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With the assistance of the Maulers, Robot recently utilized a sample of Rex’s DNA to create an adolescent clone of Rex. The clone possessed the personality and memories of the deformed human that was secretly Robot. Rex was stunned to learn of the cloning, and it is yet unclear how...

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The Odd Couple, part 1 The odd duo began to work on changing the world, peacefully. Then Allen the Alien returned to Earth-space with a sample of the Scourge Virus. When Invincible was forced to involve himself in the conflict that ensued, he was infected by the virus. Regretful of his...

(Rex Conners)
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As his time with the Guardians progressed, Robot continued working towards his true goal. In his own secret lab, Robot had begun growing a clone. It was created from a DNA sample that he had harvested from Rex Splode months before. Send in the clone He intended to transfer his...

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Thragg monitored their conversation up until the point where Allen revealed that he had returned with a perfected sample of the “Scourge” virus and planned to release it upon the unsuspecting earthborn populace below. With that Thragg left the comfort of his vessel and raced across...

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The Vartox Alternative, part 3 The presence of a clone of Superman would give the empire a new reason for interest in the planet. Such cloning technology would provide a means to replenish their numbers in a much shorter time, either by: Taking DNA samples from the perfectly preserved corpses...

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The Maulers are masters of kit-bashing, and all of their plots involve some form of elaborate gadget from an army of automatons to a really big gun. Of course, the most commonly used invention that they use, and the one that is their claim to fame is their cloning apparatus. Some samples...