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The stories are centred around Fabletown, one of the largest communities of fables folks. This profile serves as a “base camp” article, to prevent repetition of information throughout the individual character profiles for the Fables. It contains S P O I L E R S for the storylines.

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This can be further complicated by the confusion that Filipinos themselves seem to have about some of these creatures, which often seem to get confused for one another or have names changing meaning from one island/province to the next. Finally, the colonization of the Philippines by Europeans...

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History When Professor Faber, an archaeologist, came back from Africa with a large collection of masks, he cautiously put one aside — a striking, bright scarlet full-sized wooden head. There were excellent reasons for such caution, but none of them were known to his son Ken Farber, an...

In DC Heroes RPG
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Magic and the Invisibles Unlike traditional magic in the DC Universe, magic in the Invisibles does not exist as the polar opposite of science. In fact, many practitioners of magic do so through their strange and alien science. Perhaps, as the saying goes, magic IS only technology so...

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Powers and Abilities Mike Baron describes the method of interstellar travel in NEXUS TWO. In summary, the ship matches the velocity of a black holes rotation and enters an aperture which is a gateway to another region of space. To reflect this, I propose the use of the dimension travel...