It feeds off his negative, more bestial emotions, and in exchange provides him with superhuman abilities.

The symbiote controls certain glands, and secretes certain chemicals that influence behavior, and so its influence is very seductive ; thus, he will likely develop a MIA towards using the K’l Vann Symbiote Star in the future. Wildstar switches between his civilian and heroic identities by touching the Star with his right palm (it is unclear if none, any or all abilities carry over to his civilian identity, or if he is depowered).

The Star is concerned with Micky’s health, and will attempt to protect him even as Micky is in his civilian form (so at least BODY is always active); if the Star detects hostiles or incoming attacks it will force the change into Wildstar’s heroic form. The Star will eventually be bound to Wildstar’s nervous system and internal organs, and then cannot be removed without killing Wildstar.

In the future

“Two-bit gizmo ? I’ve never heard a temporal displacement device being called that before. You’re stalling, Deadstar ! You know exactly what a time machine can do !” The old Wildstar then left for the past to change history.

In the coming years, the young Wildstar will loose his Uncertainty Drawback. As an adventurer, a soldier and a fighter he will improve greatly. Future Wildstar is over 50 years old. His Martial Arts will increase to 09 APs, his DEX to 09 APs, his STR to 13 APs, his BODY to 10 APs, his Scientist to 06 APs, and his HP total to 65 HPs. He will also have a Gadgetry skill of 05 APs. His MIND and SPIRIT scores will increase to impressive 07 APs, while his INFL, WILL and AURA will be 05, 05 and 06 APs, respectively.

He will have learnt even more about energy control, being capable of great bursts of energy release, although this will tax him fast. In game terms, he will thus also have the additional power of Bomb 15, but with the Limitations: Bomb is Fatiguing (-1), has Catastrophic power burnout (-3) and is Minor Marginal (-1).His Adrenaline Surge power will have increased to 12 APs. Total Initiative will thus be 23.

Sometime in the future, he will also loose and replace his right leg with a cybernetic leg. The leg is assumed to have the same Physical stats as himself. In the future, his identity will be a Public Identity.

By Dr. Peter S Piispanen

Source of Character: Wildstar: Sky Zero (Gordon & Ordway) and The Savage Dragon books, Image

Helper(s): Frank Murdock

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