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Introduction The key ideas behind this campaign timeline are : Idea #1 Everyone inhabits the same universe, regardless of who publishes the mainstream continuity versions of them. Characters are constantly interacting in far more natural and logical ways than their artificial segregation...

(Imaginary alternate version)
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Context Susanna Dean is one of the main characters in Stephen King’s great big Dark Tower literary saga. She appears in the second book, if memory serves. However, this specific profile is my version of Susanna. It was “forked” for tabletop role-playing game...

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Context This far-over-the-top action hero/geek power fantasy parody was created just for fun. I hope you at least get a grin out of this guy. Background Real Name: Unrevealed. Marital Status: Super Single. Known Relatives: Mother (Deceased), Father (Deceased). Group Affiliation: None. A...

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Powers and Abilities Deuce has the weird ability to produce, seemingly from nowhere, any hand-held weapon that he knows of and understands. He has in the past been able to produce swords and knives, thrown weapons such as shuriken and axes, whips or chain weapons, various revolvers and...

(Imaginary Elseworld version)
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Background Real Name: Ennis Jahnson. Other Aliases: Animal Lad, Animal Man. Aliases Note: I’m only calling him “Animal Man 2995” because it’s a convenient description. He’s not actually using any super-heroic codename at this point. Marital Status: Single. ...

(Thor | Captain Marvel amalgam)
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This specific character was created for the What Else? play-by-e-mail RPG campaign. It used an amalgam  approach for the Player Characters . Background Real Name: Thor / Donald Freedman. Powers and Abilities Amalgam Of DC’s Captain Marvel Jr., DC’s Firestorm, and...

Hulk | Captain Atom amalgam
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Background Real Name: Captain Nathaniel Banner, Ph.D.. Height: 5’11”/6’2” Weight: 170/230 lbs. Eyes: Green/Dark Green Glowing. Hair: Brown/Metallic Green. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities Amalgam ...

(Hominid71's Elseworld)
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Context This is a customised/adjusted version of Superman, as he existed in Hominid 71’s tabletop RPG campaign. Background Alter Ego: Kal-El/Clark Kent. Marital Status: Widower. Known Relatives: Jor-El (biological father, deceased), Lara Lor-Van (biological mother, deceased), Jonathan...

(Kal El's random generator)
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Context This character is an original creation. We often call these “homemades” or “homebrewed” – think home cooking or craft beer. Many of these characters were created to take part in tabletop role-playing game sessions. Others were invented as a...

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Context This original character was created for a tebletop role-playing campaign. Background Real Name: Atamu (last name unrevealed). Marital Status: Married. Known Relatives: Storm Rider (Wife). Group Affiliation: None. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 6’9” Weight: 350 lbs....