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Reaver Swarm agents
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Seekers are also protected by defensive screens, and several Seekers can have their screens reinforce each other’s if they’re grouped up. A trio of Seekers operating like this was proofed against machinegun fire. However, Ghost could bypass them by phasing through and they...

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When the vigilante X became a major problem for many factions within Arcadia, Anderson sent Gault’s team after him. They located him when X assassinated a Congress candidate, but did couldn’t intercept him and had to chase him in the sewers. X led them to the current lair of...

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Context During the 1990s, publisher Dark Horse Comics launched a super-hero universe called Dark Horse Heroes. The city of Steel Harbor is one of the 4 fictional areas where most of the action took place. It was the home of characters such as Barb Wire, the Machine or Motorhead. Quick...

As cyborgs
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History This group of four cyborgs were built using the survivors of the Gault SWAT team, although they served only as the meat base for nearly mindless killing machines. They were Commissioner James Anderson’s big guns against X, and were dropped in the waterfront where they started razing...