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(Graveyard Faction)
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She wields several metres of extra-thick barbed wire, over which she seems to exert telekinetic control. The main demonstrated uses are : Use it as a lasso or noose. Rigidify it to use it as a sort of macuahuitl (a sword-shaped club with rows of sharp protrusions). The second one is...

(Part #1)
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Our narration of the storyline stops as issue #2 ends, for brevity and to limit S P O I L E R S. However, the description of her abilities and of the milieu spans the entire run. So there are numerous S P O I L E R S on that front. The profile also includes some notes Christy Marx sent...

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FWIW Ingvie’s name is of Indonesian origin (since Citrine population seems to originally be from India and/or Indonesia), though by phonetic coincidence it’s also a Nordic first name. Background Real Name: Lady Ingvie of the House of Citrine. Other Aliases: Ingvie presumably now...