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(Alex Draguno)
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Stark tried cutting the tourney short by firing his repulsors at the extremis sample, which Arthur had put on display, but Merlin’s force fields blocked the attack. Finally getting her chance to face Iron Man, Lancelot easily outfought him, knocking him around. Whether he allowed it to...

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Directed by Count Tagar, Mongoose recruited Quicksand to engage Thor in combat. The job was to obtain a cell sample, which the High Evolutionary wanted to create new gods. Quicksand succeeded in drawing Thor out, and they got the needed sample. Battles at Wundagore! The sample proved...

(Namor clone)
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Inspired by the thought of experimenting with the genetics of such a powerful specimen, Sinister took the opportunity to gather a sample of Namor’s blood from Master Man’s discarded spear. He acted while Namor was distracted defeating the Axis thug. Returning to his lab, Sinister...

(Miles Warren)
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Before Stacy’s death, Warren had collected cell samples taken from members of her class. Now Warren surreptitiously used cell samples that had been taken from the bodies of Stacy and Parker to create clones of both. Send in the clones Four weeks later, Warren’s assistant, Anthony...

(Miles Warren clone)
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Jackal gear The clone banks. I won’t even begin to describe this apparatus in stats and powers. Basically the proper user can create a clone, a genetically identical, full grown copy of anyone from a small cell sample. Apparently the clone possesses the memories of the...

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The implication is that McIntyre, being much stronger and faster than Rogers was before he became a super-soldiers, retains proportionately higher abilities as a super-soldier. This does not necessarily align with other cases of super-soldier serum use. But the sample used for Protocide...

(a.k.a. Toxic Doxie)
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She can psychically track targets provided she has access to a sample of their DNA. She has other limited telepathic abilities, allowing her to communicate telepathically with others. She’s had gills implanted, which allowed her to breathe when Spider-Girl webbed up her mouth. She is...

 0   -   
History It seems that Hydra was never again able to duplicate the Kort serum. They only narrowly managed to grab one sample in the first place, as their operations were interrupted by the Thing and Shang-Chi. Alicia was incapacitated by Susan Storm-Richards after rampaging through central...

 0   -   
Sample energy pistol [BODY 05, Energy blast: 08, R#05]. ATTRACTO-SPHERES (x3) [BODY 14 STR 14 — the STR can only be used to keep its victim captive. A Kirbyesque device that can hold even a superhumanly strong person helplessly captive]. The device has a “remote”...

(Profile #1 - before Mockingbird 1971-1973)
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Then she starts ageing in slow motion. Because she’s a comic book character. See our “ageing in comics” article for more. 2016 flashbacks A 2016 flashback has clear chronological markers. When Barbara is about 12, current events point at the vicinity of 1973. However,...