4th of November, 2007

I’m not supposed to have time for this, but this batch is just so full of genuinely cool stuff it was impossible to delay it further. Roll call:

  • Some of Gareth’s work had been accidentally missed for publication, which deprived our Faithful Readers of the full roster of two mid-level, obscure groups of super-villains – a rather useful resource in most campaigns. Here’s the lacking material:
    • An illustration for Rik of the Gatherers
    • Tarkas, the missing Gatherer
    • Hungyr, the missing member of the Supremacists
  • Blackstarr, a powerful and somewhat odd DC Universe villainess. Who may or may not be able to repel galaxies, and may or may not have survived the Crisis. In some ways she is DC’s equivalent of Molecule Man.
  • Another obscure character from the rich past of the DC Universe – Morgana the Witch. This chaotic, bellicose powerhouse almost had her own series at one point.
  • Sai, a mercenary martial arts weirdo from the Marvel Universe. We got a lot of those.
  • This batch includes more material from Morisson’s fascinating Seven Soldiers meta-series. This time you’ll be treated to the mysteries of:
    • Ali Ka-Zoom, once the Merlin Of the Ghetto, now deceased but watchful
    • Big Ed, the mysterious publisher of New York City broadsheet the Manhattan Guardian
    • His best-known employee, the professional super-hero and one-man-riot-squad reporter, the Manhattan Guardian
    • The deadliest killer in the employ of rogue wetwork agency S.H.A.D.E. — the Bride of Frankenstein !
    • Her boss, the devious and manic Father Time
    • Gimmix, a strictly small-time and neurotic super-heroine and Pemberton fortune inheritor – but with an odd touch of class of her own
  • Slowly continuing entries for characters from the Invincible universe — Bulletproof
  • Another entry from the somewhat odd continuity of What If Stan Lee Had Invented the DC Universe” – this time with a parallel universe version of Catwoman. Different but still very dangerous.
  • Donovan Flint, the he-man hero from the 1970s space opera stories of the Starhunters. Now definitely a blast from the past.
  • Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension and mystic quasi-principality – as well as one of the key Doctor Strange villains
  • The mythical Judge Anderson, Psi Division, has finally migrated from the old version of writeups.org
  • Lion-O – of the Thundercats, obviously
  • The first of our entries for Danielle Moonstar (most famously of the New Mutants), concentrating on the early era during which she was known as Psyche
  • Omega – the mega-powerful opponent of the pre-Crisis Legion of Super-Heroes. Omega is the sum total of all the hatred in the universe !
  • Another powerful classic villain – Moira McTaggart’s son, Proteus (aka “Mutant X”), a vintage X-Men opponent more recently seen in the pages of the Exiles
  • In order to continue to bring in more JSA-related content, this batch includes two rather large writeups:
    • S.T.R.I.P.E. (Pat Dugan) has been entirely rewritten (and should be further detailed with Infinity Inc. content at a later point)
    • His stepdaughter Courtney, who became the second Star-Spangled Kid as well as a major source of adolescent trouble
  • Tony Stark – this time it’s the version from the animated Iron Man movie
  • Another entry based on classic rock tunes – this time it’s the Trooper, of Iron Maiden fame
  • Finally, Ursa Major has been entirely rewritten since we were not happy with the existing writeup. It’s now rather big and detailed.

That’s 3427 entries.

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