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(Roberto Mancy)
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Context This is part of an arc about super-powered French characters, to be used in campaigns where credible European characters from outside the UK are needed. Most of them are members or allies of a fictional military police unit, ESIGN – search for “French Gendarmerie” on...

(The Main Man)
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Advantage : Reputation Whenever the hero’s name is spoken aloud an Intimidation check is made against anyone with a Villainous Motivation who happens to be within earshot. Standard Multi-Attack Penalties apply (or don’’re the GM after all). A villainous...

The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow !
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In a desperate attempt to stop Imperiex the leader of the resistance, an AI named K3NT, used a sample of the DNA of Superman (Kal-El) to create an altered clone, immune to Kryptonite, and dedicated to destroying Imperiex. Dubbed Superman X even this powerful clone was no match for Imperiex,...

(Roy's Elseworld)
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Captain Atom also entered in secret negotiations with the alien Dominators. He agreed to provide DNA sample from various meta-humans in exchange for logistical support. They provided a massive super-computer hidden on the moon. This is the one that Hank Hall referred to in Armageddon...

(Universe AZ version)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); History It all started with a monster and it almost ended with one. After Superman’s death at the hands of Doomsday on December 31 1999, his body and that of Doomsday were taken to the Cadmus Project where, after...

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Thragg monitored their conversation up until the point where Allen revealed that he had returned with a perfected sample of the “Scourge” virus and planned to release it upon the unsuspecting earthborn populace below. With that Thragg left the comfort of his vessel and raced across...

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This article includes S P O I L E R S This profile features a sample or customized Player Character. See our video games writeups FAQ for more. This profile assumes a specific video game playthrough. See our video games writeups FAQ for more This profile features...

(Nathaniel Essex)
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In case a henchman dies (perhaps even by Sinister’s own hand as punishment for disobedience of failure) he/she can always be cloned back into existence. Therefore, Sinister ruthlessly has access to a near-infinite number of super-powered assassins and henchmen. It is said that...

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Poison usually has access to a high-level lab, packed with high-end equipment and chemicals. Her heavy smock contains a number of internal and external pockets, allowing her to easily carry medical equipment, samples, test tubes, etc. with her. It might have some protective properties...

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It may be easier for GMs using this character to simply write off the magenta tinge as a creative team error and assume the energies in question were plain red. “Green hydrosite” was never referred to as such in the stories. However, the unnamed material was derived from core...