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The above changes may have also facilitated the Auriga’s science staffs experiments, in which clones of Ripley and an alien queen were grown from blood samples found on Fiorina-161. These clones had some of the original Ripley’s memories, suggesting a possible mix of human RNA and...

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This is the second profile in a series, so you need to have read the first Herbie character profile. In 1997, Bruce Campbell and Herbie take on an evil Herbie clone called Horace. Then in 2005, Herbie and Lindsay Lohan take on NASCAR competition. Advertisement (adsbygoogle =...

(Charlize Theron version)
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SECRET COMPARTMENT in her right heel – with a pipette and a small glass container to take samples of liquids. BAND-AIDS [BODY 02. Aeon has a series of transparent band-aid glued to her skin along the clavicles ; she just has to peel them off, take off a film and apply...