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Xena (Lucy Lawless)

Xena, warrior princess

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Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


Xena the Warrior Princess is a cult TV series that ran for far too short a time (1994-2000). It was one of the hit syndicated action/adventure shows of that time, and a spinoff from Hercules: the Legendary Journeys.

Occasionally goofy and campy, Xena chronicles the saga of a reformed warlord and raider with incredible martial skills and a temper. The heroine and her spunky sidekick live in a mish-mash world loosely based on Classical stories. It’s something of a kitchen sink setting.

Xena was notable for starring a charismatic action heroine, which was vanishingly rare back then (Buffy was still in the future).

Further, it had a primarily female cast, also something rare in a fantasy/adventure show (Charmed was also still in the future).

*Further* the kickass heroine and her clever sidekick were obviously an item, with but the flimsiest deniability, which was unprecedented representation for lesbians and bi women.


  • Real Name: Xena
  • Other Aliases: The Warrior Princess
  • Marital Status: In a relationship with Gabrielle
  • Known Relatives: Gabrielle (Soul mate), Cyrene (mother, deceased by end of series), Toris (older brother), Lyceus (younger brother, deceased), Atrius (father, deceased), Solan (son, deceased), Eve (daughter), there was a mention of a third brother but Xena may have been lying as this was in her “villain” phase or he may have died in infancy.
  • Group Affiliation: Former leader of her own army
  • Base Of Operations: Primarily Greece though she traveled a lot
  • Height: 5’10” Weight: 160 lbs
  • Eyes: Strikingly blue Hair: Black

Powers & Abilities

Strictly speaking, Xena has no powers as everything she does is explained as skills and training in the “Comic Book Peak Human” tradition.

In game terms though, she can jump superhuman distances, once jumping dozens of yards to a ship well off-shore. She heals somewhat faster than humanly possible although this is generally explained as martial arts-style mind over matter.

Xena’s wealth is in “dinars”. There is no explanation for where she gets her money after her turn to heroism. Perhaps it’s leftovers from her mercenary days.


There are numerous fan-made, imaginary trailers for a Xena movie on the Internet. Most of them are aimed at long-time fans, but here’s a general-purpose one :


Xena’s time would be more or less the 11th century B.C.E.. I say “more or less” because the world of Xena and Hercules is a hodgepodge of time periods with the Age of Mythical Greece (circa 11th century B.C.) mixing with the Age of Classical Greece and various other time periods, past and future.

Hercules exists in the same time period as Homer  who, in the real world, wrote “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” some thousand or so years after the time period that the Hercules myths are set in.

Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Euripides , Beowulf, Gilgamesh, Merlin and Julius Caesar exist in the same generation. Mythical Greece, the height of Classical Greece and the height of the Roman Empire all exist at once.


Xena had an extremely complex and detailed history. Most of it was told in “back story” as the series progressed but I will tell it chronologically.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) as a youth, face closeup

Xena’s father, Atrius, was a worshiper of Ares. One night, when Xena was 7, he came home drunk, saying that he intended to sacrifice her to Ares. He began sharpening a knife. When Cyrene, her mother, saw he was serious, she grabbed an axe. In the fight that followed, she killed him.

Cyrene told Xena that Atrius had gone off to war again. When he never came back, Xena assumed he had either died in war or just chose to never return.

Xena began her life as a warlord (or war-lady) when the Warlord Corteze and his army attacked her village when she was a teenager and then used it as a supply depot, taking whatever they wanted. She convinced most of the villagers to unite and train to become warriors to resist him including her younger brother, Lyceus. Some, such as her older brother, Toris, refused and retreated into the hills.

Xena successfully repelled Corteze but Lyceus was killed in the fighting. That alone probably drove her over the edge. Then she tried to convince all of the surrounding villages to train and join her army to provide a buffer against Corteze and other warlords. When they refused, she conquered them and many of the men joined her army.

After that, there was no going back and she started to like the lifestyle. Her army kept growing and traveling until she became something she never set out to be.

From Heroine to Killer

Xena soon took to the seas to continue looting and building a power base from which to protect her village. On one raid, she captured a young woman named M’lila. She was an Egyptian who had been captured and enslaved by the Gaels. Somewhere along the way, she had learned superior martial arts skills including the art of pressure points.

While she was not on the level of what Xena would eventually achieve, she was Xena’s teacher. M’lila raised Xena’s combat abilities vastly higher than they had been before. They had already been extraordinary, but now they became superhuman.

On the same raid, Xena captured a Roman nobleman named Julius Caesar. She ransomed him back to the Romans but they fell in love and formed an alliance before that happened. After he returned to his own ship, it came about and she thought he was returning to her. But his men opened fire, capturing her and her men. His love had been a pretense to get her to drop her guard.

Returning to the nearest beach, Caesar had her and all of her men crucified. But M’lila, who had escaped during the battle, returned and saved her. She took Xena to her friend, a healer named Nicklio. He set Xena’s broken legs.

Seeing that she was missing, Roman soldiers tracked her and broke into Nicklio’s cabin. He was knocked out. M’lila sacrificed herself, diving in front of a crossbow bolt to save Xena. Despite the agony of broken legs, the enraged Xena killed the soldiers and declared that a new Xena was born that night, one who desired only to kill her enemies.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) as a youth

Journeying to “the East”, Xena formed an alliance with a warlord named Borias. He was a wise leader who sought to form alliances and he wanted to keep his bargains. Xena, on the other hand, just wanted to kill and be driven by her instincts. Time after time, she destroyed alliances he might have formed by her inability to control herself.

When she tried to kill a potential ally, Lao Ma, he finally threw her out.

She then kidnapped Ming Tien, the child of one of Borias’s potential allies. She held him for ransom, forcing Borias to her terms. But once the boy was safe, Borias turned her over to the angry father. The man decided to hunt her for sport though she was still recovering from broken legs at the time. She was helped by Lao Ma, who hid her out.

Lao Ma commanded great powers that she harnessed by casting out hatred and the need for power. She tried to impart this understanding to Xena and Xena tried to understand but she was not ready for it. However, she very much loved Lao Ma, so far as she was capable of love at that time. There was a particularly deep and genuine romantic love between them.

When Lao Ma attempted an alliance between herself, Borias and the Warlord Ming, Xena killed Ming in a fit of rage. He would have also killed the little boy, Ming Tien, who was secretly Lao Ma’s son. To save him, Lao Ma overpowered Xena and Borias and cast them out of her land. This hurt her badly because she truly did love Xena and saw the potential in her.

Xena was also hurt that Lao Ma could not accept her as she was or, rather, could except her limits but could not allow Xena to do as she pleased.

Bad Mojo

They traveled near one of the Amazon tribes and Xena met a shamaness named Alti who had been expelled from the Amazons. She knew that Xena was pregnant with Borias’s child though it was not showing yet. She began luring Xena into her world of dark magic with promises of great power. Alti also had an apprentice, a young woman named Anokin. She and Xena took to each other right away.

When Anokin was killed a short time later, Borias could not understand Xena’s sorrow over the loss of a young woman she barely knew, especially as Xena never seemed to care about anyone. However, though never stated, the implication was obvious that Xena and the other young woman had become lovers and buried feelings had awoken in Xena.

She was hurt even worse when Alti taught her how to travel to the spirit realm so she could see Anokin again only to have Anokin reject her, saying she had poisoned her soul, most likely due to the dark path Xena was treading.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) with the second version of her costume

When Borias allied with a tribe of Amazons led by Queen Cyane (Cyane was the name of the first leader of that tribe of Amazons and was often traditionally taken by subsequent leaders), Xena pretended to befriend her and learned still more fighting techniques. She eventually betrayed and killed her and all the Amazon leaders.

Alti then trapped their spirits in a desolate wasteland known as the Land of the Dead but they could not cross over into Eternity, the true afterlife.

When Xena’s son was being born, Borias intended to take him away so he would not be raised to become the type of person Xena was or be in danger. But Borias was murdered when he entered the camp, stabbed in the back by Dagnine, a lieutenant of Xena’s.

Finally realizing what she had become as she looked into Borias’s dying eyes, Xena took her infant son to her enemy, the centaur Kaleipus, to raise him. She wanted him raised by the very sort of people she had always opposed.

This child, Solan, was raised by the centaurs, never realizing Xena was his mother.

The Legendary Journeys

It was then that Xena encountered Hercules for the first time. At this time, she was leading an army with the intention of conquering Greece. She knew her greatest obstacle was Hercules.

Xena arranged to “accidentally” meet Iolaus and recruit him into her army with a story about how she was a freedom fighter opposing a ruthless warlord named Patraechus who was, in fact, an elderly farmer. Her real goal was to turn Iolaus against Hercules and set him up to be killed.

Then, as Hercules stood in shock, she and her men would attack and kill him. To accomplish this goal, she pretended to fall in love with Iolaus and manipulated him and Hercules into a situation where they would fight to the death, even ruthlessly sacrificing one of her own men and slaying another to bring the situation about.

At the moment of truth, neither Hercules or Iolaus could bring themselves to strike a killing blow and they reconciled. They defeated Xena’s army but she escaped during the battle, not even attempting to confront Hercules in personal combat.

Xena had a policy of allowing villages to surrender and serve her army. If they refused, she attacked and killed them but she always spared women and children or any non-combatants such as the elderly or anyone who did not “raise a sword” against her. This did not sit well with her second-in-command, Darfus, who reveled in butchery.

While she was gone on a scouting mission, he led an attack on a village, slaughtering everyone except one baby that he overlooked.

Xena returned and saved the baby and then tried to relieve him of command. But he had subverted most of the men in his favor. She had grown so far away from the others that she was not realistic about the fact that most of them were just murderers or mercenaries.

They forced her to run a gauntlet in which the men lined up to either side allowing a narrow “hallway” between them. She had to get through it while being attacked by all of them. Though badly hurt, she made it through and Darfus was forced to let her go as even these men would not violate the sacred rules of the Gauntlet.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Hercules

Hercules was after her, believing she was responsible for the slaughter. However his friend, Salmoneus, who had been in her camp, swore Darfus was the true threat. Having rapidly healed, Xena confronted Hercules, believing she could get back her army’s loyalty if she killed him.

This was one of those fights where there are those who will say Hercules clearly won and those who will say Xena did. They fought and Xena knocked him down. She had the luck that he struck the back of his head on a rock and was stunned but she had to strike with tremendous force for that to happen. One of his friends attacked her.

She easily knocked him out but it gave Hercules the chance to recover and defeat her. So he clearly won. But she clearly won first and he would not have been alive to win without the interference.

Hercules refused to kill her and that was the biggest change of directions she ever made.

Later, alternate reality versions of Xena hinged on the fact that she never met Hercules and was never changed by his showing her mercy. In those realities, she became even more of a ruthless monster who conquered the known world. But, inspired and changed by this event, she helped him defeat her army. She personally killed Darfus in combat.

But Darfus was brought back by Ares and given the giant demon dog, Gregus, in order to kill Hercules. Hercules, Xena, Iolaus and Salmoneus defeated him anyway. Xena and Iolaus reconciled while she and Hercules ended up falling in love. But they had to go their separate ways as she believed she had so much evil to make up for.

The Bard who would be sidekick

Xena then tried to walk away from her past and from being a warrior. But she immediately saw how impossible that would be when she encountered villagers, including a brave young blonde girl, threatened with slavery by marauders.

She saved them and went on soon enough to her home village. Her mother and her people rejected her because of her past and would not believe that an army was marching on them.

Meanwhile, the young blonde woman, Gabrielle, snuck away from home or tried to though she ended up having to explain to her sister that she was going to try joining up with Xena and seeing the world.

She showed up just in time to save Xena from being stoned by her own people and then helped prevent outside interference when Xena fought the Warlord Draco, who was an old flame of Xena’s, to get him to spare the village. Xena defeated him and was reunited with her mother. Afterwards, Xena allowed Gabrielle to travel with her, at least for the moment.

Xena then embarked upon a number of adventures where she opposed various warlords and faced the guilt from her past. She was reunited with an old flame named Marcus from her villainous days though it is not certain precisely when but seemingly close to the end of those days. Inspired by her, he changed his ways and sacrificed himself to save an innocent.

She met Ares, the God of War, face to face, for the first time, outmaneuvering him as he plotted to turn her back to her old ways.

She was reunited with Hercules and it was established that, at that point in time, they were very much in love with each other as each sought to take the lead in a suicide mission to free the Titan Prometheus so mankind would not lose his gifts of making fire and the ability to heal.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) with Hercules and Iolaus

Xena tried to avert a war between a tribe of Amazons and a group of centaurs led by Tildus, a centaur whose army and hers once fought to a standstill. Selected by Gabrielle as her champion, she fought and defeated the Queen of the Amazon tribe, Melosa. Gabrielle became Queen of the tribe though she returned leadership to Melosa after things settled down.

Xena averted the war, exposing the warlord who was manipulating things. She met the first of several “identical twins” when she met her exact lookalike, Princess Diana, and saved her from an assassination plot.

Her former lover, Marcus, met her again when the Helmet of Hades was stolen and the evil took over the Fields of Elysium. Though himself condemned to Tartarus, he helped her restore things to their proper place and earned a place in Paradise.

Although Xena’s father had died when she was a child, she did not know that when Atrius, her father, encountered her on the road. Although she at first denied any possibility that he was her father because she had a huge resentment built up over his leaving when she was a child and never coming back, a bond began to form between them.

He maneuvered her into fighting a warlord and gaining control of an army. When he was murdered by villagers who he had previously wronged, she went momentarily mad with grief and was going to have her newfound army slaughter the entire village until Gabrielle brought her to her senses.

”Atrius” then revealed that he was Ares in disguise and this had all been a plan to get Xena back. When she said she would rather die than return to him, he almost killed her but could not bring himself to do it.


While protecting a village from marauders, Xena was struck from hiding by a dart filled with poison. Within hours, she started to become incapacitated, the worst of it striking during a battle with a warlord. She managed to get away but he took credit for her defeat. She had to put herself into a trance to heal.

Gabrielle thought she was dead and did her best to fight the warlord and take her body back to be buried by that of her brother, Lyceus. Xena healed enough to come out of the trance just in time to save Gabrielle and Salmoneus, who had been willing to sacrifice himself to save a village. She defeated the warlord but the mystery of her hidden attacker remained.

A short time later, the mysterious assailant revealed herself. Her name was Callisto and, during her conquering era, Xena had killed almost everyone in her village including her parents. It had been an accident as Xena normally did not kill non-combatants. But a fire started and spread, killing most of the villagers.

Callisto’s intention was to slaughter as many villages as possible while using Xena’s name, destroying the reputation she was beginning to develop for having changed her ways before killing her. The would-be warrior, Joxer, was also introduced. When Gabrielle was captured by Callisto, however, he refused to kill her.

Xena and Callisto battled atop ladders high above the ground as Gabrielle hung above them. Xena managed to rescue Gabrielle and defeat Callisto. As Callisto fell, Xena caught her though Callisto wanted to die. Callisto still burned with the need for revenge and Xena still had to deal once again with the guilt for what she had done in her past.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) faces Poseidon

Xena was reunited with her older brother, Toris, who had tracked down the Warlord Corteze, who was responsible for the death of their younger brother, Lyceus. In the process of finally getting to the warlord and defeating him, Toris had to face that his anger towards Xena for “corrupting” their brother was really anger at himself.

Deep down, he admitted he knew that had everyone followed his plan and retreated into the hills, they would have been tracked down and picked off at Corteze’s leisure. Though Xena’s choice to form an army went wrong, it was the only choice that would have worked.

Finally, they were reconciled and Toris decided to head home after facing his moment of truth and turning Corteze over for trial rather than killing him in cold blood.

Xena traveled back to the centaur village where her son, Solan, had been raised by Kaleipus. Now nearly a teenager, he did not know she was his mother. She killed Dagnine, once a lieutenant in her army, after he got an elixir that turned him into a “super-centaur”.

In the fight, he revealed that he had killed Borias by stabbing him in the back. But Xena felt she had to move on and not reveal to Solan that she was his mother.

And More Callisto

Callisto escaped from prison and came after Xena. But when she heard that Gabrielle had gotten married, she veered off with the intent of killing Gabrielle but ended up killing her new husband, Perdicas. Worried that Gabrielle would sacrifice everything she stood for to get revenge, Xena confronted Callisto again.

Crashing in a wild chariot race, they both ended up in quicksand. Because Xena had a whip and her chakram, she was able to pull herself out. She could have saved Callisto but let her die.

Plagued by guilt over allowing Callisto to die, Xena was having nightmares about it and would think she woke up only to realize she was still sleeping and in the nightmare. Although trapped in Tartarus, Callisto had forged a plan with Ares to escape and get revenge on Xena.

In Xena’s dream, she and Callisto confronted each other in Tartarus with Ares there. They manipulated Xena into admitting that what she did, not actually killing Callisto but simply allowing her to die when she could have saved her, was a shallow pretense. It was still murder. With that admission, Ares, was able to switch the minds of Callisto and Xena into each other’s bodies.

While Xena was trapped in Tartarus in Callisto’s body, Callisto in Xena’s body went on a rampage, killing her old number one henchman and taking back her army. She captured Xena’s village including her mother and prepared to burn them just as her own village had burned.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) on a couch

Meanwhile, Xena convinced Hades that she was really Xena in Callisto’s body and was granted one day and night to defeat Callisto. Ares warned Callisto that Xena was free and after her and told her to just avoid Xena for twenty-four hours. But Callisto was obsessed with personally destroying Xena and making her watch her mother and village burn.

The two of them finally fought a pitched but equal battle.

As Xena (in Callisto’s body) started fading back to Tartarus, she executed her real plan. She stabbed Callisto with a poison dart as Callisto had previously done to her. But this poison was designed only to put Callisto to sleep. Xena was then able to draw Callisto’s mind into Tartarus with her where she made Callisto confront her own mother and all the people she had killed.

Although Callisto insisted that everything she had done was Xena’s fault, on some level, she felt the guilt and that was enough to trap her in Tartarus. Xena returned to Earth but, for some reason, she returned in Callisto’s body. Gabrielle had to deal with the fact that when she looked at her best friend, she saw the person who had killed her husband.

Subsequently, Sisyphus escaped from Tartarus, stealing Ares’ sword in the process. Each god had a special object which allowed them to maintain their godhood [at least according to this episode]. Xena helped Ares get the sword back and regain his godhood. He promised her that he would return her proper body to her if she succeeded and he did. Xena regained her own body.

Sometime later, when Xena was killed, Gabrielle was taking her body home when the Amazons asked her to take her rightful place as Queen because she received her Rite of Caste from the daughter of the Queen. Queen Melosa had been killed in combat by Velasca, her adoptive daughter. Velasca was intending to attack the centaurs and start a war.

But as one who received the Rite from the blood daughter of the Queen, Gabrielle could assume the Queenship. Meanwhile, Autolycus, the King of Thieves, was possessed by Xena’s spirit in an attempt to find Ambrosia, the Food of the Gods, to bring Xena back to life.

This led to a confrontation with Velasca and a chase to get to the ambrosia first. Xena switched to Gabrielle’s body and defeated Velasca. Getting the ambrosia to Xena, Gabrielle restored her to life.

Never Enough Callisto

But Velasca, though she was mortally wounded, managed to crawl to a small portion of ambrosia that Xena had missed and ate it, becoming a goddess. Obsessed with killing Gabrielle, she started pursuing Xena and the Amazons. Xena knew she needed an immortal to help her fight Velasca and she had no idea where Hercules currently was.

But she had spoken to him not long before and knew what had happened to Callisto, that she was trapped and was immortal. Xena freed her and got her to join forces in the hopes of getting the small remains of the ambrosia from Velasca and becoming a goddess herself. Neither could trust the other and they knew it.

Callisto tried to switch sides but Xena sabotaged that by making Velasca think it was a trick to get her to drop her guard. Then, while fighting on a bridge over a river of lava, Callisto got the ambrosia and ate it, becoming a goddess. But, while Callisto and Velasca fought, Xena threw her chakram, severing the bridge and sending the two of them plunging into the lava, hopefully trapped forever.

Xena and Gabrielle came into conflict when they faced a savage group of primitives called the Horde. Xena started reverting to her old villainous self as the only way to fight them while Gabrielle found there was a way to reason with them after all. They then helped the immortal Cecrops break the pirate’s curse placed upon him by Poseidon.

Cupid’s infant son stole his bow and started shooting people with “Love arrows”. This resulted in Xena in love with the Warlord Draco, he in love with Gabrielle and she in love with Joxer. Everyone assumed Joxer got shot too.

Everything got put right except Xena asked Cupid to let Draco stay in love as it was causing him to try changing his ways. Joxer could not be cured as he really was in love with Gabrielle.

Madness of the Furies

Ares convinced the Furies to drive Xena mad as punishment for failing to avenge the murder of her father. She had not known for sure he was alive or dead. Returning home, fading in and out of madness, she found out from her mother what had really happened, that her mother had killed her father to save her life. But it was a trap.

If she avenged her father, then she would still be cursed to madness for killing her mother. But Xena saw a way out. She confronted the Furies and claimed Ares was her father. She asked why her father, Atrius, came home and intended to sacrifice his own daughter all of a sudden?

She proposed it was because Ares tended to take the forms of his soldiers and go have sex with their wives. Someone at the temple must have blabbed to Atrius about her not being his daughter.

Xena then stalemated Ares in a fight, convincing the Furies she must be a demigod and hence the daughter of Ares, not of Atrius. Believing her story, the Furies lifted the Curse of Madness. After they left, Ares said he knew Xena did not really believe he was her father and she replied that what mattered was that the Furies believed it.

[And, ever since, certain fans who want to believe it have continued to though it was pretty clear Xena and Ares knew it wasn’t true and it would make his lusting for her pretty disgusting if it was true].

The Dahak Saga

Everything changed when Xena and Gabrielle accompanied freedom fighters to Britannia to oppose Caesar. While Xena let her hatred get control of her and prepared to take revenge, Gabrielle was lured to what she thought was a temple to “The One God”.

There, she was tricked into killing to save someone else’s life. Her innocence shattered, the killing helped open the gateway for an evil deity called Dahak to enter the world.

While still in Britannia, Gabrielle found she had been magically impregnated by Dahak. The “baby” was born within hours and grew to ten months of age within hours more. Xena chased Gabrielle down with the intent of killing the demonic creature after it killed someone but it looked completely like a baby.

Gabrielle tricked Xena into thinking the baby had fallen over a cliff and perished but she had really sent it down a river in a boat in the hope it would survive.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) and a very big guy

Xena then received a message that took her to “The East” to repay an old debt to Lao Ma by killing Ming Tien. But Gabrielle could not allow her to throw away all the good she had done and managed to get to the target ahead of her, warning him of Xena’s intentions. This only backfired and got Xena captured and scheduled for execution.

But, calling upon the powers Lao Ma had taught her long ago and that she finally understood, she defeated Ming Tien and killed him although she kept this a secret from Gabrielle.

Xena again returned to the centaur village where her son, Solan, lived. Hope, Gabrielle’s daughter, had grown to be almost a teenager within months. She freed Callisto from the lava in which Xena had trapped her. Callisto was sent to destroy what people loved most, their children. Callisto tried to kill Solan but Xena helped him elude her.

Kaleipus, the centaur who had raised him, was killed by Hope. Xena took Solan to be hidden out for his safety but Hope revealed to Gabrielle that she was Gabrielle’s daughter and tricked Gabrielle into taking her to the same sanctuary. There, she killed Solan.

Finally realizing that Hope was a demon in the form of a child, Gabrielle killed her by poison. Xena tricked Callisto into fighting her in a cave and again trapped her. The bodies of Solan and Hope were burned and Xena told Gabrielle she never wanted to speak to her again as Solan would be alive if she had killed that demonic thing when Xena warned her to.

Gabrielle returned to the Amazons where Xena attacked and tried to kill her. Dragging Gabrielle to the edge of a cliff, Xena was about to throw her over when she struck back and sent them both toppling over, screaming their hatred of each other. They awoke in a land called Illusia where they confronted images of enemies ranging from Callisto to Ares, Caesar to Ming Tien.

For the most part, Illusia forced them to sing out their strongest emotions as they expressed their blame, each of the other, for everything that had happened. Finally they realized the spirit of Solan had brought them to this place to reconcile. Gabrielle was able to leave but Xena was still trapped because, for her, it was not just hatred.

It was also deception. She confessed she had killed Ming Tien and lied about it. When Gabrielle and Xena forgave each other, Solan appeared and Xena was able to tell him she was his mother. Then Gabrielle and Xena found themselves back on Earth, their journeys continuing.

Four hundred of you. One of me. You’re outnumbered.

One of Xena’s greatest adventures, in terms of battle prowess, was when she had to turn back a Persian army of three to four hundred soldiers. She took out about half of them fighting in a barn that she had booby-trapped. Then she defeated over thirty of them in a straight fight before the rest retreated.

She later went up against Caesar again and proved how much things had changed by playing him. He assumed her goal was to kill him but it was not. Her goal was for him to think that was her goal when the real plan was to free a friend of hers. So she had overcome her desire for revenge.

Hope Springs Eternal

Soon after, the burned body of Hope, sealed into a cocoon, was regenerating. Callisto escaped from an alternate reality Hercules had trapped her in, Ares switched to Hope’s side for the promise of power from her father, Dahak, and it became a race to try stopping Hope from being reborn.

But they could not stop it and, worse, Ares then mated with Hope, who was pregnant with the first of a new generation of demonic gods.

Just when it looked like Hope would win and Dahak would enter the world, things turned around. Gabrielle sacrificed herself, sending herself and Hope plunging into a fiery dimension to their deaths. For once, Joxer came through and found the dagger coated with Hind’s blood (although it was unclear how and where he found it).

As Callisto laughed over Gabrielle’s death, Xena stabbed her with it, killing her.

Unknown to Xena, Ares used his powers to save Hope and also to save Gabrielle because he knew he could later use that to force Xena to be with him.

Xena traveled to the Amazon afterlife to reunite with Gabrielle. But she found the tribe of Amazons she once opposed could not cross all the way over and were trapped in a sort of purgatory because of spells cast by the sorceress Alti whose apprentice Xena had been long before. Overcome by remorse, she knew she had to help free them before she continued her search for Gabrielle.

Taking herself near to death with her own pressure points techniques, Xena projected her astral form and fought Alti on the spiritual plane, slaying her there and freeing the Amazons to cross over into the afterlife. During the battle, Alti tried to distract Xena with visions of her future, times when she was in pain.

But Gabrielle was also there. It was the knowledge that Gabrielle was alive that allowed Xena to fight back and win.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) in Hades

When Xena returned to Greece, Ares offered to help her find Gabrielle if she was alive. Knowing Ares could search the world at least a thousand times faster than she could, she felt she had to accept his terms. He forced her to sign a mystical contract that would result in their marriage in a future incarnation of hers although, as it turned out, Xena hid the contract and Ares never got the chance to use it until she was reincarnated in the Twentieth century.

Xena then found who she thought was Gabrielle in Gabrielle’s home town but it was Hope. Hope had mothered a monster child though one more driven by its instincts than evil. Xena had to kill it and, in its death throes, it accidentally killed Hope. This was the end of the “Dahak Saga” for Xena and Gabrielle although Hercules and Iolaus went on to defeat Dahak.

While that was happening, there was also the ongoing saga of Rome and Julius Caesar, Xena managing to deal them a severe blow when she maneuvered Caesar and his arch rival, Pompeii, into devastating each other’s armies.

The Chakram of Light

Xena and Gabrielle decided to travel to India, the specific reasons unclear other than to get away from their troubles and avoid retribution from Rome for a while. While there, they met Eli, a skilled stage magician who was destined to become a real healer and a Messiah figure.

They also came into conflict with some of the Hindu gods. Xena met and temporarily became an avatar of Krishna in order to defeat a demon/ god that had kidnapped Gabrielle and Eli and discovered that they would be reincarnated many times and share many adventures together.

Returning to a region near Greece, Gabrielle was captured by the Romans. In attempting to save her, Xena was crippled by Callisto, who had been given demonic powers after being cast into Hell and allowed to return. Both Xena and Gabrielle were crucified and died even as events Xena had set into motion resulted in Julius Caesar being killed by his own senate in Rome.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) in a fringed robe

Xena and Gabrielle found themselves in the afterlife, being taken to Heaven. It was never explained why they would not be taken to the Fields of Elysium other than that another god more powerful took them. Lifted into Heaven by angels, they were attacked by demons and Gabrielle fell into Hell.

Xena was lifted into Heaven and successfully completed a test to become an angel so she could go on a mission to rescue Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was rescued but Xena encountered Callisto, now tortured in Hell for all eternity for acts motivated by what Xena had done to her. Overcome with compassion, she drew Callisto’s demonic aspect into herself and became a demon while Callisto was lifted into Heaven.

Xena then led an assault on Heaven that ended when, back on Earth, Eli with some angelic help, resurrected the bodies of Xena and Gabrielle, bringing them back to life.

Returning to Greece, Xena acquired a weapon called the Chakram of Light, an amalgamation of her own chakram and a magic chakram. The main differences were that it could separate into halves, each one could be thrown individually or she could hold one in each hand and use them in melee combat.

It also caused far more damage than her old chakram, enough that even gods feared it for the damage it could cause though it could not kill them on its own merits.


Along the way, Xena had discovered she was pregnant though, as she put it, there were normally certain physical requirements for that to happen and she had not met those requirements for a long time. But the spirit of her old mentor/ enemy, Alti, tried to take the soul of her baby and she again had to fight her to regain her baby’s soul.

Returning to Chen (China), Xena encountered the daughters of Lao Ma, who were battling each other to gain their mother’s “Book of Wisdom”, one of them to help the people and the other for the power. Xena defeated the evil one, temporarily channeling Lao Ma’s magical powers.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) in battle with a chakram

A significant event occurred when Eli started a movement that heralded the end of the Olympian gods and Ares killed him, an event that was really part of the process that would lead to the end of the worship of the Olympians.

As Xena’s baby was about to be born, The Fates informed Zeus that there was no doubt the birth of the child would herald the end for the Gods of Olympus. To help Xena, Hercules, with the help of the reformed Hera, sought the Rib of Chronos, a weapon he could use against Zeus.

In the final battle, as Zeus was about to kill Xena and her baby, Hercules stabbed him, killing him. Though having vowed never to call Zeus “father” again, he cried out “Father” to the sky after Zeus’s body faded away.

Xena went to Tartarus to ask the help of Hades in return for past favors but he too tried to kill her or her baby. While there, she encountered the spirit of her son, Solon, who had chosen Tartarus where he would remember his mother over the Fields of Elysium where he would just relive the same day endlessly. Xena convinced him to go to Elysium where he should be and he gave the baby a name, Eve.

Run, Baby, Run

Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer then had to go on the run as the gods and their followers launched an all-out assault to kill Xena’s baby. Ares offered to help her, though it would mean his eventual death, if she would produce a child with him, a child that would give him immortality in a human sense even if he died. But she turned him down, unconvinced of his sincerity.

But it had reached the point where the gods would never stop pursuing her to get the child and Xena knew it. She had to face the army of Athena who laid siege to her home village of Amphipolis. Xena was able to convince Ares to help her and the army backed off for the moment when Athena’s second-in-command was killed.

But the pursuit continued until Xena caused the seeming death of herself and Gabrielle and convinced the gods that both of them and Eve had died. The only problem was that the deaths were temporary. Xena and Gabrielle would have revived within hours while the death of the baby had been entirely faked.

But Ares was overcome with remorse at Xena’s death. He interred Xena and Gabrielle inside a cave in a frozen wasteland, preserved for eternity, not realizing they really were not dead.

Rip Van Xena

An avalanche caused them to awaken twenty-five years later. They found that the Cult of Eli had grown and the two of them were considered an integral part of it. They soon encountered the elderly Joxer and found he had married Meg (another Xena lookalike) and had children, including his son, Virgil, who would go on to become an epic poet.

Xena discovered that her daughter was now called Livia and was the Champion of Rome, about to marry the Roman Emperor and also the favored of Ares. Xena’s appearance made Ares realize who Livia really was, Xena’s daughter, Eve.

Enraged at Xena who she simply considered a rival for the affections of Ares and a challenge to her position, she fought Xena in the Roman arena. Xena defeated but refused to kill her.

Xena pursued Eve but her atrocities became so horrible, slaughtering people by the dozens and killing Joxer, that Xena felt she had to fight her to the death. But no matter what she had done, Xena could not bring herself to kill her daughter.

But then Callisto appeared to Eve and made her feel her entire life, especially her infancy. She experienced how much her mother loved her and realized how badly she had become twisted. She ran away, trying to deal with these new feelings.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) with a big smile

Xena and Gabrielle followed but the gods soon realized Eve was alive. As they pursued her, Xena took her daughter to one of Eli’s followers, “The Baptist”. As Eve was being “cleansed”, Xena had a vision in which she understood that, as long as Eve was alive, the “One God” had given her the power to kill gods.

In battle, she killed Hephaestus, Hades, Discord, Poseidon and Deimos. The death of Poseidon occurred when she deflected the energy bolt of another god and it hit him. The death of Deimos happened when she caused an explosion that caused a wagon to launch into the air and land on him.

So the attacks did not even have to be direct. But Eve was mortally wounded as was Gabrielle. Aphrodite, who considered Gabrielle her friend, took them to Olympus.

Xena was willing to negotiate in return for Athena saving Gabrielle. But Athena would not be dictated to by a mortal. As she and Xena fought, Eve died from her wounds and Xena lost her ability to kill gods. But Ares healed Gabrielle and Eve, resurrecting Eve. Xena struck the killing blow.

As she died, Athena could not comprehend how he could heal them as that required Athena’s blessing. But Ares had burned away his godhood to do it, becoming mortal because he loved Xena.

Ares was then driven mad by the Furies who hoped to capitalize on the deaths of the Olympian gods to eliminate both the mortal Ares and Xena and establish their own reign but Xena was able to kill them and free Ares.

Hell hath no fury

Returning to her home village, Xena found that her mother had died years earlier and that an arch demon, Mephistopheles, was holding her spirit captive to force Xena to give him her daughter’s blood and release him into the world.

Xena realized she did not have to kill her daughter but just use a little of her blood. She brought the Ruler of Hell into the physical world where her god-slaying ability could affect him and killed him though she knew she would have to take his place.

But the Gateway to Hell stayed open and Xena was corrupted more and more. An arch angel named Lucifer showed up to throw her into the pit and make her take her place as Ruler of Hell. But he immediately showed two of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Seeing her chance, she manipulated him into changing sides until he committed all seven of them and was transformed into a demon, being cast into Hell as its new ruler.

Though she retained her ability to kill gods for a period of time, she lost it eventually. In Rome, the Mad Emperor, Caligula, who was some sort of succubus or incubus, had managed to steal Aphrodite’s godhood, draining it from her.

The Arch Angel Michael sent Xena to kill Caligula but Ares intercepted her and explained that if she killed him, Aphrodite would die too as she and Caligula were linked. Michael later appeared and tried to kill Aphrodite to cause Caligula to die so there would not be a mad god as ruler of Rome.

Xena attacked him to save Aphrodite but before she could kill him, Michael’s god took back from her the ability to kill gods. She still managed to trick the demented Caligula into killing himself to avoid her wrath by bluffing that she still had the power to kill him.

Because the capacity to love was fading from the world without Aphrodite (and because love must have a balancing force), Xena went to Odin, King of the Norse Gods, and convinced him to give the Golden Apples to Aphrodite and Ares, restoring their godhood.

(This really made no sense because the ongoing storyline involved the growing Cult of Eli and the Way of Love but this was the sort of tongue-in-cheek incongruity that Hercules and Xena were famous for. This episode also featured a modern day reporter and camera crew interviewing Xena and other people in the middle of an adventure in a parody of the Jerry Springer show with the characters readily accepting the existence of this modern group.)

(In most episodes, there was a blurb at the end in which the show made fun of itself. The blurb in this one was: “The concept of linear time was severely damaged during the production of this motion picture”. This one definitely broke the Fourth Wall.)

The End

A messenger then asked Xena and Gabrielle to travel to a land beyond China (Chen) where Xena was asked by an old lover named Akemi to free the land from a powerful demon. Akemi was a spirit, a woman who once tricked Xena into helping her kill her evil father and then stabbing herself and calling upon Xena to strike the death blow as she was already mortally wounded.

But the only way this demon spirit could be slain was by another spirit. Xena intentionally entered a hopeless battle, outnumbered a thousand to one, and was slain. She arose as a spirit and was finally able to defeat the demon in a pitched battle but could not return to the land of the living.

However, she could make her presence known to Gabrielle who carried on in her place as a traveling warrior and righter of wrongs with Xena, literally in spirit, at her side.

Then, after the End

In one modern story, the evil sorceress, Alti, created clones of Xena and Gabrielle and placed into them all of the memories of the real Xena and Gabbie. Her intent was to recreate only the evil Xena as her accomplice but Gabrielle was able to awaken all of her memories and they defeated Alti. Faking their own deaths, the clones of Xena and Gabrielle made a home for themselves in the early Twenty-first century.

The real Xena, along with Gabrielle and Joxer, awoke in their reincarnated bodies in the early Twenty-first century with some help from Ares. He was making yet another attempt to win over Xena. In fact, he was trying to enforce the contract he had gotten her to sign thousands of years earlier.

Possessing the memories of all their past lives, Xena and Gabrielle defeated him yet again before walking off into the modern sunset forever. Or did they?

Hercules was still out in the world, not a full god but ageless nevertheless. While pretending to be an actor in a television series about himself, he defeated several of Ares’ plots for world conquest. There were also references to Zeus sitting up on Olympus, the gods having eventually come back to life though it may have taken a long time.

So it is quite likely that, sooner or later, they all encountered one another in the modern world for adventures that, alas, were never told.

The subtext that became main text

After the fact, I tried to go back and work this into the main history but it was difficult to give it the justice it deserved as an addition to chronicling the adventures. I chose an episodic or linear approach to the “History” and that may or may not have been wise.

Regardless, it made it difficult to work this in and maybe that is just as well because maybe giving it its own section works better.

Throughout her history, Xena often seemed attracted to both women and men. In her early adventures, the ones told first, not the back story, she loved a number of men, Hercules being one of them. She also was in love with a man named Marcus and a few others.

In the back story, it began to emerge that many of her loves, probably some of the most heartfelt ones, were women. Lao Ma was certainly someone whom she loved on many levels and who she clearly was involved with romantically.

She was in love with Anokin, a young woman that was apprenticed to Alti. That she was attracted to Queen Cyane (the Cyane she met around the same time she met Alti) was explicit. She was hiding and ogling Cyane when Cyane was naked. They are never explicitly stated to have become involved but they almost certainly were.

It also seems implicit that she was involved with Alti in their early days, that both Xena and Anokin were involved with her. But all of Xena’s relationships during her early days, female or male, were marred by trying to deny her capacity to love because it would interfere with the life she wanted to lead.

When Xena was with Lao Ma, she was not ready for the lessons Lao Ma tried to impart to her. But then she had a child, Solan. When she saw Borias die and held her son, she took him to be cared for by people who were not at all like her.

By the time she met Hercules, she was ready to change. All of her time with Lao Ma, as well as having a son she could not be with, came flooding to the surface when Hercules showed her mercy and befriended her. Though short-lived, her romance with him was heartfelt though there is no way to know how much her feelings were born of gratitude.

Xena was a changed person by the time she met Gabrielle, already seeking a sort of redemption or at least to do all she could to make up for her past. It is impossible to say precisely when their relationship became romantic but there are certainly hints.

When Gabrielle fell in love with Perdicas and they were going to get married, he admitted he had some previous experience with women. Gabrielle said she had no previous experience but seemed to imply that she meant no experience with men.

One of the unfortunate things about this was the need or perceived need to be subtle about it, implying almost everything rather than showing it. For example, we have no doubt when Hercules became romantically involved with Deinara. An entire made for television movie (“Hercules and the Circle of Fire”) is dedicated to it.

The next one (“Hercules in the Underworld”) deals with her fears of losing him and their ongoing relationship. There is no question that there is a relationship there with her and with Sirena and later with Morrigan. But with Xena and Gabrielle, we have to read into it through implication.

It reaches a point where the two of them say things to each other that lovers might say. Well before the end, they are calling each other soul mates. In the early Twenty-first century, Xena has been reincarnated as a male while Gabrielle has been reincarnated as a female.

They end up married and are openly shown to be in a relationship. When Ares switches everyone’s souls into “appropriate” bodies so that both Xena and Gabrielle are in female bodies, they continue the relationship, this time pretty explicitly stated.

But, except in very subtle ways, in hints and suggestions, we never openly see the slow (or fast) development of their relationship which is unfortunate that there is still a stigma about it to that degree.

Personal Notes and Alternate Realities

I kept these out of the “History” because they tend to be my own opinions.

I tend to be a Continuity buff. There was a “Norse Trilogy” done in the last season of “Xena” and it involved flashbacks to her early history. Although the Norse trilogy was good, one thing I did not like is that it completely contradicted the previously established continuity of “Hercules” and, to a lesser degree, “Xena”.

Hercules had met Odin in a 2 part episode. Aside from being played by a different actor, Odin in the “Hercules” story was married and one of the significant things about his personality was that he loved and was extremely devoted to his wife, Frigga. He also genuinely cared about humanity.

In the “Xena” version, there is no wife and never was, he is having affairs with his valkries and he is a plotting conniver. There is simply no way to reconcile the “Xena” version of Odin with the one who met Hercules. Granted, the shows were so tongue-in-cheek that it hardly matters. But it’s why I didn’t mention the Norse trilogy in the “History” section.

What makes the “Odin contradiction” even more unfortunate is that this trilogy really played up the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle even to the point that it was Xena who awoke Sleeping Beauty (Gabrielle) with a kiss.

During the storyline, a male character, Beowulf, and a female character, Brunhilda, were both in love with Gabrielle and each knew the other was. But gender was never mentioned or even implied to be an issue.


Xena is a strong and tall woman with long black hair. She is usually wearing armor though the legs and arms are bare. She carries a sword in a sheathe on her back and her chakram at her hip.


Xena can be a gruff person. She is driven by guilt about her past and can be ruthless when she has to be but is also loyal to her friends and is driven to make amends for her past wrongs while expecting no reward for doing so.

At times, she behaves as if she does not feel she deserves or has earned redemption. For instance, when others receive a blessing of forgiveness and turn to her, expecting her to do the same, she walks away, leaving a character to ask if she does or does not want redemption.

At other times, she grows tired of being confronted by her past to the point that she refuses to justify herself to others or be blamed anymore. There is also a real fear of falling back into her old ways and she relies heavily on Gabrielle to prevent that from happening.

By the end, Xena was moving more towards being more meticulous than ever about whether she did or did not need to kill in a particular situation while Gabrielle seemed less cautious about it.


“Hard times breed hard people, Iolaus. There’s no avoiding that.”

Hercules: “Xena doesn’t accept pity. She’s a warrior in the truest sense of the word.”

“I have done terrible things. I have killed so many men that I’ll never wash the blood from my hands.”

Xena: “It’s hard to be alone.”
Gabrielle: “You’re not alone.”

Xena: “I’m sorry.”
Gabrielle: “Did you just apologize ?”

Gabrielle: “Do you realize that you just saved the life of a man who was going to kill you ? See ? You are a good person, Xena.”

Xena (to Hercules): “There’s something I’ve been wanting to say to you for a long time. You changed my life. You taught me how to live. I’ll never forget you for that. Thanks.”

Diomedes: “You embroider ?”
Xena: “I have many skills.”

Villager: “You ? Stop an entire army ? Impossible.”
Xena: “Watch me. I have many skills.”

Ulysses (Odysseus): “You can sail a ship too ?”
Xena: “I have many skills.”

“I have many skills, most of which I use against people like you.”

DC Universe History

Xena could fit nicely into DCU ancient history. Although Xena was never an Amazon, she was usually an ally. In the DCU, Heracles would be more enemy than friend. We would have to dismiss the idea of his being pivotal to her change to good and assume meeting Gabrielle was the most critical event.

A modern take might have her and Gabrielle living on Paradise Island from ancient times to the present.

Admittedly, that would eliminate the series finale where she died and also eliminate her various reincarnations. The “God Killer” saga would be less likely and really does not fit into the DCU History of the Greek gods.

However, if one wanted to do an alternate DCU History set in ancient Greece without having to adhere to the Main DCU timeline from then to the present, perhaps the Presence at some point selected Xena to be the host of the Spectre. That would likely give her the capacity to be a real threat to the pantheons of gods.


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Game Stats — DC Heroes


Dex: 11 Str: 04 Bod: 05 Motivation: Seeking Justice/ Redemption
Int: 07 Wil: 09 Min: 09 Occupation: Traveling Righter of Wrongs
Inf: 09 Aur: 09 Spi: 09 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 031 HP: 150

Jumping: 02, Paralysis*: 04, Systemic Antidote*: 05, Regeneration: 02, Suspension*: 09

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Paralysis may be used selectively to paralyze a limb or the entire body
  • Paralysis is No Range as it requires striking pressure points (FC -1)
  • Systemic Antidote requires use of Suspension power and a trance state to work (FC -1)
  • All of her powers are Skilled Powers

Acrobatics*: 11, Animal Handling*: 09, Artist (Actor, Dancer, Singer)*: 09, Charisma*: 09, Martial Artist*: 11, Medicine (First Aid, Medical Treatment, Surgery)*: 07, Military Science*: 07, Thief (Escape Artist, Stealth)*: 11, Vehicles (Sea): 03, Weaponry (Exotic/ Chakram, Melee, Missile)*: 11

Attractive, Buddy (Gabrielle), Intensive Training, Iron Nerves, Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, Pet (Horse named “Argo”)

Hercules (Low), Iolaus (Low), Autolycus (Low)

Arch Enemy (Callisto, Alti), Guilt, Mistrust


  • Chakram [BODY 07, EV 04, Gliding: 02 (Bonus: The Chakram seems to “magically” become a blunt-edged Bashing weapon or a sharp-edged cutting weapon doing Killing Damage as needed. The Gliding power returns it to her after being thrown. The “original” chakram was destroyed and replaced several times.)]
  • Shortsword [BODY 12, EV 04 (05 w/STR, 06 w/Martial Artist)]
  • Knife [BODY 12, EV 03 (04 w/STR, 05 w/Martial Artist)]
  • Whip [BODY 05, EV 04, Snare: 05, Stretching: 01 (Range on striking for damage and on snaring is restricted to the Stretching distance of 20 feet)]
  • Chakram of Light [BODY 16, EV 04, Flight: 02, Magic Blast: 11 (Bonus: The Chakram seems to “magically” become a blunt-edged Bashing weapon or a sharp-edged cutting weapon doing Killing Damage as needed. The Magic Blast is No Range (FC -1). The chakram must hit something itself. It cannot fire a blast at range. This Chakram is a joining of her original chakram and a magical one. It can split into two chakrams and both are shown to be able to do damage to gods, even before she gained the ability to kill gods. She also uses them in melee as “bladed hands”. Gliding was changed to Flight because they seem capable of following an opponent and changing directions with the opponent beyond what even the original Chakram could do)]
  • Armor [BODY 05, Blunting: 03]

Design notes

There were powers I did not give Xena because she used them so few times. If you wish to include them, I’ll give them here.

She had Telekinesis: 08. She stated she could no longer use the TK and only summoned the capacity once or twice.

She had Spirit Travel which I rate at a 04. It took extreme concentration, a complex ritual, a simulated death and a group effort to travel in Spirit Form.

She also displayed Dimension Travel. Not sure what level. Linking it would make it 11. It was limited to the Dream Dimension making the Base Cost 100 points and it had the Limitation: Physical body is left behind on Earth and is comatose (FC -1).

It also required a complex preparation and usually people helping. She did it several times so it could be valid to make it a “power proper”. But it is also presented as if anyone could do it with the proper rituals. They might not have much chance of survival in the Dream dimension but they could probably get there.

She also demonstrated Broadcast Empath manifested as the Song of the Sirens. Basically, Broadcast Empath*: 09. Limitations: “Must be singing” (Miscellaneous Limitation, FC -1), “Only versus men” (Miscellaneous Limitation, FC -1) and “Only to draw them to move irresistibly towards her regardless of the danger” (Miscellaneous Limitation, FC -1).

Again, this was an ability she only used once and it could arguably also have the FC -1 limitation: “Only to counter the Singing of the Sirens that draws sailors to their doom on the rocks of their island”. But, unless she intends to hang out endlessly on a ship just outside their island with men on it, the ability is effectively useless.

It’s one of those “cute” one-time abilities that vanishes like it never existed.

There was an episode where she demonstrated energy blasts and a force field in the form of a dome but this was explained as somehow channeling magic power her mentor had set aside for her to deal with a specific situation and she no longer had it once that situation was over with.

Xena’s famous god-killing era is best explained by the fact that the Invulnerability of the Greek gods had a long list of things it did not work against: Hind’s blood, the blood of Dahak, the “Circle of Fire”, the Dagger of Helios, a rib from the body of Cronus, etc.

That Xena could be given the power to ignore their invulnerability and strike them with an attack that could kill them if given such an ability by a more powerful god seems par for the course as the Greek gods seem not so much to have an insurmountable amount of Body but the Invulnerability.

I gave her the “Pet” advantage for her gender-changing horse, Argo (it switches from male to female frequently in early episodes before finally deciding to stick with being female) and it will come to her when she calls even when someone else is at the reins.

The low connection to Hercules and Iolaus is because, given the era in terms of travel times and communications, she usually cannot contact them immediately. Obviously, during the last season, when she and Gabrielle came out of suspended animation after twenty-five years, they no longer have this connection as the whereabouts of Hercules and Iolaus are unknown and Iolaus would be an old man.

By Doug Mertaugh

Source of Character: The television series Xena Warrior Princess and some episodes of the Hercules the Legendary Journeys series. No one person created Xena. It was a group effort added to throughout the years. John Schulian, Robert Bielak, R.J. Stewart, Robert Tapert and many others were involved in the process. She was played by Lucy Lawless.

Helper(s): This entry replaces a very old entry by Dr. Sean MacDonald, which I found to be helpful as a guideline. Sébastien Andrivet, Alfonso Jermaine, William Chamberlin, Christopher Roxby, Darci and Ethan Roe provided useful information.

Writeup completed on the 20th of July, 2013.

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