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(World of Warcraft sample Player Character)
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A sample Player Character with a… well, “fleshed-out” isn’t the right term, but with a background and personality. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); More context This profile features a sample or customized...

(Star Wars: The Old Republic)
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Unlike the other sample Player Characters, for Klustre the more technical and academic skills are assumed to be deployed by the Companion — Vette — rather than the Player Character. By SĂ©bastien Andrivet. Source of Character: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG. ...

(Jolene Hassan profile #1 - Junktown)
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Though that one was a coincidence, our sample Fallout player characters normally stick to well trod, effective Fallout builds. The assumption is that it is what people have likely been playing, and that it thus matches their mental representation of the stock Fallout Player...

(Alex Draguno)
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Stark tried cutting the tourney short by firing his repulsors at the extremis sample, which Arthur had put on display, but Merlin’s force fields blocked the attack. Finally getting her chance to face Iron Man, Lancelot easily outfought him, knocking him around. Whether he allowed it to...

(Path of Exile sample marauder)
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We have two sample characters for this game. The first, Crystal Nekranne van Riss was focused on role-playing notes and her necromantic spells. This second character is focused on a distinctive part of the game lore instead. This profile was mostly done before update...

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He collected hair samples from the customers at his salon and began a crime spree. He would use his powers to escape the police, leaving a confused customer in his place. Impressed by the crook’s original gimmick, the Flash nicknamed him “Mr. Originality”. Unfortunately...

(Super Friends cartoon version)
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Context Super-Friends was a goofy cartoon series inspired by DC Comics characters. It had nine seasons from 1973 to 1986. I wouldn’t quite call it “cult”, but it had a notable cultural impact. One 1978 episode pitted the Super-Friends against Dracula because heh, why...

(Might and Magic X Legacy sample party) (Part #1)
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Party history (This section is entirely made-up, since there’s very little data about the party in-game. But you knew that — and the reasons for it — from having read this profile’s Context section. And other sample Player Characters articles on...

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Directed by Count Tagar, Mongoose recruited Quicksand to engage Thor in combat. The job was to obtain a cell sample, which the High Evolutionary wanted to create new gods. Quicksand succeeded in drawing Thor out, and they got the needed sample. Battles at Wundagore! The sample proved...

(Doctor Ovarni)
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When I say “full”, I mean it — the subject will have the full memories of the person up to the point where the sample was taken, will bear any mark or feature acquired during their lives by the subject (such as scars), will likely have the same personality and goals, etc. How she...