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(Original version)
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Overarching continuity (This section is about how the Atomic Knights fit into the later DC Comics continuities. If continuity issues bore you to tears, just skim to the next section.) Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The 1960 Strange Adventures Atomic...

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Escaping from Atlantis 600 years before Dr. Mist’s time, Dhai lost his belt. When Dr. Mist and Dhai fought in Kor (where Mist ruled), Mist, unable to defeat Dhai, banished him from Kor. Dhai, however, went on to do evil in the Fertile Crescent (Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, and Assyria), losing...

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Powers and Abilities The Flying Boots appear to be special operations WWII American soldiers – probably US Army Rangers from the Sixth Battalion (see below). In any case they are extensively trained, can operate deep behind enemy line without support, and are well-armed shock troops...

(Mission X version)
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Context The Suicide Squad is a special-purpose unit that has existed in the DC Universe since the 1940s. It is based on minor, obscure stories that started in 1959 in The Brave and the Bold, with the concept having been revitalized by multiple writers. However there have been many versions of...

(Plus Dinosaur Island and War That Time Forgot notes)
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A very different version later emerged, with no personnel in common with its predecessor – the Mission X version of the Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squadron was a US military unit. Though it was very unconventional it still used military uniforms, tactics, weapons, vehicles, protocols,...

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As the reader may note there are many parallels between this 1975 heroic-fantasy adventuring party and early role-playing campaigns. But then it all springs from a subculture sharing many of the same influences, since the amount of geek media back then was less than enormous. Wiglaf and...

(Nemesis' enemies)
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Overview Apparently formed in the 1970s, the Council was an alliance of powerful mobs from across America and beyond. Much of the Council rested on individual alliances between mob leaders, and these partnerships rested in turn on a strict respect of frontiers set between their separate...

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Context These peculiar fellows were in a 1970s kungfusploitation DC Comics, Richard Dragon Kung Fu Fighter. It made more sense back then but… not that much really. They have a profile mostly because of the “wait, what ?” factor. I can’t think of a RPG campaign...