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(Super Friends cartoon version)
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Context Super-Friends was a goofy cartoon series inspired by DC Comics characters. It had nine seasons from 1973 to 1986. I wouldn’t quite call it “cult”, but it had a notable cultural impact. One 1978 episode pitted the Super-Friends against Dracula because heh, why...

(Terry McGinnis)
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She explained to him that despite her disagreements with Batman she had come to believe that the world would always need a Batman. To that end she obtained a sample of Bruce’s DNA (from a bandage left behind after a battle) and enacted a plan to create a new Batman. This project was...

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Like many animated characters, the Kratts wear their emotions on their face. They are always excited to get to do what they love; learn about animals! Once they become focused on learning about a creature they will not be detoured even by other animal mysteries. The brothers are kind...

The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow !
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In a desperate attempt to stop Imperiex the leader of the resistance, an AI named K3NT, used a sample of the DNA of Superman (Kal-El) to create an altered clone, immune to Kryptonite, and dedicated to destroying Imperiex. Dubbed Superman X even this powerful clone was no match for Imperiex,...

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Context Vlad Plasmius is a major character and antagonist in the Danny Phantom cartoon series. If you’re not familiar with it, you should first read our Danny Phantom character profile. Background Real Name: Vlad Masters. Other Aliases: Vladdy, V-Man, the Wisconsin Ghost, One...

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Note: One of the Sisters is called Anna Puma in the original Shirow’s manga but is called Annapuna in the OAV. I published the first out of personal taste. But apart from the name, the characters are identical. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Buaku’s Gang...

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A Breetai in peace time would be interesting. If your DCU characters are placed in space and are in need of alliances dealing with Breetai could be challenging and Byzantine. The aftermath of 52 has decimated many of the civilized worlds around us. You could wreck Thanagar or Rann...

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About the series, toys, and producers Mattel produced a toy line for the characters. Many times, the toys were made first, so vehicles and equipment in the show looked identical to what was sold in stores. These were incorporated into Filmation’s animated series. The common formula...