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Background Alter Ego: Doctor John Smith (on several occasions), Doctor Who (called such by a computer in “The War Machines”) Personality Throughout the eight incarnations whose adventures have been recorded in detail, The Doctor has exhibited a variety of personality quirks,...

Eighth Regeneration
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Personality The Doctor is a meddling dogooder who travels the universe who pops in and out of time (mainly earth), he is compassionate and has only killed in the most serious of cases and hates himself when he does. The Doctor is very much the English Gentleman and behaves himself as such. He...

Fourth Regeneration
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Powers and Abilities As a Time Lord from Gallifrey, he has various physical attributes such as a respiratory bypass system, and duel circulatory system. This allows him what can be considered peak, and often superhuman abilities. He also is ’semi-telepathic‘, and his...