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Powers and Abilities Demise can kill by locking eyes with a target and deliberately re-living the moment of his own death. Doing so “fills” his victim with these memories telepathically, and kills them in the process. This power can be resisted by those with strong mental...

Lorra Juarez
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Background Real Name: Lorra Juarez Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Parents Group Affiliation: La Alianza de Machu Picchu (LAMP), Twisted Fists Base Of Operations: Peru, Havana, New York.  Height: 5’4” Weight: 124 lbs Eyes: Black Hair: Black Powers and Abilities...

Captain Trips
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Description Monster is a 60‘ tall ebony-black humanoid with the build of an Olympic weightlifter, demonic bullhorns, and an enormous erection (10‘ long, for the morbidly curious). He is constantly howling in outrage. Personality KILL EVERYTHING ! Monster is the...