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Subscribing to the writeups.org mini-newsletter

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Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

How to subscribe

  1. Go to the Writeups.org newsletter Yahoo! Group .
  2. Enter the e-mail address you want to receive your newsletter on. Join the group. Subscribe to either “individual e-mails” or “Special Notices”. There’s no difference for this specific group.
  3. Your membership will be approved within a day or two.

What it does

The group has but one message per month. They are plain text quick news, plus a recap of the entries that were added during the past month.

It’s not a marketing newsletter. It’s just a bare-bones heads-up reminding you about writeups.org and what got done there in recent weeks.

How to unsubscribe

Return to the Yahoo! Group, click on Membership, click on Subscriptions, and set your preferences to “no e-mail”. You’re still part of the Yahoo! Group, but it sends you nothing.

More stuff for those who are curious

For the unusually inquisitive…

Quick history

Originally that was done via our Facebook page , but these quickly stopped working right unless you were paying to broadcast. We also have a Twitter page , but most people do not use Twitter. We set up a Google Plus page , but ditto Twitter.

(Our Pinterest page  work great, though. But it’s only for pictures.)

We later experienced for a year with an e-mail newsletter via a bulk operator. Unfortunately, any deviation from being a well-crafted marketing newsletter has the sender suspended as a potential spammer. And well, this is *not* a well-crafted marketing newsletter but a bare bones heads-up. That’s the point.

There are two groups

The writeupsorg-newsletter Yahoo! Group is just for the newsletter. Our home base is *another* Yahoo! Group, namely dc-heroes .

That one is a full discussion group with lots of backstage work, writeups, chatting, rules discussion, etc.

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