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(Graveyard Faction)
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She wields several metres of extra-thick barbed wire, over which she seems to exert telekinetic control. The main demonstrated uses are : Use it as a lasso or noose. Rigidify it to use it as a sort of macuahuitl (a sword-shaped club with rows of sharp protrusions). The second one is...

(Isabella Valentine)
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Ivy is a unique character in so many ways. She is one of the most recognizable characters from the Soul Calibur series, heavily used in their marketing campaigns. And she’s beyond hypersexualised, which I guess would be ultrasexualised. Yet there is so much more to her character...

(Ziggurat video game)
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Context Ziggurat is a 2014 video game from a small indie Spanish studio . It strongly evokes minor 1990s classics Hexen and Heretic. Since it’s about running around a dungeon whilst shooting the things with magic weapons. I was playing it for relaxation whilst slaving on...

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Background Real Name: Unrevealed. Marital Status: Unrevealed. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Red Shadows. Base Of Operations: Moscow. Height: 5’4” / 10’. Weight: 115 lbs. / 1300 lbs. Eyes: Grey Hair: Grey Advertisement (adsbygoogle =...

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Context Warframe is a free-to-play third-person space shooter video game. It has been around since 2013. In a way it’s comparable to Path of Exile. That is it’s complex, involved, somewhat strange, and the free-to-play isn’t *too* predatory (but do remain wary). As...

(Carol Danvers) (Part #1 - 1998/2000)
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If you need more orientation, you can also check our marvellous guide to Ms. Marvels. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Background Real Name: Carol Susan Jane Danvers. Former Aliases: Ms. Marvel, Lady Marvel (in Morgan’s reality). Marital Status:...

(Atlas Comics)
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Context Atlas Comics was the successor company of Timely Comics, and the predecessor of Marvel Comics. It was active during the 1950s, back when super-hero comics were in a slump. It was the interregnum era, between the Golden Age  and the Silver Age . Astonishing was one of...

(Using speech recognition in games)
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Context This is our second article about playing video games with diminished, or simply mediocre, manual dexterity. I’m writing this as a person with nerve damage. But this can be useful both for persons with more severe issues (such as missing fingers), or people who simply are...

(Global Frequency)
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Context Ms. Jill Cabot and Constable Daniel Gulpilil appear in the fourth issue of Global Frequency, “Hundred”. This entry has S P O I L E R S about it. Global Frequency (written by Warren Ellis) only ran 12 issues from 2002-2004. But it remains one of my...

(Disambiguation page)
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We have a a bunch of articles about the Black Widow, and some of them aren’t about the same person. Which I guess can be confusing to people who aren’t experts. So here’s an orientation (Wikipedia would say “disambiguation”) page for your convenience. ...