Silver Sable, Jeff Bridges, Thunderstrike, Lancelot, Fallout 3

These are “quick win” entries that I could get done even with my current constraints. However, these are also interesting and robust entries – it’s just that much of the work had already been done. Roll call :

  • SILVER SABLE. There have been requests, so here’s a first round of work :
    • Brand new entry describing early Silver Sable, before the debut of her 1992 series.
    • New organisation description entry about Silver Sable International. For now it stops when the first profile does.
    • The entry for the Foreigner – the foremost assassin in the Marvel Universe – was rewritten and slightly upgraded.
    • The other Silver Sable writeup will be reworked to become a Silver Sable (1990s) entry or somesuch. However that implies also overhauling the secondary characters who appeared in her book, so that ain’t gonna happen overnight.
    • There will eventually be a third entry describing her appearances after 1995 or after 1999, depending where it makes the most sense to end the reworked second entry.
  • IRON MAN. Roy wrote up the villain from the first movie – Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane, unofficially the Iron Monger.
  • Bryan wrote up Thunderstrike – one of the lesser lights of Marvel during the 1990s, but we liked him and have been wanting to write him up for years.
  • Gareth wrote up Lancelot, an elite Russian power armour pilot who fought Iron Man (and won) fairly recently.
  • And we continue our cycle of Fallout video game entries with a sample Lone Wanderer – the Player Character in Fallout 3. Well, a modded version thereof. It’s complicated.

Current headcount is 5,066 entries.

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