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(During the Silver Age, as Superman's Pal)
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This material mostly takes place on pre-Crisis Earth-1. If the previous sentence was gobbledegook to you, see our article about the ages and Earths of DC Comics. It was a great, classic run of comics; campy stories of a human reporter in a world of wonder and superheroes. I’m amazed...

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Context Dr. Blaine was a very, very minor Batman ally. On the other hand, he appeared in a classic, early Ra’s al Ghul storyline in 1972. Ra’s al Ghul is a major Batman villain. He’s an immortal mastermind trying to save the world via terrorism, and a match for Batman...

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Powers & Abilities Kolu M‘Beya is one of the world’s best weaponsmiths – having studied under the likes of the Belgian Giraud or the Korean Chull Kim. He can work wonders with conventional firearms, but also melee weapons from all over the world – including...

(Gregor Nagy)
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Gregor is part of a long line of short-lived or imaginary “sons” of Superman, and might make an interesting addition to your universe’s Superman/Superboy family. In your universe he might have been rehabilitated into an early member of the Teen Titans. Note that he had the...

(Pre-Crisis version)
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Background Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly unknown. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Nun at the Sanctuary. Base Of Operations: The Sanctuary ashram, near Star City ; later the Sounds Okay records shop in Star City. Height: 5’5” Weight: 110...

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Prince Ranagor is one such tribesman – the son of King Zangor of North Ambria. Although the Chaldonorians called them barbarians, the Vikings-like Ambrians and other tribals did not seem any less civilised than Chaldonorians. Ranagor was spotted by a Chaldonorian skyship while he was on...

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Powers and Abilities Chief Parker is a moderately athletic policeman, capable of keeping up with the common crooks that turn up in Smallville. History Douglas Parker joined the Smallville Police Department shortly before the adoption of Clark Kent.About a year later, Officer Parker was alerted by...

(Superman's imaginary children)
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“Imaginary stories” were a recurrent feature of Silver Age  DC Comics, particularly in Superman titles. They dodge the static nature of super-hero comic books back then by postulating one-shot futures, which aren’t part of the normal stories’ continuity. In this...