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She nearly kills Jason when he breaks in to her hotel room. But after bandaging him up, he explains that the corrupt division chief has a sample of her blood and plan to use it to create an army of super-soldiers. Silke and Jason go and find the previous escapee (and other fully successful...

(Global Frequency)
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One of its quirks is that it’s full of characters who seem cool and interesting, but only appear for a brief time. Each issue is a single case, the cases often involve an ensemble cast, and few characters reoccur from one crisis to the next. But since I love most issues, characters who do...

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Design Notes It’s not clear how long she retains copied powers. But I assume it to be at least as long as she appears to retain the genetic traits visible in her appearance. Since these tend to be overwritten as a new genetic sample is consumed, I’ve assumed that the Powers...

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Chronologic Now, we have the usual issues with chronology in comics. The stories began in late 2009. But we don’t know how much time passes for the characters, or whether there’s a “sliding time” effect. However, from a storytelling standpoint, two *possibilities*...

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A geologist had just found samples of an extraterrestrial metal there, emitting deadly radiation. He only narrowly survived the trip back, but specifically wanted Professor Kala to handle his incredible find. Rumours had long existed about this metal. Thus, Kala had already theorized...