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This bloke gets a profile since he represents a useful and under-used type of antagonist. The fighter with knock-off super-soldier tech in his body, with low superhuman abilities but no greater-than-life character to him. Having stats and a sample for this seemed useful. His...

(Phil's profile)
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Shortly thereafter, however, the writing of the Authority went kablooie, and all of the old characters were callously killed off. The Midnighter died sacrificing his life, while trying to hurt a foe of the Authority that had invaded the Carrier. Personality In combat: commanding and witty. Out...

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However, it’s a military organization, using army’s ranks, and military confidentiality’s policy. That is, not any member can access any information. Many things are kept secret to the very concerned people (like “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you” or...