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Sample character approach See our video games profiles FAQ article for this one. It is used when there’s no fleshed-out, canonical version of the Player Character  in a video game but we need one (often to present the plot and setting in an engaging manner). The...

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The sample character approach To address that, our usual approach is : Create our own Player Character using the game’s customization options (including mods). This character is the canon character for purposes. For instance, when writing about...

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Sample characters” are fleshed-out Player Characters  in video game. They serve as a window into the setting, the plot, the possible Player Character powers and skills… Examples include Mandala Shepard (Mass Effect), Jolene Hassan...

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In practice it tends to always be the same ones, namely : This profile includes S P O I L E R S If you are not familiar with the material, see THIS BASE CAMP ENTRY first This profile is part of a series (PREVIOUS ENTRY, NEXT ENTRY) This profile features a sample or customized Player...

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Used for: A bunch. Sylphid Erymos, Ksenia Venom, Vault Dweller, Chosen One (Fallout 2), sample Avernum party, Rowan Guerrin, Jet Foundling (with Photoshop recolouring)… Note: Be sure to explore the graphic options for high-res character textures and green screen. Very good...