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Blaze decide to steal a sample that had been sent by Smith to a chemical lab. Using flash bombs to incapacitate the guards and set fire to the mail room, Blaze ran away with the formula and a sample of formula-impregnated fabric. He soon learned to replicate the solution. Advertisement ...

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Although she completely failed to convince Strong, she sampled semen from him while he was unconscious. Strong escaped his bonds after waking up, and both combatants were separated in the explosion of the building they were in. Weiss was half-heartedly believed dead. Advertisement ...

(Witch Woman)
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So other English translations could be as follows: Lady Imp, Imp Woman, Evil Woman, Demon Woman, Woman Monster, or any other such combination. I personally like Lady Imp, since it seems true to the origin and since the character is both a Lady and the Imp on her back. “Witch Woman”...

(Leech Lady)
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Linta sent her leeches to search for the stone while Narda was showering. As she was getting out of the shower, Narda slipped on the leeches, hitting her head and knocking her out. Babaeng Linta, again unable to find the stone, instead sampled Narda’s blood through her leeches and...

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He didn’t limit himself to a specific race or creed, sampling each and every type of female that he could. Some were willing, some were not. Despite it all, Alpha One discovered that he was incapable of reproducing with a human female. Undaunted, he decided to turn to...