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He collected hair samples from the customers at his salon and began a crime spree. He would use his powers to escape the police, leaving a confused customer in his place. Impressed by the crook’s original gimmick, the Flash nicknamed him “Mr. Originality”. Unfortunately...

(Super Friends cartoon version)
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Context Super-Friends was a goofy cartoon series inspired by DC Comics characters. It had nine seasons from 1973 to 1986. I wouldn’t quite call it “cult”, but it had a notable cultural impact. One 1978 episode pitted the Super-Friends against Dracula because heh, why...

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Directed by Count Tagar, Mongoose recruited Quicksand to engage Thor in combat. The job was to obtain a cell sample, which the High Evolutionary wanted to create new gods. Quicksand succeeded in drawing Thor out, and they got the needed sample. Battles at Wundagore! The sample proved...

(Doctor Ovarni)
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When I say “full”, I mean it — the subject will have the full memories of the person up to the point where the sample was taken, will bear any mark or feature acquired during their lives by the subject (such as scars), will likely have the same personality and goals, etc. How she...

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Blaze decide to steal a sample that had been sent by Smith to a chemical lab. Using flash bombs to incapacitate the guards and set fire to the mail room, Blaze ran away with the formula and a sample of formula-impregnated fabric. He soon learned to replicate the solution. Advertisement ...

(Dolls of Shadoloo)
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Quotes “Accessing subject data…28 seconds to go…” “Judged as an obstacle…commencing object disposal…” “Target deactivated. Subject data fixed. Resuming pursuit of Ryu.” “Target in view. 98% similarity between object...

(Namor clone)
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Inspired by the thought of experimenting with the genetics of such a powerful specimen, Sinister took the opportunity to gather a sample of Namor’s blood from Master Man’s discarded spear. He acted while Namor was distracted defeating the Axis thug. Returning to his lab, Sinister...

(Miles Warren)
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Before Stacy’s death, Warren had collected cell samples taken from members of her class. Now Warren surreptitiously used cell samples that had been taken from the bodies of Stacy and Parker to create clones of both. Send in the clones Four weeks later, Warren’s assistant, Anthony...

(Miles Warren clone)
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Jackal gear The clone banks. I won’t even begin to describe this apparatus in stats and powers. Basically the proper user can create a clone, a genetically identical, full grown copy of anyone from a small cell sample. Apparently the clone possesses the memories of the...

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The implication is that McIntyre, being much stronger and faster than Rogers was before he became a super-soldiers, retains proportionately higher abilities as a super-soldier. This does not necessarily align with other cases of super-soldier serum use. But the sample used for Protocide...